'Did you see the size of that thing?' asked the fox demon excitedly, hopping around the small group sitting around the camp fire. 'It was HUGE!'

'That was quite an impressive cleavage.' admitted Miroku with a dreamy look on his face. 'B-but uh… her- her face was… horrible.' he added hastily, noticing Sango fuming.

'I'm hungry.' complained Inuyasha twitching his ears, but the other ignored him as they had already eaten.

'At least we got a shard.' said Kagome, looking on the bright side as she always tried to do. 'And helped the kids in that orphanage.' she added, smiling to herself at the memory of the children's smiles.

'Humph.' said the Hanyou moodily, crossing his arms and getting comfortable in a nearby tree. Kagome sighed exasperatedly and prodded the fire, deciding that he was a lost cause.

Suddenly they heard a noise coming from a bush just behind Miroku. He sprang up and hurried behind Sango who had taken a defensive posture along with the others, preparing to face the foe hidden by the obscurity…

Out of the trembling bush came a small, blue cat demon. The group of friends breathed a sigh of relief as the little creature gave a small "mew".

'Dumb cats.' mumbled Inuyasha frowning down at the new comer. Kilala scowled up at him for a moment before looking back over at the blue animal opposite her.

She made a few tentative mewing noises as the others all watched in silence, including Inuyasha. She finished with a loud "MAOW", then tilted her head curiously, still gazing politely.

The other cat demon closed it's eyes as it's small shoulders started bouncing up and down in quick succession.

'Is that cat…' started Kagome hesitantly as a soft squeaking noise started coming from the animal. 'Is it… laughing?' she asked, frowning, confused.

'I didn't know cat demons could do that.' admitted Sango raising her eyebrows before looking down at her friend. Kilala looked back up at her as though telling her that neither did she.

'Either way it's cute.' said Miroku, nodding to himself. 'Are they often blue?' he asked, turning to Sango questioningly. She shrugged before taking a step forward and kneeling down, holding her hand out for the blue creature to sniff.

It stopped laughing and moved forwards to rub itself on Sango's outstretched hand, purring to itself.

'What's that marking on it's face?' asked Inuyasha who had moved forwards to take a closer look. 'It looks like a star.' he added, stating the obvious.

The two cat demons sniffed each other hesitantly before the blue one rolled over into it's back and started giggling again; Kilala patted it playfully on it's head.

'Well, it looks like Kilala's found a new friend!' pointed out Kagome, smiling happily. 'Maybe it's a boy and they've fallen in love!' she added hopefully.

At that, the two cat-like animals stopped playing and sat glowering at her, letting them all know that the blue creature was in fact a girl.

'Maybe not.' corrected Miroku, smiling apologetically at her.

They stood in silence for a moment, watching the two animals playing together.

'Can we keep her?' asked Kagome suddenly and excitedly, looking hopefully at the half dog demon with what she hoped was a pitiful smile. 'And call her STAR!!!' she added, bouncing eagerly up and down on the balls of her feet.

'First of all, Kagome' answered Sango calmly, still gazing at Kilala and her new friend. 'you don't keep a cat demon: they decide to stay with you. And secondly,' she continued, looking up at the dark-haired girl. 'she already has a name. We just don't know it yet.'