Ladies and Gentlemen: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Instantly, the friends walked to the back of the room and out of a door. Then, a bright light shone before them, coming from an object that was placed in the center of the room. Then Danny, Sam, and Tucker all spotted the small ghost girl that was holding them captive.

"Congratulations you made it with… 45 seconds remaining. You're probably very glad, but unfortunately for you, there is still one more task. See this sphere beside me; this is the portal that will take you home. You have to activate it before time is up." She explained to them. When nobody moved she added "You should get moving, the clock is running again." Quickly the three friends ran up to the orb.

"What are we supposed to do?" Tucker asked as the friends looked around for an explanation.

"If we knew, don't you think we'd be home right about now?" Sam answered, starting to feel tense as she heard the clock tick down.

"Everyone just calm down, we need to keep our cool if we're going to figure this out." Danny said, but deep inside, he was extremely worries they weren't going to make it. He looked up at the clock that now read 15 seconds. He felt his insides begin to tighten as he turned back to the orb.

"I think I've got it!" Tucker called out and his friends quickly looked to see him pointing at a button on the side of the sphere.

"It's worth a shot." Sam said. Then both she and Danny looked up at the clock to see there was only 5 seconds left. 4…3…2…

"Hurry!" Danny exclaimed and Tucker hit the button quickly and a large portal appeared. When they looked into it, the trio saw that it lead to Amity Park.

"Congratulations, you've succeeded and now you can go home." The young girl said as she approached them. "It was fun playing with you." She added with an evil smirk. Then Danny, Tucker, and Sam walked through the portal and found themselves outside of Fenton Works.

"Come on, let's go inside." Danny said and the trio went into Danny's home.

"Hello sweetie, Hi Sam, Tucker. Did you get your CD's signed?" Danny's mother, Maddie greeted them.

"What… oh, no by then time we reached the front of the line, the signing was over." Danny lied. "We'll be up in my room."

"Wait a second Danny, what happened to your shirt?" His mother asked him.

"Oh, nothing, it just got caught in a fence." Danny lied again. Then the trio ran upstairs and into Danny's bedroom.

"Today has got to be the freakiest day of my entire life, I woke up expecting to get my CD signed and instead I have to search my way out of a haunted house run by some crazy 5 year old ghost girl in only 2 hours." Danny said at once.

"Tell me about it." Sam replied. "I'm just glad it's over."

"Just out of curiosity, what did you guys see in that room, you know, the one that makes your fears seem real?" Tucker asked, excitedly awaiting the answer.

"Uhhh…" Danny and Sam stuttered in unison.

"I saw all of you… dead. And it was my entire fault too." Danny revealed.

"And I saw Danny… also dead." Sam confessed, her cheeks starting to burn crimson.

"What'd you see?" Danny asked Tucker.

"I was in a world with no technology." Tucker shuddered.

"Typical, we see people we care about dying and all your afraid of is no technology." Sam commented. Danny noticed that she was still holding the fabric from his shirt up to her arm and said "Hold on Sam, let me go get a bandage for that cut." He ran into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. When he found the rubbing alcohol and a large bandage, he ran back into his bed room.

"Here Sam, give me your hand." Danny instructed. When he noticed Sam started blushing, he noticed what he'd just said and added "You know, so that I can fix your cut," sort of embarrassed.

"Right." Sam agreed as she held out her arm and picked up the fabric.

"Hold on, this might sing a little." Danny said as he put some alcohol on a tissue and dabbed it along Sam's cut.

"Ahhh." Sam whispered as the alcohol started disinfecting her cut.

"Sorry." Danny said.

"It's not your fault." Sam said as Danny placed the bandage on her arm.

"Whoa, you did a good job, it seems as though you do this a lot." Sam commented.

"Yeah, I usually have to do this after I fight ghosts…" Danny started, but when he realized what he was saying, he paused. "That wasn't supposed to come out." He said quickly.

"You get injuries when you fight ghosts?" Tucker, who was watching silently, asked.

"Sometimes." Danny said, but after seeing the look Sam was giving him, he said "Okay, a little more than just sometimes. But I'm fine now."

"Glad to hear it."

Terrible ending, wasn't it? I liked the middle of the chapter though…

I want to thank Pilo of the WUAC and Antanique013 for reviewing chapter 7. I also want to thank anyone who's read this story, because it means alot!