Yo! Zephyr/Mika-chan here! Saku-chan and I have decided that we ARE still going to work on this fanfiction/crossover thing that we've started. However, updates probably WILL NOT be in a particular schedule. I know things are crazy on my end as a third-year English major who edits for the college newspaper and attempts to teach people to write when they should already know how to do so. I can only assume that things are just as crazy for Saku-chan as well. This being said, with the creation of the crossover section, Saku-chan and I have decided that we are only going to post this story on her account, as I have far too many fanfics of my own to keep straight. I will leave this notice up for at least two weeks for everyone to find Saku-chan under the username Sakura Neko-chan13. After this time, THIS STORY WILL BE DELETED ON MY ACCOUNT. However, it wil still be available on hers.

As I said, I'll still be writing chapters for this story. Saku-chan just finished the last one and posted it sometime today. After having a very long discussion last night via IM, we have decided where things will be going. Now it's my turn to write, but I probably won't be able to get a chapter published until around mid-October. THIS MAY NOT HAPPEN DUE TO MY SCHEDULE. So do NOT come asking why it isn't up in the middle of October. I really don't mean to sound rude, but I do have a life and things to do outside of fanfiction. I really want to get this finished, but I have my future career to worry about as well.

So that's the latest update from Zephyr/Mika-chan. I'll try to get the new chapter up as soon as I possibly can. I hope everyone's doing well and thanks for sticking with us this far. We'll try to make it worth the while.

Mika-chan out.