I wrote this story last summer, many months and a lot of stories after "The Final Battle" (I chose not to post the stories in between because they are very poor.) I personally like this one, and I hope you guys enjoy it too!!

TheMonster House

Chapter 1

"Aw man, this line is huge!" Tucker complained as he looked at the mass of people standing in front of him. It seemed as though every teenager in the tri-state area had gathered in Amity Park Mall for the Dumpty Humpty CD signing.

"I know, the signing isn't starting for…" Danny paused and looked down at his watch for a moment, "1 ¾ more hours and already the line is stretched around the entire 2nd floor."

"I wouldn't be complaining, look." Sam said as she turned around. Behind the trio, the line was continuing down the stairs and out the front doors.

"Whoa." Danny commented as he turned again to face the front. The trio stayed silent after that, waiting anxiously in line to get there autographs. But around ½ an hour later, a light blue mist came out of Danny's mouth. He looked around and saw the ghost that had triggered his ghost sense. She was wearing a long white dress and her black hair reached down to just below her shoulders and was covering most of her face. From the part of her face that was showing, olive green eyes and pale white skin stood out violently. She looked no older than 5 years old, but the evil smile that was on her face made her seem much older. Then, all of a sudden, the mall became very cold. Then, people began to relive there worst experiences and experience there worst fears in there minds. The room was a blur of screams, cries for help, tears, and other emotional outbreaks. Before the sensation fully attacked Danny, he forced himself to run into the bathroom. There he quickly transformed into Danny Phantom and went back into the mall lobby to confront the ghost. But when he had gotten back out of the bathroom, he instantly fell to the ground. The negative energy was a lot stronger than it was before.

"So there you are, the infamous ghost boy. You've defeated many others who live in the Ghost Zone, yet look at you now, incapable of even getting up off the floor." The young ghost girl said. Her voice was full of satisfaction and evil. At her words, Danny began to lift himself up and when he was finally on his feet, he looked around. When his eyes reached his friends, he paused. Tucker was on his knees, his body shaking and his eyes closed. Beside him, Sam was on the floor, shivering, her eyes wide open, and she seemed to be fighting herself, trying to resist the dreadful thoughts.

"Sam…Tucker…" Danny said as he walked over to them as quickly as he possibly could, which wasn't very quickly at all.

"So these are your friends." The girl said, looking at Sam and Tucker. "Well then, they must share the same fate as you."

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