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Chapter One

As she laid there on the floor, the men were laughing and talking about how they were going to make a woman out of her and then they grabbed her and started ripping off her clothes and as they did they talked about how beautiful her body was. They started touching her breasts and they one of the men knelt down in front of her and he started touching her between her legs.

Ishizu tried to get away, but they were just to strong. As she struggled the men just laughed and taunted her by saying that soon she would know what it was like to have a real man entering her and that she'd beg for more before the night was over.

As they each took turns raping her, she made her mind go blank so that she wouldn't have to listen to them talking dirty to her. As the first man entered her and broke through the hymen she screamed and he just kept pumping into her. As he came he flooded her with his semen and as he did he laughed. Then when he was through, three more men took their turns at her.

Just when she thought that it was over, they then took her and sodomized her. She thought that it hurt when they broke through her hymen, well this was three times worse. As they took her, Ishizu fainted. She didn't have to endure them making her give them blow jobs. When they were through, they left her lying there on the ground and walked off laughing to themselves.

It was about five hours later that she came to and she was still lying there on the ground. She tried to get up but the pain was just to much for her to endure. Ishizu then found her purse and took out her Cell Phone and called for help. She called the only person who could help her and not let her family know what had happened until later.

Ishizu called Shadi. "Please come and get me." Ishizu sobbed into the phone. There wasn't any answer on the other end except a dial tone. Then all of a sudden, Shadi was there. He took off his robe and wrapped her beaten body in it and helped her off the ground. "We need to get you to the Hospital, you need medical help." He told her. "She was sobbing and begging him not to tell her family what the did to her." Shadi just held her and cried because this beautiful woman that he loved had been hurt in such a horrible way, and he had to find a way to help her. "Hush my love, I promise not to say a thing" but what he didn't tell her was that he would be the one to deal with the rapists himself and then he would help her to understand how much he loved her and that no matter what had happened she was the most precious thing to him.

Shadi closed his eyes and through his mind link, he contacted the only ones he knows who could help them now, he contacts the Yami's for help...

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