Yeah, I wrote this awhile ago, but I've been lazy. From Liz's point of view. Enjoy!

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Life is precious

Life is pure

Life can be taken in a moment's notice

He was precious

He was pure

He was taken in a moment's notice

Everything was fast,

the storm, the fight,

I hope for his sake, it

was quick for him.

Oh how he looked at me? Oh how that had hurt the most.

His eyes showed me the pain, the confusion and especially the sadness.

The sadness, the dawning realization that his life was ending when it had only begun.

How I wish my touch could have healed him and my voice soothed him through the pain. If that was all that was needed, I could have made him new and whole.

I tried to hold onto him, but he was slipping away from this mortal world.

His lips were damp from the rain and his body had gone numb, but I know he didn't know a thing except that he knew he was dying.

I finally knew through his pain that life wasn't fair and it was plain in sight that fairness was not on my side nor his.

As I pressed my warm lips to his cold soon lifeless lips, I knew love could not save him. I only wish it could, but as Jack came to Will's soon lifeless side I realized that love could lead to the right opportune moment.

Dear ol' Jack was afraid too and I could see he didn't want reality to set in.

Through my tear stained eyes I saw Jack kill that cruel captain of the Flying Dutchman with one gently movement of picking up Will's hand and then with Will's hand, a vicious stab at Jones's heart. Jones's heart had finally beated for the last time.

I knew that this was the end and it was truly a bitter victory because as I held onto Jack and we escaped high into the clouds I knew I had lost my knight in shining armor that I had dreamed about as a young girl. My dear knight was not lost to the dragon, but a horrible man with long gangly tentacles and a ship that was crewed by the undead.

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