The wind skirled through the penurious trees in the rolling hills of West Virginia. Winter had not quite yielded to Spring and the trees refused to present an outstretch of greenery to provide lushness to the landscape. The ground, still clinging to its frozen form, waited to awaken with the warm rays of the coming season. The winter-kissed brown grass slept, hoping for the same. The otherwise desolate terra firma would have seemed dead, had it not been for the uproarious laughter echoing from the field below. The capricious cackles spilled from a slovenly barn, marked by years of water stained and weather worn wood. The structure creaked in a fashion opposite to the acts if bore witness to this night- wintness to the events would make a sailor blush with shame.

A tall lanky man stretched happily, shifting sleepily in the remnants of the dirty hale bales. A pleased broad smile spread over the young man's face from indulgence. To him this secluded area was not a place of Spring's rebirth or a momentum to the ravages of time, but it was a testimonial to the phrase anything goes. Laughing, he pushed himself up and began searching the hay bales for his missing T-shirt, which was a difficult task to begin with, but the euphoria of punch drunk love caused him to stagger wildly. This feeling was only enhanced by the sounds of otherworldly women laughing and dancing a few feet from him. He was sure the abundance of noise created an hour ago was worthy of at least three cops being called out to break up this party. Finally locating his T-shirt, he jerked it on with despondency that the best night of his life had come to an end. He pushed his large hands in his tussled brown mop top before he happily joined the source of his amusement still in full-on party mode.

Watching intently, the man reached out to the three beautiful ladies giggling in the abandoned structure. Gloating in overweening satisfaction believing his skills as a lover had caused this jubilation, he comfortably strode over to the trio in over ego-inflated confidence.

"Was it everything we promised you?" The youngest lady whispered seductively in his ear. Her lips grazed his cheek and a shiver of desire rose in his spine.

"More than you promised, Lily- MUCH more!"

Her long curly chocolate hair strands shown with golden amber highlights in the firelight and beckoned him to enwrap his finger's in the spiral of softness again. He found himself entranced by the sparkle of her hazel eyes. He rustled at the emerald green dress that clung to her curvaceous body as she suddenly played shy with him. Only her eyes gave away her flirtatiousness. The man found it irresistible and had to kiss her one more time before this night ended. His lips met hers and the passion increased his drunkenness.

The moment he shared with Lily was short lived as another stunning woman pulled on him hungrily. Jealously pulling on the man's arm, a slender girl with taunt muscles yanked him away from Lily's beckoning kisses. The man's hazel eyes followed the fabric that clung to this woman's muscular frame, watching the way it molded to her body to enhance the curves she had just the right places. "What about me?"

"I could never forget you, Taylor. Her sandy blond hair layers cropped in to showcase her cerulean eyes. With one look, the man swore she held magic over his heart. Her blue top had fallen off one of her shoulders and he allowed his finger to trace her collar bone. Guiding his fingers to her lips, he leaned forward to taste them once more. She didn't wait, but pulled him into her own kiss. His head wobbled with giddiness.

"Hey don't forget about me!" a svelte and busty girl called out as she whirled him around to face her.

"Oh, Em," The man growled as his head filled with more amatory love sickness. His staggering worsened, not that he minded. His brain racked and raced with images of guttery thoughts. These thoughts were often only read about in a men's magazine-the kind that aren't read for the articles. Tonight he was living the ultimate dream- living out every man's fantasy.

He pulled at the jeweled amethyst and emerald dragonfly hairpin holding her cascading tendrils from her face. Her curls fell gently in his awaiting hands. Twirling his fingers, he caressed her hair before he pulled her into her own wanting kiss. He locked himself to the light shining in her teal azure eyes. A euphoria overdose reeled in his body.

As his head swam increasingly more, the three surrounded him once again. His mind raced with images of all kinds of slap and tickle. He kept asking himself how in the hell did I get so lucky. As they knocked the man to the ground once again, his mind descended further into eager expectation. He wasn't sure how he lasted this long, but he wasn't complaining. "Oh, yeah!" the man screamed excitedly. "Don't tell me you're ready for round two!"

"Would you help us?"

"Oh...anything!" He said in a sly suggestive tone.

Glancing at each other in furtive non-verbal communication, the woman giggled in happy intent.

He took a deep breath in remembrance of round one and laughed in thrilled anticipation. The girls kneeled around him and exchanged a second surreptitious smile. Seconds later, the field that once was filed by jubilant laughter filled with a deafening scream.

"AHHHHHHH!!," Sam's scream echoed in the dark void.