A/N: This takes place during the Dark Nest, as an AU after The Joiner King. Putting this in the NJO section since it involves the New Order.

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Chapter One: Jaina

She knew him long enough to know when he was in pain.

This was one of those times.

His face betrayed nothing, a blank mask. But she knew. Even from over the holocomm, she knew.

He had truly lost her now. Even after five years, he dared to hope. Not only had he lost her love, but he lost her to the Killiks as a Joiner. And…Zekk.

Jaina felt his angst. A part of her wanted to push Zekk away. To tell Jag that she still cared for him. It just wasn't right for them anymore.

But Jaina Solo was a different person.

She had a new life now. One that didn't involve Jag. And one that Zekk was a major part of.

At least, that's what she tried to convince herself as she turned her back on Jag. Zekk rubbed her arm and she clicked her appreciation. She felt torn for those few moments when he went ahead with Lowie to say goodbye to the Killiks. After talking to Han, she ran to meet up with her friends. Before their final goodbyes, Zekk rubbed Jaina's arm in the way that had become more secure than flying her X-Wing, and she could hear him silently tell her that everything would be alright.

Thank you, Zekk.

They walked up to Lowie and went to say goodbye to their new friends, and hello to their new life.