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I love the last scene in the third movie. I found it so moving so I decided to do different view points from different character. This is Captain Jacks!

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"Will!" screamed a blood curdled voice which gave him chills up and down his spine. He was afraid to look, but he did.

There she was screaming and crying. Such a pretty face torn apart by fear.

There he was lumped against the ship's edge. Stunned and confused more than usual.

There he was with those stupid tentacles and a stupid grin on his face.

And he just stood there and he, Captain Jack Sparrow was actually scared out of his mind.

Here were two people that he continued to twist their lives in never ending circles and here he was, a lucky son of a bitch.

They had risked their lives countless times for him and he continued to deceive them for his own benefit. This time though, it had gone too far.

In this time thinking, his hand grasped a now worthless sword and the other hand with the still beating heart,he realized immortality wasn't for him. It actually pained him to realize that one of his plans had actually failed, but it failed for good reasons.

As his eyes swiveled around this situation, cannons still sounded and gun shots still rang, but he didn't hear them. The only things he heard were the shallow breaths of air William Turner was holding onto and the sobbing of dear Elizabeth. What was a captain to do?

As he looked at her, her pained eyes locked onto him and pleaded with him. Please help! Jack cringed because he didn't know how to help. Will's shallow breath didn't make it any easier.

He didn't like the whelp, well okay he did have a soft spot for him deep down. And then a sudden realization came upon him. It wasn't the best solution, but it did seem the only way to save the sorrow whelp who called himself a pirate.

His mind raced endlessly and suddenly he was next to Will's side and he didn't know how. He no longer thought, but acted as a pirate shouldn't and what even more surprised him was what happened seconds later.

The crew of the once Davy Jones was approaching the three of them ever slowly, but always chanting "Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship!" He grabbed Elizabeth because he knew that he didn't, she would go under and he had to save her for Will.

As Captain Jack Sparrow hung on the tattered ropes into the sky and Elizabeth grasped onto him tightly never letting go, he realized that as she looking longingly into the ocean that giving up the immortality for the love of her life to live was actually the right choice that he, the Captain and a friend had to make.