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Kikyo and Sesshomaru with a Lemon

"Hey Sesshomaru, why is it that we're here in Kagome's room?" Kikyo asked as she followed the taiyoukai.

"Because we can and since she's an annoying bitch we have a reason for doing so," he replied stoically.

It's been a few months since the two realized that they had the ability to pass through the well and they took the liberty of exploring her world from a distance. Sesshomaru told Kikyo that if they wanted to be here they had to be discreet so no one would know about it.

"You know, I never really knew what this was." Sesshomaru said as he pointed to this peculiar object that was on a wooden dresser.

Kikyo eyed it for a moment and remembered a conversation that her reincarnation and former love had a month ago.

"Oh this is a computer," she informed him. "I heard Inuyasha and the girl talking about it while she bragged about how great it was. I think this is how you turn it on,"

Kikyo pushed a button and the screen turned on. On the screen was a story of some sort that popped on.

"Strange device," Kikyo said while Sesshomaru nodded in agreement.

"Do you think this is a story?" Sesshomaru questioned as he examined it curiously.

"It seems so. Maybe we should read it,"

The two read the top lines:

This is a story that popped into my head while traveling with my friends.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha (but I could if I wanted to)

Caution: Lemon

Impudent woman, the two thought. What's a lemon?

The two picture a yellow lemon.

They read:

Kikyo was bathing in a hot spring and hearing a sound turned around to see Sesshomaru standing tall above her and he slowly undresses and enters the hot spring.

Sesshomaru slowly pulls Kikyo into his embrace and begins to kiss her neck, slowly coming upwards to her mouth and pleas for access with his tongue. He lets his claws travel slowly down the small of her back and Kikyo responds eagerly by tracing her fingers down his chest to his manhood.

Kikyo and Sesshomaru jump from the computer and with heated faces glance at each other for a brief moment before averting each other's gaze. The two glanced back at the computer and with strong determination went back to the computer and continued reading the story that no matter how much they wanted to get away from it, they were drawn to it.

After they finished reading, the two were such a dark shade of red that it looked like all the blood in their systems rushed to their faces.

"Descriptive…" Kikyo said after a long moment of silence that seemed to stretch an eternity.

"Mm…" Sesshomaru responded as he peered out the window.

Kikyo stood from the chair and began to walk away when she heard a dissolving noise from behind.

"Sesshomaru what are you doing?!" she shrieked in alarm as she watched the computer disintegrate.

"We had to get rid of it." Sesshomaru told her.

"Why though?"

Sesshomaru whirled to face her with slightly wide eyes. "Don't tell me you enjoyed that thing that said we got intimate!"

Kikyo blushed furiously from embarrassment and anger. "You know that's not what I meant! What if she comes back and sees that her computer is nothing but a melted pile of sticky liquid?!"

Sesshomaru was about to respond when he heard a noise from below and recognized the voices. "Aw shit! They're here!"

Kikyo gasped and opened the window while dragging Sesshomaru. "We have to get out of here," she whispered hurriedly and wasting no time, Sesshomaru picked her up and with ease landed on the other side of the house where the well was. Immediately jumping into it, the two arrived on the other side and Sesshomaru leapt out from it.

Kikyo sighed in relief, suddenly being struck with reality that Sesshomaru was holding her, a sudden blush touching her cheeks and he must've realized it too since he turned a bright shade of red and quickly set her down.

"I swear though," Kikyo said after a moment. "I'll never look at lemons the same way again,"

Sesshomaru only nodded and sat down beside her. "Uh, so…"

Kikyo glanced at him. "What?"

"Can we try that?"

Kikyo sweat dropped.

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