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Chapter 5:

"Are you sure she should be here?" asked the elderly man to the shadowy figure that loomed next to him.

"Yes I'm sure Gordon. She's too powerful to keep with the normal criminals." answered the shadowy figure, his expression shifting underneath his cowl. "Plus from what I was told she isn't mentally sound." added the figure in a stern tone.

"But wasn't she part of Robin's team?" asked Commissioner Gordon inspecting the occupant of Arkham's most secure holding cell as she rocked back and forth in one of the cell's corners.

"Yes she was…until she killed one of her teammates." replied the Dark Knight as he inspected the holding cell's security system once more. He had been surprised to hear Robin's request to have one of his teammates brought to Arkham, but after hearing the seriousness in his voice and seeing the pain in his expression it was all too clear that it wasn't an easy decision. The system he installed on the prison cell was created by Doctor Fate using ancient spells that cost a small fortune to acquire and cost even more to implement with modern technology. A change in the force field surrounding the cell indicated a shift in energies from within. The occupant seemed to snap back to reality as she realized her confined state.

"What's going on?!?" asked Raven as her surroundings finally became clear. "Why am I in here?!?" she screamed as she realized who her captors were.

"You killed Garfield Mark Logan while in a sparring exercise several days ago, you have been in a psychotic state ever since." replied Batman coldly as he recalibrated the cell's security system. His cold expression inspired fear in the most terrifying villains in Gotham, Raven stood little chance against the Dark Knight's tactics, the goth teen's legs lost all their strength upon hearing the news of her actions causing the teen to fall to her knees. "His body was badly mutilated, from the autopsy he bled to death before any treatment could be administered. Robin called in several favors to have you sent to Arkham Asylum in hopes of helping you recover your sanity." added the Dark Knight, his eyes catching the sudden change in the teen's expression. "You should thank him."

"Why?" asked Raven still in shock. She tried to remember the events that had transpired but every attempt to recall those events ended up in a blank. Her head throbbed in pain as alarms within her cell started going off. Flashes of Beast Boy's beaten and bloodied body suddenly filled her mind. 'It has to be a lie.' she thought as she tried to block the horrible images from her inner most thoughts.

"The Doom Patrol asked for your head. They threatened to break into Arkham and drag you out just so they could execute you themselves." replied Batman. His body seemingly fading into the darkness outside Raven's cell. "You killed Beast Boy!" he screamed as the world around Raven slowly fell into darkness. The goth teen's head throbbed with every minute that passed.

"I didn't kill him…" she whispered as alarms blasted louder and louder around her. "I didn't kill him!" she screamed but her voice was lost in the storm of sirens and alarms that echoed all around her. "I didn't kill him!!!" she screamed even louder as the world around her went silent.

"Yes you did Rae." replied a familiar voice from behind her. Raven turned quickly to face the voice but to her horror she found herself face to face with a mutilated Beast Boy. His face was horribly scarred and covered with wounds, his uniform was torn and bloodied and his body showed signs of being pierced and sliced horribly. "You did this to me. You really are just a soulless demon." he added with a pained look in his face. As tears ran down the goth teen's cheeks the changeling's body slowly started rotting away before her eyes.

"Beast Boy!!!" she screamed as the world around her went completely black.


"Beast Boy!!!" screamed Raven, tears running down her pale cheeks as she bolted up from the sick bay bed. It took her a minute to recognize her surroundings, she was in one of the few private rooms in sick bay and the machines monitoring her vital signs were going crazy in response to the rather worrisome nightmare she had just experienced. As she pulled off all the sensors attached to her slim figure the tower's resident metal man entered the room with a blank expression on his face.

"I see you are finally awake." commented Cyborg while turning off the diagnosis machines. He stared at the print out from the machine, seemingly ignoring the baffled expression on his friend's face.

"What…what happened?" was all the goth teen could ask as she sensed the indifference directed towards her by her long time friend.

"What happened? Oh nothing much Rae." replied Cyborg with sarcasm oozing from his every word. "You got way too serious when fighting BB, the little grass stain actually got the better of you while still not attacking you full force and then you used an attack that even Slade would have deemed excessive." added the metal man sternly. He chose his words carefully and his tone was that of a brother disciplining his younger sister. His eyes caught the brief changes in Raven's expressions as she tried to set up some sort of defense.

"He took the fight seriously as well." was all Raven could reply with while she replayed in her mind the moments of the fight she still remembered.

"Are you kidding Rae?" asked Cyborg somewhat baffled by the comment. "Beast Boy can change into creatures that can kill a normal person in minutes. He could have used poisonous animals to paralyze you or to even end the fight quickly. Hell Raven he could have gone Beast on you and beaten you within an inch of your life." added the metal man as he displayed on his wrist screen several examples of Beast Boy's more lethal transformations to prove his point to his goth friend. "Oh and lets not forget that you unleashed an attack that has our dear leader so baffled that he was seriously considering calling the Justice League to see what they thought of the beach ornament you left behind after the fight." Raven's eyes widened in disbelief as Cyborg showed her an image of the energy cage that still lingered on the beach, her disbelief turned to fear as images of the bloodied spikes of the cage flashed by on the metal man's wrist screen.

"Beast Boy…where is he?" she asked with a small sensation of dread washing over her body. Cyborg's human eye stared directly into hers making the sense of dread within her grow stronger. His silent stare filled the young teen with a mixture of fear and guilt. "Where is he Cyborg?" she asked again but once more she got no response. As tears slowly appeared at the edges of her eyes she felt a large but comforting hand pat her on the top of her head. As she looked up she could see her metallic friend smiling softly.

"See? That fear, that sadness and that feeling of despair you are feeling right now is the exact same way we have been feeling for the past couple of days. We are a family Rae, and when we saw what happened we weren't sure if we had lost two very important members of our weird little family." added Cyborg with a smile before hugging the tearful goth teen gently. Her tears continued to flow as she imagined how she would feel if any of her friends died and she couldn't protect them. "Listen Rae I know you had a tough time with Malchior. And I know you like to keep things bottled up inside but you have to trust us; you have to trust that we will listen to you and that we will do everything in our power to help you out. You can come talk to me about anything and I will be there for you just like you were there for me during the Jinx dilemma." he added before releasing his brotherly embrace.

"You mean when you cried for about three days cause Jinx dumped you and you ended up snuggling with a blanket next to my bed while you whimpered about how much you loved her?" asked the goth teen with a small grin as she wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. Her grin widened a bit more as Cyborg's human side flushed a bit.

"I wasn't crying for three days." corrected the metal man before clearing his throat. "I was crying for two days and snuggling with Blankie for two more days." he added before handing Raven a clean leotard and pointing to the changing screen so she could get out of hospital gown she was dressed in. A concerned look from his goth friend forced him to clarify the origin of her robe. "Don't look at me like that; Starfire was the one that changed you out of the leotard and into the gown." he added before turning his back to give his friend extra privacy.

"So…umm…you never told where Beast Boy was." she asked again to change the awkward atmosphere of the room as she slid off the hospital gown and quickly put her leotard back on.

"He's in his room sleeping." replied the metal man with a small smile. "Apparently you and him share a common healing technique. You fall into a meditative state and BB falls into a coma and snores for about four days straight." he jokingly added as the goth teen tapped his shoulder to signify that she was once again back into her normal attire. He grinned a bit upon seeing the relieved look on his friend's face.

"Wait…we've been out of commission for four days?" asked the goth teen with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Yeah that's about right. You slipped into you meditative state to heal yourself and Beast Boy spent one night in the regeneration tank that the Doom Patrol set up for him and then spent the next three days sleeping." replied the metal man. "He woke up a little while ago, grumbled something about tofu as he raided the fridge then headed back to his room. From the snoring I'm guessing he is still dead to the world" added the metal man wincing a bit as he realized that he should have chosen his words better.

"Oh…well I guess I should go see how he is doing…" said the goth teen softly making her way to the exit. She had almost made it to the door when an orange blur sped through the opening and crushed the air out of her lungs in an embrace.

"Friend Raven!!! You are all right! I was so worried." cheerfully screamed the alien princess as she gave Raven one of her famous spine breaking hugs. "I was so worried. I was about to start a making a traditional healing ritual from my planet but the fungus has not turned purple yet and I was worried the meat would go bad before the fungus was ripe." added Starfire before releasing her embrace. Before Raven could muster up a response to her friend's joyful yet strange comment the Tower's speaker system blared on.

"Raven since you are awake again head over to the beach where the fight took place. We need to discuss something." blared out Robin's voice through the Tower's speakers. The announcement made the alien princess' happy expression vanish as she looked at her friend with worry in her eyes.

"You should hurry. Robin has been very worried about the device of foul energy that lingers outside." added Starfire.

"Don't worry Star. Now that Raven is back to normal I'm sure everything will be ok." replied the Metal Man as Raven left the sick bay room and made her way to the elevator. "I hope." silently added Cyclops as he organized Raven's medical print outs and took them to storage.

'How can that…thing still be at the beach.' thought Raven as the elevator slowly made its way to the ground floor of the tower. The goth teen could sense the energy of the cage as the distance between her and the object grew shorter. As she exited the elevator and made her way to the Tower exit the goth teen could feel the energy call out to her, it felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, the sudden brightness of the sun caught her off guard as she exited the Tower and made her way to the beach. Her eyes adjusted slowly at the sudden change in brightness.

"There you are. I'm glad you are finally awake." commented Robin as the goth teen slowly approached him. Her eyes were fixated on the huge energy cage that had been lying on the beach since her fight with Beast Boy had taken place. "Can you explain why this is still here?" asked the masked teen calmly as his friend stared at the cage in disbelief.

"I don't know why its still here. But it feels…familiar." replied the goth teen as she approached the cage with caution. The energy emanating from the cage was definitely the mystic energy she normally used during her attacks but something about it felt off. A feeling of dread spread through her as her hand slowly felt the ice cold surface of the cage, the feeling of dread shifted to rage and then suddenly to something else, something she had felt over the past few days but couldn't recognize. Before she could identify the second emotion a shock spread through her body as the cage dissolved around her hand and returned to her body. The sudden shock knocked the goth teen off her feet as a horrible sense of guilt passed through her.

"What's wrong Raven?" asked Robin as he helped his friend to her feet. Her baffled and worried expression served only to further concern the masked teen. "Raven what just happened?"

"I know why the cage was still here…I know why it didn't disappear when I lost consciousness…" replied the goth teen shaking slightly at the realization that had just dawned on her.

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