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Chapter 1: Strange Goodbye

"Okay, Nick, I'm gonna head home, I'll see you in the morning." A very pregnant Cassie said as leaned in to kiss Nick goodbye. She was wearing a pair of maternity jeans and her black CSI shirt that she had borrowed from Nick, seeing as how her's didn't fit due to her belly.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Nick asked as he pulled away from the kiss.

"Nickie, baby, I'm not due for another month, I'll be fine; I may have to fend for myself to deal with the cravings, but I'll be fine." She replied smiling sweetly, "Just help me up here." She had been over to her fiancé, Nick's, apartment to watch a movie, and try to think of some names. She liked Holly Nicole if it was a girl, and he liked Elizabeth Grace. If it was a boy, he liked Jacob Lee and she liked James Nicholas. Who knows what'll happen; they at least had it narrowed down to four. Nick got up from the couch and extended his hand for her to take, which she did, and he pulled her up from the couch. They kissed once more, and Nick looked at his bride-to-be. Nowadays, she seemed to always smile and she constantly had that 'mother's glow' about her, which made her even more beautiful than ever.

"I love you, baby. See ya tomorrow," she said as she walked out of Nick's front door.

"Love you too, honey. See ya later." He said as he kissed her once more, and then watched her, with her large stomach make her way into her truck and wave goodbye to him.

"Wait," Nick called to her, running over to her as she started the truck. He had this weird feeling, like she was leaving him forever, even though he'd see her tomorrow at work. He stopped at her window and brushed a piece of stray hair out of her face.

"You know I love you, right baby, and I always will."

"Yeah, Nick, I know," she replied, "I love you too," She said, a little worried.

"I can't wait till the baby's born." He said, and Cassie smiled; she was amazed he had been so accepting of the baby, since it was a product of rape and all.

"Me neither. And then we can get hitched!" She said flaunting a smile and the diamond ring on her right-hand ring finger he had proposed to her with.

Nick let out a small laugh, "Can't wait till that either."

"You'd better let me get home to sleep, or you won't see me outta bed tomorrow." Cassie said glancing at the clock on the radio; it was already almost ten and she liked to be asleep by ten-thirty.

"Okay, baby, I'll see you tomorrow." He said, still not moving away from the car.

"One more kiss goodbye." She replied as they kissed once more. "Bye, Nickie." She said as she shifted gears to pull out.

"Bye Cass." He replied as he backed away from the car, and stood in the driveway until she was out of sight. Walking through the house and tidying up some things, Nick made his way to his bedroom, where he changed out of his t-shirt and jeans into a pair of boxers and slid into bed. Finally, after channel surfing, and finding nothing on TV, he reluctantly decided he needed the extra hour or so of sleep, and went to turn out the lamp. Before the light cut off, he looked at his favorite picture in a picture frame on the nightstand beside his bed. The picture was of him and Cassie when he had gone to speak at a seminar, and after some begging, Grissom had allowed her to come along. Lucky for them, the seminar was at the University of Hawaii; so they had about a weeks' paid vacation in Hawaii. In the picture, he and Cassie were sitting on a beach, she was in a dark pink halter top and a pair of shorts, and he was in his trunks and a "CSI" shirt. He had no idea why he liked it so much, it was just one of the many pictures he'd brought back, but Cassie looked so beautiful in it. The warm sunlight was hitting her waist-length, straight hair just right, letting the honey highlights shine along with the light, gold eye shadow she was wearing, and her smile…she was smiling that smile that she only smiled when she was on top of cloud nine, that smile, that when it was on her lips, would melt Nick's heart. That smile was the same smile that had been across her lips, practically for the entire seven months she had known she was pregnant. That must be why he loved that picture so much; it showed how much she loved him. He flipped off the lamp beside his bed, rolled over and went to sleep.

Cassie pulled through the apartment parking lot to a parking spot in the locked parking garage. Pulling the keys out of the ignition, she looped her purse strap over her shoulder and pushed herself out of the car. With the size of her eight-month, a day short of an eight-month and a half stomach, getting in and out of her truck was getting harder and harder, and she found as her stomach got bigger, the smaller the space between it and the steering wheel got. After crawling out of the truck and shutting the door, she locked the truck and headed for the staircase and to her warm bed in her apartment. Her doctor said she could walk the stairs if she felt like it, until her ninth month, then she'd have to take the elevator. She finally reached the top of the stained concrete stairs and was unlocking her apartment door. Throwing the door open, Cassie walked in and put her coat on the hook, right inside the door after she'd shut it and dumped her purse on the kitchen counter. She was almost to her bedroom and the warmth of a much needed bath when the doorbell rang. 'Who would come at this hour without calling?' She thought as she made her way back to the door.

"May I help you?" Cassie asked as she opened the door to a man dressed in all black with sandy colored hair and vibrant blue eyes she had seen before. Looking around the hallway past him, she saw a woman walking out of her apartment who was watching them.

"Just as beautiful as I left you." The man said, looking her over from head to toe.

"Excuse me?" She asked him; this was getting way too weird, too bad her gun was in her bedroom.

"I've just come to finish my job, Cassandra." As the man said this, he grabbed her wrists with one hand and cupped his other hand over her mouth with a greater force than was needed. Cassie struggled and tried to pry free. She tried everything as he dragged her to her living room – stomping, kicking, even biting – but he was still able to hold her strong.

"Sit or I shoot." He said, releasing her, or more like throwing her, and pulling a black gun from his black trench coat's pocket. Not wanting to put her life or her baby's at jeopardy, she obeyed, and turned to sit on the couch. "No." He said harshly, "Sit on the floor." Again, unwillingly, she obeyed and sat on the floor. The man walked over to her, gun in one latex-gloved hand, a roll of duct tape in the other.

"Please," Cassie begged, tears pouring down her face in fear, "Please, don't hurt my baby."

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