Okay this is the final chapter of midfiction nightmare (Making this my first multi chapter complete story). Hope y'all like the result. Oh and about the cheese from this chapter and the last thats just something for the future of AiS.
Midfiction showdown and poker

"So what are we gonna battle all four at once?" Chase asked annoyed. Its was bad enough they were all forced to battle but a four on battle seemed impossible. Megan laughed.

"Of course not silly boy," she said, "You will all go up one at a time and you will feel damage for your own battle. Oh and you may not want to lose. shocks will kill pixels will fade. And with team Galactic running loose here and NTR rebuilding the great heroes wouldn't want to be found dead."

Chase muttered something angrily, Leta was giving strategies to her pokemon and Danny and Tropius were restraining Terry before she went and did something stupid...again. (It was her own fault she got captured at the cheese factory). The skitty was chasing its tail while Shadow watched with hearts in his eyes. "Shadow don't fall in love with the idiot's pokemon. Who knows what it inherited from him," Chase scolded. Skitty stopped running and gave Chase a double slap attack.

"(Scuse you)" she hissed, "(I'm not an it, I'm a girl named Dawn. Danny is my real trainer's cousin. He's obbessed but not an idiot. My trainer Maddie loaned me to him for a little while so Danny wont try anything with Terry again. The reward he wanted from Terry after that rescue was just wrong)" she shuddered at it. (people I'm not writing what he wanted so use your imaginations) Shadow just kept watching her uninterested that the Skitty named Dawn just attacked his trainer.

"Well are there any volunteers for first?" Mic asked looking mainly at Chase. Terry broke free from Danny and her giant Tropius. "ME I'LL TAKE YOU ON," Terry yelled, "OKAY MORONS WHO'S FIRST." Doople came up to the bat.

"Alright kid time to finish what I started in Pastoria," Doople said, "Luxray go." The electric dog jumped on the ground. The people and the rest of the evil pokemon landed soon after. Terry smiled. "I'm gonna enjoy this again," she said smiling. She took out a pair of sunglasses and put them. Danny caught her glance and put his pair on. "If you guys have any sunglasses or visors put them on now," Danny warned. Chase and Leta shrugged and took out their visors. Danny picked up Dawn and covered her eyes. "(No fair)" she complained (although no one could hear her), "(I wanna watch the battle too)"

"I'll take the first attack," Doople said, "Luxray thunder bolt."

"Don't think so," Terry said, "Tropius use sunny day." Doople gasped. "Shield your eyes," she screamed. The sun began shining. But it was really strong. "This sunlight is stronger than Groudon's drought," Danny explained, "One look and your blind." Chase quickly covered Shadow and Kariyu coved his eyes. "(I still wanna watch)" Dawn complained.

"So this is Tropius special power," Leta said, "I wonder where that scientist guy is." Chase squeezed Shadow close. 'I wonder if that monster was experimented on by the same scientist as Tropius." Shadow struggled to get free.

Luxray's thunderbolt was thrown off. It was busy hiding from the sun. Terry smiled. Only her Tropius was immune to that horrid sunlight. "Solarbeam," she said. Tropius quickly fired a white beam at Luxray and it quickly fainted. Terry's shock anklet fell of.

"This was unfair," Doople said. "No," Terry said, "It was very fair. You force to battle unfairly this is what you get." Terry recalled her pokemon and went back to the stands. The sunlight shortly faded and everyone sighed. Doople stepped down. "Who's next?" Mic said.

"I'll go," Chase declared. Shadow jumped in ready for action. Mic's gligar appeared before them. "Just like old times eh Chasey?" Megan teased. "ALthough this time its boring old you battling." Chase growled. Leta and Shadow shot him a warning glance. Chase took a deep breath. "Keep calm," he told himself quietly, "he may be gone but may return." Shadow turned to battle.

"Shadow use shadowball." The umbreon formed a black ball in his mouth and fired it at Gligar. "Dodge," Mic ordered. Gligar flew out of the way. Chase growled.

"Guillotine," Mic ordered. Everyone gasped. "Oh no Guillotine is a one hit KO," Leta cried, "Chasey!!!" Chase however stayed focused. Just as the attack was about to hit Chase cried out, "Now use dig." Shadow quickly dug a hole and jumped inside causimg the attack to miss. Everyone sighed.

"That was close," Leta sighed. Shadow appeared behind Gligar. "Kay Shadow use Iron tail." Chase ordered. Shadow's tail glowed white and he smashed it into Gligars back. Gligar fell down but got right back up again. It angrily used quick attack without warning. Shadow slid back a little. Chase's right arm began fading.

"Hey," Leta yelled, "Control your pokemon. Anything happens to my Chasey its you who's doomed." A garbage can suddenly crashed into Mic. Danny and Terry stared in shock. "Good timing," Terry joked. Leta looked nervous about it. Chase turned to her.

"Control yourself," Chase scolded, "Actually try to see the outcome." Leta understood what he meant and dug out a piece of chalk. She drew a circle in the ground and began meditating.

"You get this?" Danny asked Terry. She just shook her head. "I don't get anything with Kantoers," Terry said, "Thats the region of problems." Chase sweatdropped.

"I'm from Hoenn," Leta whispered. "That place is even worse," Terry said, "especially from that weather problem. I'm glad it was stopped by Ruby and Sapphire." (Manga characters) Leta sweatdropped. "I get the feeling Chase is gonna do something stupid now," Leta whispered.

"Shadow use swagger," Chase ordered. "NO," Danny and Terry cried. Gligar's attack rose sharply but it became confused. "Yep," Leta sighed.

"YOU IDIOT," Terry called, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?"

"I wanted to confuse the enemy," Chase said.

"There's an attack called Confuse ray for that," Danny added. Chase sweatdropped.

"Oops," he said. "My bad." Everyone except Leta.

"You were smarter when..." Mic began but Chase told him to stop.

"Thats my history," Chase growled, "Shadow use Dark pulse." Shadow gave Chase a nervous look but obeyed. Gligar was sent flying by the attack. But Shadow never mastered that evil attack causing some damage on his part too. Both of Chase's arms disappeared. Gligar landed and another flying garbage can hit it causing it too faint.

Everyone turned to Leta. "Too tempting," she shrugged. They rolled their eyes. Chase's pixel bracelet fell off and his arms reappeared. He picked up Shadow and walked to the stands.

"Okay Danny your up," Terry said and pushed him in. "Why me?" he whined. Terry pulled him in. "Because Eeveeboy and I had a battle, Because Dragongirl is meditating, Because either you battle now with your cousins Skitty or I take my revenge from Pastoria. Do you want anymore reasons?" she threatened.

Danny's face turned red. "For the last time I got drunk." he said and was pushed onto the field. Dawn stepped in front of him. The fat cat came in. "(Try to keep up)" Dawn teased. Terry thought she heard deep breathing and saw Chase meditating while Shadow was using psychic to hold a giant frying pan. "Weirdos," she muttered and had to avoid another garbage can. "Not funny," she called.

"Okay Dawn this should be interesting," Danny said. "Use shock wave." From Dawn's paw a blue jolt hit purugly but it didn't feel the sting much. "Purugly," Paul said, "Use hypnosis." The fat cat's eyes glowed and Dawn fell asleep. Danny also began to feel drowzy.

"OH COME ON DANNY PUT SOME NECK IN IT," Terry yelled with Leta's megaphone. Leta got out of her circle and took the thing. "This isn't Orre you know," she said. "Why is Chase meditating anyway?" Terry asked.

"Shadow's threatening him with a frying pan," Leta pointed out. "You know what I mean," Terry said annoyed.

"Oh...thats non of your business," Leta said. "What about the flying garbage cans?" Terry added.

"Thats not your business either," she said, "Your buisness is to help me wake those two." She pointed to the sleeping Danny and Dawn. Purugly was slashing away at Dawn. Danny was fading away. Terry cocked her head. "Should I help him?" she muttered, "He disappears I'll be rid of a nuisance. Hmm I wonder where they got these bracelets anyway."

"Start banging the thrash can," Leta ordered. 'How do these thrash cans keep appearing' Terry thought. She turned it upside down and starting banging on it. Leta held a megaphone to it. Danny and Skittty woke up in agony. Danny down to one leg and a head and body. "OW," he whined.

"Oi," Terry groaned, "BATTLE NOW!!!" Chase came to them. "You know its hard to relax with the banging." he complained. Leta pointed to Danny and Chase calmed down. Shadow was standing behind him watching his poor Skitty slashed away.

"Wake-up slap," Danny ordered. Skitty gave Purugly a forceful slap causing it to back down. Obviously it felt that. "(Maddie will not forgive you for these damages)" Dawn said annoyed.

"Calm down and use rain dance," Danny said. Dawn summoned the rain. "Now Thunder," Danny said. Dawn charged an unavoidable thunder attack. Paul smiled.

"Two can play that Purugly Thunder," The giant cat charged its own attack. The two attacks collided and both pokemon fainted.

"DANNY!!!" Terry cried. Leta and Chase shot a curious I-knew-it look. Danny began fully fading but the bracelet fell off just in time. Terry sighed and sat on her knees. Paul smirked and recalled his pokemon. "Well I was close," he said.

Danny came over to them smiling. Terry jumped on him on pinned him down. "YOU IDIOT DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED I WAS? DON'T DO SUCH RISKY THINGS." she yelled. Hearts appeared in Danny's eyes. "You were worried about me?" he said dreamily. Terry just slapped him into unconciousness.

Leta and Chase sighed. "Danny truly is an idiot," Leta said. "And Terry's not one to mess with." Chase said. Shadow and Kariyu nodded. "Well guess I'm up," Leta said, "I will so enjoy this."

Leta, Megan, and the Dragonites came to battle. "Lets do this," Leta said.

(I'm planning on making this a looooooong battle so this is a skip point)

Three hours later...both pokemon were fighting for a looong time. Leta was zapped a lot so she was battling on her knees now. Chase was looking nervously with Danny and Terry was playing poker with Dawn and Shadow.

"Don't you care what happens to my sweet Leta," Chase said to her. "She'll be fine," Terry assured him and then said, "HA a straight looks like I win this round." She took her winning. Dawn and Shadow approached Danny and Chase. "(Can we have some more money?)" they asked "we already lost 10,000." Chase said, "Forget it." But Danny handed Dawn another 1000. Then he gave Shadow some. Chase looked at him. "What I'm rich and this is helping my sweetie get money. She's dirt poor and yet good at poker You should've seen what she won at that casino." Danny told him. Chase rolled his eyes and turned back to the battle.

Leta was still holding but breathing heavily. Kariyu looked at his trainer nervously. "I'm okay Kariyu use blizzard." Kariyu gave her a sympathetic glance but obeyed. The other dragonite tried to dodge but was hit in the wing and crashed down. "Yeah," Chase cheered. Shadow came up to him and whimpered for more money. "What again?" Chase said, "We'll all be the ones who are dirt poor if you keep it up. Here's one last grand. AFTER THIS STOP PLAYING. But try to win as much as possible. Shadow you owe me big time." Shadow took the money and went back to the game.

"Terry your giving the pokemon a bad example," Chase scolded, "They aren't gamblers. Stop this game."

"Oh come on," Terry whined, "Your girlfriend has been battling for 3 hours alread..." beep(The watch) "...Oh make that four. WE'RE BORED." Chased grumbled. "Just give some back to us when your done." he said. Terry rolled her eyes and nodded crossing her fingers behind her back. When Chase turned away she stuck her tongue out and the pokemon laughed. Chase turned to them and they got back to their game.

"Chase you need to chill," Danny said, "If you care so much I'll give you the money Shadow looses." Chase didn't hear him. Leta had taken more damage.

'I can do this,' she said, 'This is for Chase and Adam!' "KARIYU USE GIGA IMPACT!!!" She cried. Kariyu fired a huge purple beam at the other Dragonite. It finally fainted. The shock anklet fell off and everyone sighed. But Leta was really weak.

"Shadow use moonlight," Chase said. Terry released her beautifly and Tropius "Trop: Sunny day and synthesis, Beauty: Morningsun."

Everyone shielded their eyes as Shadow, Tropius, and Beautifly pressed against Leta and used specified attacks. Leta quickly recovered her energy.. "I'm okay," she said happily. "(So they don't help me,)" Kariyu said offended as Leta recalled him. All was well.


"Well this was an interesting day," Danny said cheerfully. "New friends, battles and Terry beat the bad guys up for those torture devices."

"That reminds what happened to those things?" Leta asked. They all turned to Terry who smiled. "I may have put them on the bad guys and stole their unlockers." she said and held out the controls. Chase took them. "OOh," he said teasingly, "What does this button do?" He pushed a red button.

--Somewhere far away--

"OUCH," the bad guys cried.


"This was a great day," Chase said. Terry nodded. "And the best part is I'm 4 million poke richer," sh said laughing. Chase turned to Shadow angrily. "WHAT," he yelled, "SHADOW I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL HOW DID YOU LOOSE 4 MILLION POKE."

"(Hey)" Shadow said, "(Dawn lost money too)"

"Dawn has a rich trainer," Chase said. Shadow started running. Chase ran after him. "HOW COULD LOOSE IN POKER. YOUR A POKEMON AND POKE IS THE FIRST 4 LETTERS IN POKER." Everyone sweatdropped.

"Oh well," Danny said and handed Leta a check. "I said I'd cover the loses."

"Thanks," Leta said when she saw the numbers, "Thats a lot of zeroes. Its more than Shadow lost."

"Whats your point?" Terry and Danny said. Leta sweatdropped. "Thanks I'm gonna save shadow. See ya again sometime." Leta said and ran after them.

"Ookay," Terry said, "Well would you like to press this button?" she said pointing to the controls. Danny smiled and pushed it.

Meanwhile Leta prepared some bad guy dolls and was happily sticking needles in them.

-------Somewhere Far away---------


The End