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Chapter One


My eyes opened and I found myself in complete darkness. It actually took me a second to realize my eyes had opened. I reached up to rub them, had I gone blind? I strained to move my arm which lay limply beside me, but it never budged.

Then I realized how quite it was. Had I gone deaf as well? I spoke out. "Hello!?" yes I could hear myself; I could even hear my voice echo. Was I in some sort of cave? Something moved past me, I felt it brush against my leg. I gasped in surprise and tried to draw my legs in closer, but they were limp as well…

Lights turned on, my eyes seared in pain. But I couldn't move to cover them, the best I had was to squint them shut.

"Open your eyes and see what is here." A voice said. I obeyed and looked around (obviously by not moving my head but my eyes) I was in an all white room which reminded me of a hospital room, except without the bed, there were no windows or doors. I was lying on the cold hard floor. Panicked I looked around again frantic to find a way out. And there, not three feet away from me was Edward, he seemed to be in the same position as me. Frozen, except somehow even more so. I heard a door open I looked around but could not see where it had come from, I looked back at Edward, he hadn't moved, but some one was next to him. The person was crouching over Edward and their back was too me. I tried to speak out, but found I no longer could. All I could do was watch in confusion. The person was wearing all white, a lab coat or something a doctor would wear, they were writing on something, a clipboard perhaps. The person stood up and turned around to leave, they had a mask over their mouth, the kind doctors where in surgery. Looking over some papers they turned to me. I tried to speak out again and succeeded.

"What am I doing here?" I asked in a hoarse voice, the person looked startled to see my eyes open and to be speaking, he began to write quickly on some papers on his clipboard.

"Um… Can you please tell me where I am?"

The person looked frightened now and quickly walked out of my view. I heard the door open again then close. As soon as the door closed I seemed to gain my movement back. Sitting up, I rubbed my arms; they hurt from being so stiff. I stood up now and looked around. I saw the door, but only just barely. It was also white (big surprise) and the only way to tell it was actually there was a small glass window, but I'd worry about that later.

"Edward!" I called as I leaned over next to him. His eyes were closed and his body was completely limp, if I hadn't known better I would've said he was dead.

"Edward!" I shouted again, shaking him this time, he didn't stir.

"Edward, please! Get up!" still nothing. Panic rushed in on me in an instant, millions of questions filled my head. Where was I? Who had that strange doctor been? Why couldn't Edward move? Is Edward dead?

My breathing became rushed, frustrated tears came to my eyes and I fell n top of Edward in despair.

"Oh Edward please get up! Please, Dear God get up!" I wish I could've just died next to him at that moment, but they wouldn't allow it. I was to special. They opened the door slowly quietly, I heard it open anyways, but I didn't care, I wanted to die, if he was dead so was I. They threw something in, it sounded like and empty soda can, I turned around now, to curious for my own good, to see a thick gas spilling out the can. This seemed familiar, I'd seen it in movies, most have. Few have actually had to try and deal with a can of sleeping gas, but I didn't care, I didn't even cover my mouth, I just breathed in deep. Maybe if I got enough of this stuff I would die, just fall asleep and die. How nice, but that's not what happened. It never is…

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