"We shouldn't be doing this," were the only words he managed to say before her lips came crashing to his. Pressed against the splintery door of the old basement bedroom, neither of them said anything as he explored her mouth. Moaning against his lips willingly, she enjoyed the sensations his fingers created as they traveled up and down her spine before coming to rest on her slender hips. Splaying her petite waistline, he struggled to pull her as tightly as he could manage to his body. Her arms snaked around his neck, pressing his lips closer to her. His chestnut hair was like spun silk beneath her perfect nails. There was something so elicit, some forbidden about their rendezvous.

"I can't believe that you're finally back in town, Kelso," a foreign voice said distantly as three men made their way into the basement. Fez collapsed onto the couch as his two friends flanked his sides in their customary lawn chairs. Falling into some mundane conversation about the cute girl they had passed on the corner, none were aware that two of their closest friends were hiding in the basement.

The risk of getting caught only made their tryst that more exciting, undeniably part of the appeal for both of them. It had started innocently enough, just a simple conversation between two friends stuck in routine relationships neither of them had clung to out of anything more than loyalty for the past three months. As he picked her up and pressed her arms over her head, apart of him wanted one of their friends to come around the corner. It would be the most exciting thing that had happened to the little Point Place clique in ages. When her legs tightened around his toned muscles, he quickly lost his train of thought.

She, on the other hand, was quite aware of the situation. In fact, she had never been so coherent in her entire life. Between kisses, she could hear the sporadic pieces of conversation float into their hidden haven of desire. Between their words, she could feel the faint tickle of his breath on her neck. Between the shallow breaths, she reveled in the strength of his hands and surprisingly toned physique. There was nothing expectant about their relationship, but it had easily become her favorite part of life.

"Oh," she gasped, louder than she had intended. He smiled sheepishly at her vocal sign of appreciation before placing two fingers over her pert lips. Licking her bottom lip cheekily, he gazed into her eyes as they listened to their friends talk about the new movie showing downtown. A few seconds later, a fourth voice joined them. This one was female, perkier than the rest but just as sarcastic and biting. With both their counterparts their, they knew that they should feel guilty, but the trail of kisses across the hollow spot of her collarbone left them breathless instead.

"Where are they at?" the female voice called. "We were all supposed to meet here like ten minutes ago. Not that dinner at the Hub is anything to look forward to, but we still had plans."

"They'll be here," Kelso responded. They could hear the distant sound of the freezer being opened and closed. "Score! Orange!" Despite being in a serious relationship and having a toddler-aged daughter, Michael Kelso was still the biggest kid at heart. It was comforting to know that no matter what else changed, he would always be the same guy at the core. It was great to have one true thing to count on in life.

A small giggle escaped past her lips as he quickly smothered her face with his mouth. "What was that?" the female voice called again. "I think I heard something coming from back there. Dude, is someone hiding back there?"

Looking between them, they visibly panicked in mutual realization that someone was going to come looking for them. "You have to get out of here," he whispered, pressing his lips to hers one last time. "Come down in a few minutes, make up some excuse. We'll meet up later." Leaning in for another kiss, her chin bumped against his as she nodded. Devouring her greedily, he finally relented and let go of her. Patting her playfully on the backside, he pressed her forward. "Go."

Moving away the tattered curtain, she scampered up the makeshift ladder and hoisted herself out the dingy basement window. Expertly popping the screen back into place, she jogged around the house toward the front door, careful to wipe any stray dirt away from her smooth skin. Readjusting her jeans, she prayed that she looked at least halfway presentable as she ran clumsily down the backstairs toward the basement.

Meanwhile, in the basement, the female voice came closer as she stalked back toward the bedroom. He raked his fingers through his hair nervously as he adjusted the cuff of his plaid shirt. "Hey," he smiled. "I didn't know you guys were here."

"You couldn't hear us?" she asked skeptically. "We've been waiting for you out there. What are you doing back here?"

"Just, ya know," he replied nervously. Leaning forward, he brushed a chaste kiss on her cheek. "So, hi."

"Hey," she replied with a smile, her voice barely above a whisper. She moved familiarly into his embrace, letting the comfort of their routine wash over her. It was undeniable that something had been off between them lately, but they still had this. As long as he held her like this, she knew that everything would be okay. Dipping her head to meet his lips, she enjoyed the brief interlude before someone catcalled behind them.

"Get a room!" Kelso teased before disappearing into the bathroom.

Both of them laughed nervously like two teenagers caught making out beneath the bleachers. Slipping her hand into his, she pulled him back toward the television, where their remaining group of friends sat, completely engrossed in an old rerun of "Bewitched." His eyes darted around the room, seeking her gaze immediately. From her spot next to him – her boyfriend, his best friend – she smiled coyly up at him. It killed him to see her with him, tucked into the crevice of his arm like they hadn't been together moments before. However, as he realized that his fingers were interlocked with his girlfriend and her best friend, he knew that his feels were contradictory and unwarranted.

"As soon as Kelso gets out of the can, let's get out of here," Hyde announced harshly. Jackie cocked her head appreciatively and nodded, her stomach growling for some greasy food from the Hub. Looking over at his girlfriend, he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Do you have any money?" Rolling her eyes, she pulled out a crisp ten and handed it over begrudgingly. She was soon rewarded with a brief kiss, his curly tendrils brushing playfully against her jaw. "Thanks, baby," he murmured before laying another kiss on her mouth. Dropping his voice to a whisper, he gave her another reward. "Love you."

"Man, I can't wait to get a corn dog," Eric told Donna, playfully pulling on the end of her long red hair. "It's all I can think about."

"All you can think about?" she asked seductively, winking as Kelso came back in. A small corner of his hot pink boxers poked through the fly of his corduroys. Donna pointed and laughed, bringing all attention to their friend. "Hot pink?"

He looked confused for a minute before looking down. A dark crimson crept across his cheeks as he rezipped his pants. "I can't believe that he's the father in this group," Eric teased. "Speaking of which, where is Brooke?"

"She's going to meet us there. Her mom agreed to watch the baby tonight so that we could have a date. It's kind of weird to think that I have to schedule a date with the mother of my child."

"It's kind of weird to think that anyone would even mother your child," Hyde taunted dryly.

"Hey, your girlfriend there wanted to marry me at one point," he reminded his friend. "We could have an entire brood of kids by now. I mean, we had sex all the time. All the time! There were a few times that we might even have thought…"

"Michael!" Jackie shrieked, reaching across her boyfriend to frog Kelso square on the shoulder. "Come on, Steven, let's go."

"Can you not tell me what do for once?"

"You should be used to it by now, man," Eric muttered as he pulled Donna toward the Vista Cruiser. The couple crawled into the front seat while Kelso and Fez piled into the back. Hyde and Jackie followed behind in the other love of Hyde's love, the El Camino.

Ten minutes later, Brooke joined the six friends at their customary table at the Hub, Point Place's only hangout for young adults. Fez was the only one without a female companion, but since his breakup with Jackie months ago, he had enjoyed the bachelor lifestyle. Scoring Jackie had done wonders for his reputation at the beauty shop, earning a string of dates from his beloved customers.

Hyde and Jackie had gotten back together only two weeks after the breakup, both of them aware that no one had ever fit quite like them. No one else could tune out Jackie's incessant bitching, and no other girl had managed to break through Hyde's stoic resolve. As for Donna and Eric, they had been together since New Year's Eve. Sometimes, she feared that it was only habit, and he worried that they had never fully let go of each other. Donna wanted to know if there was life beyond Eric Foreman and Wisconsin, but he had already seen and lived it.

"Order up," the chubby bald man yelled from behind the counter. Hyde and Donna both jumped immediately to their feet and headed to retrieve the trays together. Jackie stared listlessly out the window at the shoe store across the street, and Fez started to talk to Eric about the latest girl he'd taken out the night before. Kelso was busy arguing with Brooke about which one of them was prettiest.

"Thanks, Donna," Hyde said out of the corner of his mouth as they headed back toward the table. She looked at him sideways and smiled as he pressed his hand firmly against the small of her back. "Here you guys go."

Eric jumped on the tray, happily pulling off his plate of hot fries. Kelso handed a hot dog to Brooke before biting into Jackie's pretzel, earning a smack from Hyde. Jackie gratefully took back her snack, and the friends fell into familiar patterns of a Saturday evening in small town America. By the time everyone was done and ready to head out, Jackie was exhausted, Kelso was asleep in Brooke's arms and Fez had found "love" with a waitress.

"Are you going to stay with me?" Hyde asked Jackie as she stood up and stretched.

She shook her head as she leaned on him heavily. "I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep," she answered. "You might as well just take me home. I won't be of any use to anyone until I get my beauty sleep."

"I'll drive you home," he offered, his voice uncharacteristically warm. "We'll see you guys later." Looking over his shoulder, he threw a wry grin at Donna and disappeared out of the café.

"Are you coming over later?" Eric asked his girlfriend as she followed him outside. Fez was long gone, and Brooke was half-carrying Kelso toward her sedan.

"I'm tired, too," she said. "We'll do something in the morning, just the two of us. Maybe we can even go over to Kenosha. I hear that they're doing a reprise of Laser Floyd."

"You are the best girlfriend ever," he smiled before driving her home. With a long, lingering kiss in the driveway, both of them made their way upstairs toward their own bedrooms. Long after he had left her, Eric sat in the window looking up at the pale moonlight.

The ringing phone shook her from her sleep a half-hour after her boyfriend had left her walking in the opposite direction. Sitting up sleepily, she knew that it was him, and not her boyfriend, even before she heard his voice. "I hate seeing you with him."

"It's not a picnic for me either," she whispered. She could imagine him lying on his back, the phone tucked beneath his chin. "I hated seeing her hands all over you. I was so glad when I finally felt your skin on mine. It was so small that I bet no one even noticed. I just want you to know that I definitely felt it."

"Good," he smiled to himself. "So, when are you coming over?"

"It's your turn to come over here," she whispered into the darkness. "Please."

"No one could ever say no to you, could they?" he laughed. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

Dressing in the dark, he hurriedly climbed out the window and started for his final destination in what had proven to be a very long evening. Stopping between where two driveways met, he bent to pick a single white daisy. Clutching it in his hand, he quickly made his way up the walk. Pulling a lone silver key from the pocket of his suede jacket, he let himself through the door and headed upstairs. When he reached the top, she was there waiting in the doorway. Quickly shortening the distance between them, he lifted her effortlessly off the ground and carried her toward her bed. Lying on her back, he hovered over her body as he smiled down into her sparkling eyes.

"I missed you tonight."

"You were with me the entire time."

"Even though I was with her physically, I certainly was with you."

"And I was with you."

"What are we doing here, Jackie?"

"Eric, I think this what they call falling in love."