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Chapter 18 – Last Man Standing

Staring up at the ceiling above her, Maria couldn't help but to rethink of the worst night she ever had. By now everyone knew of her secret, no thanks to Shane of course. It was too late for her to do anything about it now.

She was lying on her bed constantly crying for the whole evening. Tonight she tried to do the right thing. But the news came out in the worse possible way.

Or maybe it came out in a good way.

If Shane hadn't stopped Melina in time, who knows what could happen. Randy would have known the truth by now.

Her stomach began churning with fear at the thought of Randy hearing the news...at the worse possible way when Shane decided to insert himself in the situation, naming himself as the father of the unborn child.

It was a mess.

Tonight wasn't her night at all.

"This sucks," she muttered before letting out a weary sigh.


There was darkness all around. There were screams.

He could hear them inside his head. As the blues eyes were slowly uncovered, the vision was a little blurry at first but the vision came back clear as crystal. The brightness of a white light above him gave hurt to the eyes, prompting them to be closed shut again.

His head was still throbbing. It was as if he had gotten hit with a sledgehammer hundreds of times.

The raucous screams were still there and he knew that it was the thousand of people in attendance.

Randy sat up with his head stroking behind his neck, groaning in pain. Although he woke up, it took him a minute to be fully awakened, meaning to recollect his thoughts of what had just happened to him.

He remembered meeting Shane backstage. And then he remembered capturing a quick glance of someone standing behind him…

And then that was it.

Right away he remembered Umaga, the reason why he was currently suffering this excruciating headache.

The wwe champion knew that he would have to face the Samoan Bulldozer sooner since that had been arranged by the Raw general manager.

Unless there was a change of plans.

Randy's eyes widen with bewilderment at the sight of something. He was definitely conscious now.

What the hell?

He stood up with the help of the ropes for balance, his eyes roamed around at the mesh barrier surrounding him.

How did he back in the ring?

And most importantly, how did he get inside a steel cage?

"Wakey wakey Champ," blared out a voice from the speakers.

The jeers were heard from the crowd. Shane's face appeared on the Titantron with a smirk on his face. Randy gritted his teeth with anger.

He wished he could knock his teeth out right now.

"Glad to see that you're awake from your beauty sleep," said Shane. His smirk was clearly shown on the screen for everyone to see. "You see...your match against Umaga has been postponed. I've changed my mind. Therefore your last match, the steel cage match against Kane, will start...now."

"What?!" Randy exclaimed, shocked to hear this annoucement being made.

He smirked grew wider and made a wave. "Have fun!"

The Titantron turned blank instantly before Randy could protest any further. The wwe champion shook the mesh metal violently; his blood boiled with anger.

Then a pyro burst seconds later made and the spotlights immediately turned red. It wasn't long until the tall man made his presence known.

Despite of fatigue, he would have to wrestle again.

Randy had no choice but to face Kane.


Pleased with how the evening was going, Shane poured himself a glass of brandy to celebrate his own victory. He was satisfied to see how things worked out as he planned it, especially with the steel cage part.

He would love to see Randy be pulverized by Umaga but he thought that it would be better to see him get bloodied by the Big Red Monster instead.

There was no way Randy was going to win this time.

As far as Shane was concerned, tonight would be the night to get his last laugh.

Throughout the match, the wwe champion worked hard to fight back despite of his condition. But Kane had the stamina to take him down easily.

"Oooh ouch," Shane looked to see Randy's face rubbed against the metal harshly. "I wouldn't want to be in his position."

The Raw general manager took a sip of his drink, his eyes were still glued onto the screen before him. He sneered to see blood coming out of the cut on Randy's forehead.

"Ha! He's going to get pummeled! I love it! I think I shall go out there and watch the rest up close!"

And with that idea in mind, Shane stepped out of his office with a satisfied smirk on his face.


"Maria? Are you alright?"

"Is that a question?" Maria asked quite rudely. "I think you know the answer to that."

There was a sigh at the end of the line. "Look Maria the situation has already gotten worse and…we really do think that you should tell Randy the truth. And soon before it gets really out of hand."

Maria said nothing. She did try to tell him...and instead of only him knowing the real truth, the whole universe found out about her pregnancy. This was already bad enough as it was.

Then she remembered her last conversation with Shane back in his office. Back to when he asked her if Randy would find out that he was the father.

"Are you there?"

Maria crashed back into reality. "Yes...and I've decided that I'm not telling him," she said at last.

Torrie couldn't believe her ears. "…Wait. What?"

"I said I'm not telling him. I changed my mind."

"But you can't do that Maria!"

"Oh yes I can," said Maria with seriousness in her voice. "It's my decision and I'm sticking to it. If you don't have anything else to say besides disagreeing to this, then consider this conversation to be over. I'm going to bed."

"But this is wrong! You can't--"

"Good night Tor."

"Maria, don't you d…"


The voice of the Blonde Boise died away when Maria pressed the button to end the call. She switched off her cell phone so she couldn't be reached. After what appeared to be the worse night of her life, she didn't want to take any more calls.

Instead she just wanted to go to sleep and forget about everything.


The jeers were pouring out from the crowd and even more so when a certain someone came walking down the ramp.

Shane didn't pay much attention to this though. All he was concerned was getting a good view of the match.

Though the steel cage had already ruined his intention of interfering, he didn't find the need to do so.

Kane was being the dominant one in this match.

And Shane approved of this as he smirked and nodded as he looked on.

"Yeah! You give him a chokeslam!" He yelled once the Big Red Monster clasped his hand around the champion's throat.

Randy was helpless. He was worn out of energy, fatigue overtook his body. He felt as though he couldn't get through any longer.

He saw the malicious smirk appearing on the tall man's face.

This was it. Kane would the one end this match and then it would be all over.

Then he saw Shane's face looking on from the outside. He looked as if he knew the match was going to end as well.

At that exact moment, a memory suddenly flashed into Randy's mind. Shane appeared to be in it…as well as the brunette woman standing beside him.

They were in this ring earlier that same night with a shocking announcement.

"Maria and I are proud to announce that we're expecting our first child together…"

Those exact words were said right from Shane's mouth.


This was the only word that was stuck in his head at that point.


He wanted it to stop but it appeared that it wouldn't stop anytime soon.


"This match is mine," said Kane. A laugh erupted from his lips before he proceeded to lift Randy off his feet to execute his finishing move…

This was it. He was going for the chokeslam…

Suddenly the whole arena was on their feet with thunderous cheers.

Shane McMahon froze in shock after witnessing something with his own two eyes.

There was not one person who had predicted the outcome.

No one did.

Now Kane was lying on the canvas. Shane was stunned by this.

Randy Orton had somehow managed to reverse Kane's finisher with his own.

The RKO.

Randy pushed himself harder to crawl over to get to his fallen opponent as quickly as possible. Whilst doing this, he fought the fatigue, desperately in the need to end the match.

Shane shook his head in disbelief. "No…" Then he yelled. "NO! Come on Kane, get up! Get up!"

Randy stretched his hand over Kane. The referee began to count.


The referee slapped his hand onto the canvas to make the first count. The audience appeared to be counting along too as they shouted:


The atmosphere was now filled with the anticipation. Everyone hoped that the last count would come through.

Everyone expect for the Raw general manager of course.


The seconds were passing by fast. Shane had his hands over his head in frustration.


The referee was going for the last count as he raised his hand up once more. Shane was desperately hoping that this wouldn't turn out to be true…

Could this be the end? Or would Kane be able to kick out?

The referee lowered his hand one last time…

And then…


It was official. The match had come to an end.

Shane's eyes widen at this sudden turn.

This could not be happening.

But to this dismay, an announcement forced him to accept this fact.

"Here is your winner, Randy Orton!" was the voice of the ring announcer, Lillian Garcia. Shane heard the crowd roaring madly as they were now creating thunder in the arena.

Randy caught his breath back and using the little energy he had, he sat up for the referee to raise his hand in victory.

He won the match.

But that didn't matter to him anymore. Although he should be happy about claiming a victory, he had his thoughts on something else to even care.

He turned his head over to the side to where the man was standing, frozen like a statute.

Shane still couldn't believe that Randy won. He had him in two matches previously, plus the wwe champion was on the receiving end of a superkick from Umaga earlier on before the steel cage match even started.

After all of this, Randy remained to be standing all in the end.

Shane stared with disbelief at the man, who was now standing on his feet.

Randy stared back down at him, his blue eyes turned fiery with pure hatred he had for him.


As the two men stared at each other, a series of chants were made from the background, just as the show was about to go off the air.