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Chapter Eighteen

Shadi took Ishizu for her check-up, Malik went with the Yami's to help at the center, and that left Odeon and Naomi alone in the house. Naomi was doing the dishes, and Odeon stood against the door frame watching her and he said "I could get use to this." Naomi took a deep breath and she thought to herself it now or never and she walked over to him and put her arms around his neck and went up on he toes and kissed him and she whispered "make love to me."

Odeon closed his eyes and he asked her "are you really sure?"

Naomi smiled up at him and she said "yes, I want to make love with you."

Odeon picked her up and carried her to his room and closing and locking the door, he laid her on his bed and lying next to her he started caressing her, he started taking off her clothes and then he took his off too. He waited to make sure that this is what she really wanted, and when she ran her hands over his chest, he then started touching her and she began to moan and then he began kissing her body and when he began to suckle at her breasts, she nearly went out of her mind. She moaned his name and he continued down her body till he got to the junction of her legs and she opened her legs and gave him access to her womanhood and he brought her to a mind blowing climax and then he moved between her legs and positioned himself and inserted his member into her and as he eased into her, he gave her time to get use to him and then as she said "please don't stop" he started moving in and out of her till they both were approaching their orgasms and as it hit them they both screamed out each others names and then Odeon eased out of her and then he held her in his arms and they both had tears running down their faces because it was such an emotional experience.

Naomi then touched his face and whispered "I'm so glad that I waited for the right time to make love with you. You are the most gentle lover and I love you so much for loving me." She had tears in her eyes as she said that, and Odeon kissed all her tears away, then he said "I'm the happiest man in the world. I just made love with the most beautiful and wonderful woman and I love you for letting me love you."

As the Doctor was examining Ishizu, he discovered that when he told her what he due date was, he was wrong. "You will be giving birth sooner then I thought he said." Shadi's face went white and he asked "when?"

Doctor Phillips then told them "by next week, if not sooner."

Ishizu smiled at Shadi's face and she said "I couldn't be happier, I want to hold our child."

On the way home, she told Shadi "at least we have the nursery read." Shadi squeezed her had and said "I'm so excited to know that soon we will be meeting our child. When they were in France they had discussed what names they would like for their daughter or son so they were ready for the birth.

When they got home, Ishizu wondered where everyone was, and then Odeon's bedroom door opened and out walked Naomi and Odeon and their clothes were kind of messed up and Ishizu looked at Shadi and they smiled at each other. When Naomi saw them, she turned beet red and then Ishizu whispered to her "are you alright?" Naomi then smiled at her friend and she told her "I'm so happy, I've just made love to the man that I love, and it was beautiful." They hugged each other and she smiled at Odeon over Naomi's head.

That evening dinner was a joyous affair. Yami, Bakura and Marik joined them and they talked about how Molly had already found another building that they could use to open another center. Ishizu loved her family being around her, and then she grabbed her stomach and let out a groan and Shadi went to her and asked "my love what's wrong?" Ishizu then said "I think that the doctor was wrong, my water just broke and I'm having labor pains. When she said that, the Yami's nearly fainted. Odeon laughed at their expression and soon everyone joined them. Shadi then took control of the situation and said "Odeon call the Doctor, Malik go get her bag and one of you three go start the car."

As they got into the two cars and were on their way to the Hospital, it was like watching a comedy, because the Yami's didn't know what the heck they were doing, so Odeon drove one car and Naomi drove the other. When they got to the Hospital, the Doctor was waiting and they got Ishizu to the delivery room and Shadi was beside her. After being in labor for over three hours, Ishizu gave birth to their son. He weighed nine pounds fourteen ounces and was twenty-two inches long. He came into the room screaming his lungs out. Shadi cut the cord and as they laid his son in his arms, he had tears running down his face. He smiled down at Ishizu and told her "we have a son and I'm so proud of you my love." Then he kissed her.

When they got her situated in her room the others came to see them and when Shadi proudly said "we have a son and he showed them the baby and then he said "I want to introduce you to "Rakeem Ahmed Omar." Then his son decided it was time to feed him because he started crying and then he was screaming and Ishizu laughed and said "he is truly your son, he doesn't like to be kept waiting." Shadi then placed his son in his mother's arms and she lowered her gown and began to breast feed him.

This was a new experience for all of them to watch. Malik whispered "does it hurt?" Ishizu then smiled at her brother and said "a little but when he smiles at me, it's all worth it." Malik was in awe and he watched his sister feed her son and he touched Rakeem's head and she smiled at him and said "soon you can teach him all that you know" and Malik smiled and said "I will like that."

Odeon and Naomi smiled at each other as if to say "someday we will be holding our child too."

Rakeem Ahmed Omar was the first of four children that Shadi and Ishizu had. Everyone at the Center came to see them and they all smiled and told them "you are a very lucky couple, you not only share your love together, now you have a child to love and raise.

The End…..

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