I got permission from Chase to make this mini fic starring Terry and Danny from Adventures in Sinnoh and Chase and Leta from Chase the Eevee master. Basically its a love/war fic

Disclaimer: Pokemon USA and Satoshi Taijiri (is that spelled right) own Pokemon. I own Terry and Danny and Chase owns Chase and Leta. Kapish?

"Walking with you is so annoying," Terry grumbled to the boy behind her hugging a Larvatar.

"What?" he said innocently, "This Larvatar just reminds me of you."

Terry rolled her eyes. Sometimes Danny could be really nuts. Last week he was hugging a pikachu because it reminded him of Terry's blonde hair. Two weeks ago he hugged a Snorunt because it reminded him of Terry's cold attitude. Now he was hugging a Larvitar because...

"This Larvatar remindes me of your rock solid emotions," he explained. This was followed by a long silence from Terry and a terrified aura from Danny. He let go of Larvatar and began following Terry.

After some more silence Danny finally asked, "So where are we goin anyway?"

"I don't know," Terry replied, "You have the map."

"Oh," Danny said nervously. He stopped for a minute. Terry realized something and turned to Danny.

"YOU LOST THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled. Danny smiled.

"Did I ever tell you how cute you look when you're mad?" he said. 'Please work,' he thought.

"Well I must be gorgeous because I am furious," Terry yelled, "I asked you to hang on to the map. And what do you do?"

"Lose it and then suck up only to get rewarded with a kiss," Danny guessed. Terry glared at him.

"Looks like you two need some help," someone said. Terry and Danny turned to see two kids about their age. One was a boy with an Umbreon and the other was a girl with waist length brown hair.

Danny looked at the girl. "Hiya," he said flirtingly, "I'm Danny Verez."

"I'm Terry," Terry introduced herself.

"I'm Chase Nirvs and this is Shadow, my Umbreon," Chase said. He was mainly talking to Terry.

"I'm Leta Masters the Dragon master, nice to meet you," Leta said.

Chase came up to Terry and took her hand. "Did anyone ever tell you hair shines like the morning sun of a beautifly?"

"Uh," Terry stammered and pointed to an angry Danny. "Back off Chase this is my woman," he hissed.

'This is the same guy who cuddled with a Larvatar?' Terry thought. She looked at Leta who was digging in her bag for something. She did not look happy. 'This can't be good,' Terry thought.

After a small arguement with Chase, Danny came over to Leta. "Hey what a coincidence, you're a dragon master, I'm a dragon trainer. There must be chemistry between us," he bagan.

"What happened to 'your woman'?" Leta asked still in her bag.

"What woman?" Danny said cluelessly. This resulted in a hit by Leta's magical mallet.

"I've wondered whatever happened to that thing?" Chase said looking at it.

"I never leave home without it," Leta said putting it away. When Danny came too he went back to Terry. "Hey Terry, Did you miss me?" he asked.

Terry ignored him and walked to Leta. "This is normal for Danny," she assured her.

"Whatever Blondie," Leta snapped. Terry looked at her. Blondie? That was taking it too far.

"Hey, the name's Terry," she retorted but Leta just ignored her.

"Look Chase is my boyfriend. No Blonde with no brains is taking him from me. Got it?"

"Uh, I think this is a misunderstanding," Terry said not commenting the blonde comment.

"No way I'll battle you 2-on-2. Winner gets Chase," Leta challenged.

Terry sighed. Sometimes a battle was the only way to get through to someone. "Fine, but Chase or not, I'm not going easy on you," she said. Leta just smiled.

Meanwhile with the guys...

"I chased Terry for about 5 years, she's MINE," Danny yelled.

"Then why was she giving you the cold shoulder?" Chase asked looking at him curiously.

"Terry's playing hard to get," Danny declared, "And I want a 2-on-2 battle for her affections."

"Fine," Chase agreed, "Lets do this."

"Okay I'll send out my Staravia," Danny said releasing a bird pokemon.

"A flying type," Chase observed, "Fine Sparks, your up." Chase called out a spiky yellow pokemon. 'Great,' Danny thought, 'I'm at a type disadvantage. Don't worry Terry I'll win for you.'


"Vibrava, your first," Leta said releasing a pokemon that looked like a bug.(No offense Vibrava)

"Snover I choose you," Terry said releasing a white tree pokemon with brown feet (For those of you who don't know Male Snover just have brown feet and females have half of their body brown)

Chase with his Jolteon faced Danny and Staravia. Terry and her Snover faced Leta and Vibrava.

"Battle on!" All 4 yelled.

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