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He looked closely at the skinny figure bowed over his own left arm. His glance fell on the fine, pale golden hair, the nearly closed eyelid with its long lashes almost touching the ivory cheek. Kurogane could sense the gentle pressure of the mage's lips on his skin, a strand of Fye's hair brushing against his forearm. He avoided the wizard's gaze, whose usually bright blue eye had turned into a dark shade of amber. He felt Fye's fine fingers clenching around his wrist, the mage's left hand tight around the ninja's own.

Neither of them spoke. There was too much to be said. Those two syllables had caused the designated effect.

Fye's tongue slid over the shinobi's broken skin, as his lips parted from the wrist. Carefully, it seemed, he gleaned every drop of blood.

A thin rill of the scarlet liquid poured over Kurogane's wrist, gushing forth over his palm, defining the rough lines of his hand and finally dripping off one of his fingers. Catching the vampire's eye, he felt the blonde's tounge tracing the dark red line. As the shinobi drew closer, the bloody lips twisted into a smile. The now usual, cold look in his eye, Fye spoke, jerking his head towards his companion's wrist, "That needs to be dressed, Kurogane."

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