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Summary: In the streets of London, the vampire Alucard has brought a new character from another story. Christine has caught Alucard's eye. However, her two lovers will follow from the halls of the Opera Populaire and try to take her back. With Erik and Raoul facing Alucard, the Hellsing organization will turn upside down in a web of romance and war. Phantom of the Opera/Hellsing crossover. T for violence, language and pretty much everything else. Obviously AU.

Last Words: On with the deadly tale!

La Donna Del Lago

(The Lady of the Lake)

"I don't want to see an opera!" Seras stared at the dress she had been given. "And I'd look terrible in this."

"Well, I do. And so does Sir Hellsing. So you'll do as I say, Police Girl."

"I wouldn't have come if I knew we were going to see an opera."

"You were eager to come to Paris before. You can't come to Paris and not see an opera. So, you're going to see it."

"You can come to Paris and not torture yourself with singing that you don't understand. Lots of people do it."

"Not us. Now get dressed." Alucard stepped out of the room and shut the door.

Seras scowled, and, glaring at the pink and frilly dress lying on the bed, got dressed.

"So she didn't like the idea much?"

Alucard grinned. "It doesn't matter. I'm sure she'll change her mind."

Alucard was dressed in a tux, while Integra wore a flowing silver dress.

Seras finally exited the room, looking awkward in the frills of her dress. "And I hate my outfit."

Integra simply raised an eyebrow at Alucard.

"Really, Alucard? It doesn't seem like it yet."

"She will. All girls love operas."

"This one does not." Seras scowled at the vampire menacingly.

"Have you ever even seen one, Ms. Victoria?"

"Yes, I think so... it was when I was little."

"You'll appreciate it better now. Hurry up, or we'll be late."

"And I thought it would be nice to go to Paris..."

"And it will be nice to be in Paris."

The three stood outside, Seras trying her best not to be noticed by the passing crowds. Most people were polite enough not to say anything, but a small girl saw her and said something to her mother in french, laughing. The mother scolded her and quickened her pace.

By the time the cab arrived, Seras wished she had brought her gun. That way, she could find whoever made this dress and get rid of them before their insanity hurt anyone else.

The three arrived at the Populaire a few minutes later. Walking inside, they noticed huge sculptures from Greek and Roman mythology. Most of the sculptures were missing heads or other various extremities.

"I don't see how this is art." Seras looked at the odd sculptures in confusion.

Integra sighed. "In a sense, it's not. These statues are very old, and they represent a dead religion. However, some of these pieces are very well done. They look almost as if they could come to life."

Seras stared at a statue of Artemis with her bow, and tried to see what Integra was talking about. "Um, if you say so..."

They continued on to their seats in the box they had reserved. and waited for the play to begin.

Seras was staring at the crystal chandelier. "So what's this thing called anyway?"

"La Donna Del Lago. The Lady of the Lake."

"Sounds like something from a Camelot story."

She looked around the crowded theater, and noticed a young man sitting in another box. He had shoulder-length brown hair, and looked like he was in his early twenties.

Before anything else could happen, a burst of sound issued from the pit, and the crimson curtains swept to the sides.

Alucard wasn't paying much attention to the performance, until he heard a new voice start to sing. He focused his gaze on the figure...

And saw a girl with cascades of brown hair and a face like an angel. He grinned maliciously, and watched her for the rest of the play. She played only a small part, but it was obvious that there was a serious rivalry between her and the main soprano.

He noticed something else, as well. There were two other people watching the girl.

Erik watched Christine, cursing silently at the idiocy of the managers. They still didn't understand that Christine was much better than Carlotta. Carlotta understood, though. She tried her best to make sure Christine got nothing better than a chorus part.

She was failing.

Christine may not be the lead, but she still had solos.

Erik looked over at Raoul. The foolish boy still hadn't noticed him. He cursed Christine's love for Raoul. Erik knew that he had to persuade her to fall in love with him, but right now, Erik had no idea how to do this.

When the curtain closed at the end of the final act, Erik swiftly left the box and went to his hiding place in her room. He waited for her, but she never appeared.

Applause exploded across the theater when the final curtain came down. Even Seras was shouting for an encore. Integra just smiled.

"Well, I guess that's it then. We'll go back to London tomorrow."

"Actually, Master, I'd like to head back early." Alucard was still looking at the stage, as if he could see past the thick velvet of the curtain. "It'd be nice to sleep in my own coffin tonight."

"Fine. But report to my office as soon as Ms. Victoria and I return."

With a grin, Alucard disappeared into the crowd.

Raoul burst into the dressing room. "I know you're in here! You can't evade me forever!"

But no one was in the dressing room but Christine. She walked out of the dressing portion of her room and approached Raoul.

"Who were you yelling about?"

"Oh, no one." Raoul looked around the room to make sure that only Christine was in the room.

"Really, Raoul, no one is here. Just me." Christine looked around the room as well.

"I know, Christine. I just wanted to confirm my suspicions."

"What did you need to think of the performance?" Christine went over to her make-up table and commenced brushing her hair.

"You sang like an angel." Raoul followed her over to the table.

He stopped behind her, watching her face in the mirror.

Behind both of their reflections, a shadow was forming. The darkness swirled.

"Raoul... what's going on?"

Raoul turned around, trying to hide Christine behind him. "I don't know."

A pair of eyes watched them from the vortex. Slowly, a figure emerged. The man was tall, dressed in a tux.

"Who are you?" Raoul was trying to keep from shouting, and he could tell Christine was scarred.

"Not anyone of importance." He stepped forward, knocking Raoul across the head. As Raoul hit the floor, he could hear Christine crying. That was the last he saw of her.

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