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Chapter Ten : ...and Dance

Rose stared into the unfathomable depths of the Doctor's eyes as he silently waited. A shiver of uncertainty and then sudden realisation chased through her blood as her hands moved slowly to the front of the leather jacket, her fingers closing around the worn edges. She saw the Doctor's hooded gaze move down to where she hesitated. Her own eyes flickered over his shoulders, down his chest, stomach and... She took a breath and then, as the Doctor watched intently, she slowly drew the front of the jacket apart, shrugged her shoulders and allowed it to slip easily down her arms until it lay discarded at her bare feet. As she stood in front of him, dressed only in her underwear, and with the Doctor's silent watchfulness setting fire to her blood, Rose realised that she had never felt more exposed, more vulnerable or more desired.

Still silent, the Doctor allowed his eyes to drink her in, feast upon her, devour her. She was a banquet only for him. He looked at her with such intensity, as though she was a work of stone and not flesh, a depiction of a goddess crafted by a skill so ancient it had long been forgotten, and he was the first to see how beautiful she shone. With infinite caution he reached out to touch her, as though he was afraid he would break whatever spell of enchantment he was under.

His cool fingertips stroked across her warm stomach, dancing circles of his language against her skin. Rose threw her head back and closed her eyes as he painted invisible words of ownership, of possession, of belonging. She held her breath, determined not to make any sound that might distract the Doctor from what he was doing.

The sweet play of torture continued until Rose thought she might die from pleasure. But then she felt the Doctor's touch leave her, his unseen marking of her apparently complete, and she feared she would die not from pleasure, but from the loss. Her blonde head lolled forward, as cloudy with bliss her eyes fluttered open to stare wordlessly at him. Her lips formed into a childish pout and her heart ached for the return of his touch. Stealing the patience of a saint she waited for the return of his caress.

The Doctor's eyes glittered as he stared at her, his Rose. He lifted a hand to her breast and heard her gasp, saw her brown eyes flash with a ghost of gold, and both his hearts filled with his love for her. Gently his fingers brushed her covered breast, his thumb stroking across a hardening nipple, once, twice, three times; bringing it to rapt attention.

"Doctor." His name fell from Rose's lips, a sound of tormented pleasure.

"Shh... " he whispered softly, stroking the delicate lace one last time before his hand dropped back to his lap and he looked up at her with clear instruction in his eyes. "Take it off."

Rose felt her heart jump and she licked her lips, as without even realising it she obediently reached behind, her fingers moving to undo her bras tiny hooks. She allowed the narrow straps to slip down over her shoulders, but that was all. She moved her arms to cover herself, catching the bra before it could fall away. She dared to meet the Doctor's wicked eyes, a smile dancing at her lips, the tip of her tongue caught between her teeth as she played on false modesty. She saw his eyes grow hungry for her, heard his low groan of frustration, but still she waited, understanding the power she had over him. He was hers, and it was an intoxicating feeling.

"No." She shook her head in playful refusal. "I won't. Not 'till you say, please." She gave a teasing smile, a flutter of her eyelashes and bit down on her lower lip as she revelled at her own audacity. "Say please take it off."

He lifted his head, the steel in his eyes glittering, all emotions hidden away from her. "You want me to beg?" he asked, without a hint of curiosity to betray him.

Rose frowned a little, not altogether sure if he was serious. "Would you?" Her words were hushed, no more than a whisper.

"Yes Rose," he replied, his voice was filled with honesty. "If you asked me, I'd fall to my knees in front of you and beg. Is that what you want?"

Her eyes widened in surprise. He was really willing to do that? To humble himself before her, to give her such power over him. She shook her head, a silent response to his question. She didn't want that, not at all. She wanted the man she saw before her, the man whose passion and fire raged in his eyes, in his blood, in his hearts. She wanted the man she had always wanted, always would want, her Doctor.

She swallowed hard and again shook her head resolutely. "No, I just want..."

"Shh..." He reached up and put one finger to Rose's lips, then trailed it down her throat, across her collar bone and down to gently brush her fingers where she still held herself covered from his eyes. "Please..." he whispered, oh so softly, "... take it off."

Rose trembled, her breath unsteady, her heart racing. She moved her hands, letting the bra fall away.

Suddenly self-conscious she half closed her eyes. His silence was deafening. Her doubts crept in, rushed in, flooded in, soon she was drowning. She bit down on her lip, not quite brave enough to steal a glance, to learn what he really thought of her. She felt the cool touch of his hand brush against her cheek and her eyes fluttered open. The second she met his constant gaze all her insecurities vanished.

"You're beautiful," he said softly, and she believed him.

He pushed his fingers into her blonde hair and drew her lips down to his, claiming a kiss born of rapidly growing desire. For a second before he had kissed her he had stupidly thought that he would be able to take things at a slower pace; but that had before she responded. Now, he almost smiled at his foolishness. This was fire and urgency and want and need. There was no slowing this down. And he was fine with that.

His other hand moved to stroke the small of Rose's back, firmly pulling her closer as their kiss deepened. Rose put her hands onto the Doctor's shoulders to steady herself as she leant into him, her fingers brushing against his throat then moving up to rake through his cropped hair. They fed each other moans, gasps, torn cries of pleasure, and each one was swallowed down with greedy licks and bites of tongues and teeth. His mouth caught her nipple, his tongue circling, his breath tormenting, his lips demanding. Rose closed her eyes, losing herself in the ardent tug of his mouth, the attention of his teeth, the warmth of his breath. But nothing could have prepared her for the surge of arousal that swept through her like a forest fire, the second she felt the Doctor's hands move to pull down her knickers then firmly push two long fingers up inside her. At the same moment his clever thumb discovered her clit, giving it such delicious attentions that Rose almost screamed.

She rocked against the Doctor's hand and felt another finger slide up into her. She lost herself entirely to the play of his fingers, realising that the Doctor was the first lover she'd had who'd even attempted to find her clitoris -- let alone understand what it was for. But before she could wonder on that miracle her eyes opened in surprise as she felt the unexpected waves of a sudden and unstoppable orgasm crash through her body.

Rose cried out his name as she came hard and fast, her hands grasping at his shoulders as her body soared. He was her anchor, holding her to him. She was safer than she had ever been even as a storm of his own making claimed her. The Doctor watched as she flew to the stars, watched as she burned there and watched her slowly drift back to his arms. He eased her gently onto the bed, lying her down and moving to cover her. His body was poised above hers, then his lips fell to bestow kisses to her burning skin. Rose gasped and he pulled back slightly, not certain he should continue -- no matter how much he wanted to. This was all so new, especially to him.

"Too fast?" he asked her, his breath ragged. He'd slow this down if she wanted him to. Wasn't sure how, but he would do it.

Rose shook her head, dizzy, breathless, her heart pounding. "Not fast enough," she said, arching up into him.

The Doctor groaned at the encouragement of her body. "Slower next time," he promised, dropping a kiss to her warm skin and ridding himself of his black jeans. Naked now, he slid one hand between Rose's thighs; but she didn't require subtle guidance and opened up to him willingly. The Doctor moved to take his place there, her legs wrapped around him, welcoming him, her body alive for him. He braced himself above her, suddenly hesitant. His arms were taut on either side of her as he battled with his desire and his conscience There was a part of him that believed he did not deserve this, did not deserve Rose, but... he wanted her. He wanted her oh so very much.

Sensing his doubts Rose raked her fingernails down his stomach, watching as the Doctor's steel eyes closed and his breath caught. She reached down further, to stroke him, and untold pleasures swept through her blood as she felt him shudder and stiffen in her hand. Braver still, and fuelled by his reactions Rose let her thumb sweep repeatedly over the head of his cock, until her fingers were slippy with the first stray jewels of his pre-cum and she had heard him gasp her name as if it was his salvation.

He opened his eyes to stare into Rose's and with blinding clarity he knew without doubt that he'd been wrong -- he couldn't slow this down. He'd lived nine hundred years without her and now that he had found her he'd never let her go.

With one sure movement he pushed inside her, his breath catching in pleasure as he found her warm, wet and oh so ready for him. She arched up into him, pulled his body closer, whispered words of love into his skin. He withdrew then pushed back inside her heat. His body shuddered, alive to each and every sensation. He kissed her and Rose opened her mouth to him. They discovered that their bodies instinctively knew how to move. Their dance was timeless, flawless, meant to be. Each touch, each kiss, each caress was somehow right. Passion built between them until it consumed like fire, burning through flesh and blood and bone. Their bodies moved together, an ancient dance that grew wilder with each heartbeat.

One last time the Doctor pushed deep inside and Rose clung to him as he came hard, calling her name, swearing his love like an oath. Her own orgasm followed a second later, sending her arching up into his body as he held her, lost and found.


Hours later, Rose woke beside her lover to find him watching her, she blushed a little under the intensity of his blue-grey eyes. He had been right, the second time had been slower... and the third. A lazy smile danced at her lips before it was kissed away and swallowed down. She slipped her hand into the Doctor's, their fingers interlocking as they met each others gaze and fell through the stars. Together.

The End