The End

The End

Many of the following years went by in a blur, I am sorry to say the first few were battle filled. Constant attacks from what seemed like everyone came at us and though I'd promised myself to never use my powers to the extent I had on the Volturri I couldn't help but to break it. More than once I'm ashamed to say.

They all tried to convince me it had been for the better, we wouldn't have won the fight if I hadn't, but it hurt none-the-less. Edward had been right though, when he was nearby I began to forget all the things I'd done, for in his eyes I was perfect. He seemed to believe that so deeply that when I was around him I began to believe too.

And the years of fighting did pass, it had taken us a while but finally we'd proven to the vampire community that we were worthy to be ruler. And after that, things were better. We were ten times more forgiving then the Volturri had been and because of it fellow vampires seemed to trust us more. And anyone that came to visit us was immediately impressed with how close we all were, so much so that I believe we may have influenced some of them to change their eating styles. Whether they did it to get into our favor, or because they genuinly hoped that they could change their lives for the better I didn't know, all I cared about was that we perhaps were saving lives.

This simple thought made all the horrible regrets that burned inside of dull to a scorching irritation. Perhaps destroying the Volturri hadn't been such a bad thing to do? Perhaps everything I'd done up till now had all been for the better, and I couldn't help but to believe.

"Bella!" Edward called, bringing me back to the present.


"Look who's on T.V." He whispered and I immediately turned my attention towards it only to see a young woman talking. At first I didn't recognize her, she seemed oddly familiar from somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it. And then the smiling face of a little Ellonora flashed in front of my eyes and I realized that the woman on the television had been the little girl we'd saved!

I beamed at Edward to show him I had figured it out before turning my full attention towards the tube. I listened intently as Ellonora spoke fractured English about her new book where two beautiful angels had rescued her from Hell. I flipped threw the channels and found out that the book (which was titled 'Saved from Hell')had been the number one selling book in the world six weeks running.

"That's us…" I whispered in astonishment.

"She wrote a book about us!"

"It's really quite accurate. Except for the part where she says we were speaking Latin." he said and when I looked towards him I saw that he held the novel in his hands.

I knew my mouth had fallen agape from the bemused look he gave me.

"How did she remember so much? We dropped her off at that police station over twenty years ago!" I questioned, excitement and worry interlaced in my voice.

Edward only shrugged in response.

We turned back towards the television and watched news station after news station rave about how she was their new favorite author. I saw countless interviews where people of all ages told about how her book had saved their lives, how when they'd been feeling so depressed and alone they would go and read her book about the Hell she went threw and how she'd survived in the end, and it gave them hope to keep going.

"She… She's saved so many people." I said in amazement but with an obvious twinge of envy in my voice.

"No Bella, you saved all those people." Edward whispered into my ear and I realized it was true. If I hadn't taken her away from the building none of those people would have known about her story, all the poor disheartened people would have simply given up…

"Here Bella, look." He prodded, a page open to the book. I saw that he had open up to the very beginning where Authors usually thank all the people who'd helped them. It started out normal, she thanked her family and her fans but near the bottom was an entire section that read.

"…And most of all I'd like to thank the two angels that granted me my life. I know I will never be able to show them all of my gratitude. But if they happen to be reading this I just want you two to know that you have not only saved my life but you have saved the lives of countless others and I will be forever grateful to you. Especially to the brunette angel, who had had the bravery to come into Hell alone just to rescue me."

And as I finished reading I felt all my regrets and doubts become so insignificant. Edward had said I would always regret what I had done, but at this moment everything felt less painful. And for a few precious moments I even felt numb to it all. I had a small smile upon my lips and I was content to stay in my mind numbing trance, but Edward wouldn't have it that way.

With a quick movement he set me upon his lap and embraced me in a meaningful kiss. My numbness fled my body and was replaced by hot passion. I put my hands around the nape of his neck and pulled myself closer, physically we could have stayed kissing forever and it was a tempting offer to take.

"I'll love you forever." Edward whispered as we broke apart.

"Forever." I whispered back in agreement. And we stared into each other's golden eyes for a moment both of us instantly knowing that what we had said was true. No one would ever separate us again, and no matter how bad things got. No matter what happened to the two of us in this cruel and unforgiving world we would always have each other.

For better, or for worse…

AUTHORS NOTE: That's the end! I had a lot of fun writing this for you guys. :) And I hope you liked it. I know I made many mistakes on this crazy journey I dragged Edward and Bella threw but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Really I'm writing this here though to say thank you! You guys are amazing leaving all those nice comments and being really nice when I made one of my countless mistakes. And I have so many of that not only just put my story on favorite but put me on your Author watch! I take this as like the highest award someone can get on here XD

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