After several more hours of walking, the young girl behind Sesshomaru made a strange groaning noise, possibly trying to make him pay more attention to her which he denied. But she just continued to repeat it, over and over again until he had finally had enough. He snapped his head around to scowl at her with the most menacing glare he could muster at such short notice, only to see her grinning up at him happily, her sharp teeth on show and her sapphire coloured eyes lit up for no apparent reason.

'Why are you making those noises?' asked the older man quietly, trying to hide his curiosity in anger and finding his tone faintly lacking.

'I'm not making any noises.' she answered benignly, shaking her head a little to add to the effect. Sesshomaru noticed the tiny fluctuations of the girl's hair and fluffy ears as she shook her head and found himself desperately wanting to smile back. But he resisted, instead opting to just turn around and walk on as though nothing had happened.

But after a moment the noises started again, loader than last time and more prolonged, infuriating the youki. He span around in his heel again to glare at the girl who looked up at him with a inoffensive, if slightly puzzled, smile on her blue face.

'Are you hearing things again?' she asked innocently, her right ear twitching a little as she gazed up at him with her large sapphire eyes. The man turned back around with a frustrated growl and continued walking, each step wishing that he was stepping on her head. 'You know hearing voices is the first sign of madness.' he heard her point out from behind him, he could hear her hurried movement in her voice as she was pulled along behind him by the strange bond which linked them.

'I AM NOT GOING CRAZY!!!!' he bellowed at her as he span around, towering over the small girl who suddenly cowered on the ground, her blue eyes suddenly wide and fearful… most unlike her usual rebellious self. She was curled up on the ground, one hand holding herself up and the other coming between her and Sesshomaru, a pathetic attempt at a shield; he could see her trembling a little as he tried to slow his breathing down. 'Get up.' he said calmly turning away from the cowering girl, hoping despite himself that she would be alright as he started slowly walking away.

But after a few paces it was obvious that she wasn't following: he could feel the strain of her weight as he tried to take another step, and looked back over his shoulder at him. She was still crumpled on the mossy ground, her wide eyes still glued to his face in horror and fear as he took a deep breath.

'That was uncalled for-' he started laboriously before she cut across him with the voice he recognised.

'You bet it was un-fucking-called for!' she yelled at him, getting to her feet and marching towards him with a livid expression on her young face and her hands balled into furious fists. 'What the fuck happened to your sense of humour? Oh no wait! You never had one!' she continued at the top of her angry voice as she got to within half a foot of him, throwing her hands around heatedly.

'You have no right to talk to me that way-'

'I was about to say the same to you!'

'You filthy half blood piece of-'

'You arrogant full blood twat!'

'Don't you dare-' but what Puxi wasn't allowed to dare to do noone heard because at that moment they both heard voices shouting through the woods somewhere behind the girl. They both snapped their head in that direction, their ears pricking up (Puxi's literally!) as they scanned the woods in that direction.

'Demon hunters!' exclaimed the blue skinned girl under her breath, a hint of fear floating on the aftermath of her statement which made Sesshomaru a little apprehensive.

'We've walked right into a trap.' the youki told the young hanyou darkly, glaring over her head at the area the voices were coming from. As he looked around the small clearing they had walked into unknowingly he noticed the tell tale signs of a demon trap around them: sixteen trees spaced at exactly the same distance, discreet symbols hidden in bushes or in the bark, a different kind of grass growing beneath their feet.

'What are we gonna do?' asked the blue haired girl nervously, fear etched in her eyes but her voice was as fearless as ever. Sesshomaru wondered whether she had always been scared when she had fought him and she had just been hiding it well… he hadn't been able to see her eyes the first time they had met.

'There's only one choice.' he growled throatily, looking back around the clearing to try and work out where they'd be coming from. 'Just do everything I say.'

'What do you take me for?' she said suddenly, frowning up at him incredulously. 'A novice? I'm not a beginner, you know?!'

'You're certainly not as experienced as me.' retorted the full demon dangerously as he turned away from her and pulled her towards a different place in the clearing, the sound of angry voices coming ever closer.

'Wanna bet?' she asked venomously, narrowing her eyes at him.

'Yes.' he answered shortly, summoning the end of the conversation.