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Chapter 3: A Miracle

Sara walked over to him and wrapped him in a hug and started crying harder, "I'm so sorry Nick." She said through the sobs, while Nick could only nod in reply, still at a loss for words. When Sara finally let go, Warrick was next in line. His hug was more a comforting than Sara's, but just by a little. Greg and Grissom just gave him looks that let him know they, along with everyone else, were worried about him.

"Greg, snapshots. Warrick, Sara, collect evidence. Nick," Grissom paused, looking him in the eye and laying a hand on his shoulder, "Go to the hospital."

"I'll take him." Brass volunteered as Nick gave them both a confused look.

"Why do I need to go to the hospital?" He asked.

"To see your baby girl." Grissom replied slightly smiling, which was hard at a time like this. Nick broke out into a huge smile, he didn't have anything to do with the baby coming to be, but he might have well. He was there to comfort Cassie and he would be there and was looking forward to being a caring, loving father. He and Brass walked out of the apartment and into the elevator and to the parking lot to Brass's Taurus. Brass climbed into the driver's seat, keys in hand, while Nick climbed into the passenger side next to him, now his excitement getting the best of him.

Nick sat in the hospital nursery, holding his beautiful, baby girl, who was barely bigger than his hand, just a mere 5 pounds, nine ounces, who looked just like her mom. Brass was standing next to him, remembering the day his own daughter was born.

"Excuse me," the nurse said to Nick, "Are you the father?" Nick nodded his head. "You will need to fill out the birth certificate." She said placing a piece of paper and a pen next to him, and then leaving the preemie nursery.

"Jim," Nick said to Brass, who was slightly taken aback; Nick never called him Jim, that was Cassie's outside of work name she called him. "A couple weeks ago, Cassie and I were talking about the baby, and who we wanted his or her, now her, godparents to be." Nick paused and looked at the little girl in his arms, "She told me she thought of you like her 'Vegas Dad' and we agreed," Nick paused again, "We want you to be her godfather."

Jim started to cry again, but this time out of happiness; he was so honored. "Thank you, Nick, so much. You have no idea how much of an honor this is to me. Are you sure?" Brass asked.

"It's one last wish I can carry out for her. We went over the 'godparent thing' time and time again and she was determined to make you the godfather." Nick replied as he glanced at the sheet lying on the floor. "Could you hold her while I fill this out?" He asked gesturing to the sheet. Brass, tears steadily flowing, nodded and took the baby and the chair from Nick as he stood.

"What's her name?" He asked, realizing Nick hadn't given her a name yet. Tears started to flow from Nick's eyes again as he thought about just hours ago on the couch in his house.

"You know," He told Brass, "She was over at my place tonight, only two or three and a half hours ago."

Brass thought about what the woman said the time was when she called the police. Cassie must have been killed as soon as she had gotten back from Nick's.

"We were talking about names and we still couldn't decide on one name for each gender. She liked Holly Nicole, but I'm going to name her Holly Cassandra, after a wonderful woman." Nick said, tears pouring down his face, but he was smiling, it was definitely a bitter-sweet moment. Nick had to ask the nurse what to do about the mother's name, but in about ten minuets, the sheet was completed. Nick had found a chair and was sitting next to Brass while he was holding the baby when Nick got a sudden, strange look on his face, like he was just realizing something when he spoke.

"Jim, do you believe in angels in dreams?" He asked, while Brass looked at him confused, while rocking back and forth in the rocking chair.

"I don't know what you mean." Brass answered.

"I can tell you the time Cassie died right now. She died a few minuets before 11:00 pm." Brass looked at him in disbelief. The woman had said she was holding Cassie when she died a couple minuets before eleven.

"How did you know?" Brass asked startled.

"I thought I was asleep, but it must have been real. Cassie was an angel when she was sitting next to my bed. She was wearing a white dress with a halo and wings and everything, but she wasn't pregnant. She asked me if I'd take care of her baby. She said the baby was gonna make it, then when I told her she was being silly, that we were going to raise the baby, she stopped me and made me promise I'd raise the baby right. Then she told me she loved me more than I'll ever know. A drop of blood was on her neck and then a faint red line appeared about five inches long. She covered the spot with her hand and said she had to go. When I asked her where she was going, she just said, 'home, Nickie, home,' and she rose up into the air and disappeared. It wasn't a dream. I was awake; she came to me, after she was dead, before she went to heaven. She wanted to tell me goodbye, forever." Nick erupted into all new tears, and Brass stared at him in disbelief. He had heard of this before, family or loved ones claiming they saw the dead's angel, a few minuets after they'd died, but he never believed it, until now.

"I'm very sorry gentlemen, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." A nurse said as she popped her head into the nursery room. "You can come see her first thing in the morning though." The nurse replied, with a warm smile on her face. "Go home, Nickie." Brass said as he handed Holly back to him. "No, Jim, I've got to go to the lab and help out. I'm supposed to be at work." Nick replied, then looked at the tiny baby girl he was holding, "Bye, Holly. Daddy'll be back in the morning to see you, sleep tight." Handing her back to the nurse, Nick stood up, and he and Brass made their way to the Taurus. In the parking lot, Nick suddenly stopped walking, and froze. In all the chaos, he'd forgotten that Cassie had everything for the baby set up at her house, and he didn't even have a baby room together yet. "Nick?" Brass asked, also stopping. "I'm not ready to take Holly home. I don't have a room set up; Cassie had all the things at her house, but we had only bought the bare minimal because we didn't know the gender. Holly doesn't have any clothes, or a car seat. I've gotta go shopping." Nick replied, now freaking out because Holly had come so early; nothing was ready. "I know exactly what to do." Brass said as they began walking again.

After about ten minuets they reached the lab, where everyone was hard at work, and the mood was solemn. While Nick went to go see what everyone was up to and how he could help, Brass turned into Grissom's office. "Hey, Gil." "Yes, Jim." Gil replied, hard at work on something. "Nick said that he and Cassie had barely done any shopping for the baby." Brass said, watching from over Grissom's shoulder, "I was thinking, since Sara really shouldn't be working, could she take off with Nick and get some shopping done so Holly can come home?" "I don't see why not," Grissom answered, not looking up from what he was doing, "What did you say Nick named the baby?" "Holly Cassandra Stokes." Brass said. "Good name. As pretty as her mother's." Grissom replied as Brass walked out of the office.