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Rod was finishing a lunch meeting, a very long lunch meeting some might say, when the head of SS and Anthony Prado came walking hurriedly.

"Rod!! It's good that I found you" he said.

"What's wrong?" Rod responded

"There was an assassination attempt against the president a few minutes ago in San Diego".

"What?!?!? Is she…is she…?" Rod couldn't articulate.

"We still have no official word on that. However, she was alive when she got in the car. As we speak she is being transported to the hospital, she appeared to have been shot, but we still don't know the magnitude of the injury. We'll let you know as soon she is seen at the hospital. The secret service is already bringing Amy from school and the twins from Georgetown. They'll be here in a little while."

"O.K. I need to see her, I need to fly there."

"I'm sorry Rod. It is an unsafe area. It's better for you to stay here. It is not safe to travel, at this time. Stay here with your family, and we'll let you know as things develop."

"But I need to see her!! I nee to fly down there, and see her and make sure she is all right!! Make it happen Anthony!!"

"I'm very sorry Mr. Calloway" The head of SS started to say "I can't imagine how you're feeling. But it is protocol. It's for yours and you're family's safety. You'll be the first to know anything" He promised Rod

Anthony patted Rod on the shoulder, reassuringly.

"I want to go with you to the West Wing, be in direct contact with the SS" Rod said not really thinking.

"I don't know Rod. Your family is getting here in a few minutes, and you need to be here with them. You'll be the first to know anything, I promise. A SS agent will be right outside to keep you updated. Don't worry about that." Anthony responded

"Fine. I need to talk to her too."

"As soon as possible, we know" was Tony's response.

Amy ran to the residence. The secret service did not tell her what had happened.

As soon as both, Tony and the head of SS left, Rod sat Amy down. He couldn't think of the best way to tell his youngest daughter that her mom had just been shot.

"Amy, the Secret Service brought you home early because something happened. Someone tried to shot your mom while she was in San Diego, today."

"Is she dead?" Amy started to ask, tears falling from her eyes.

"No baby, she was taken to a hospital to check her though"

Amy started bawling, she was inconsolable. Rod didn't know what to do to make her feel better. 10 minutes later, Anthony called.

"The president is fine. A bullet touched her arm, without causing damage to her bone or any major artery. She will be on pain medication and her arm will be immobilized. Otherwise, she is fine."

"When can I talk to her?" Rod asked, relieved to hear that his wife was going to be fine.

"She still needs to be cleared by the hospital staff and a secure line needs to be put in place. I haven't been able to talk to her either, but we'll let you know as soon as the SS clears it. I'm sure she will call you as soon as the SS allows it."

"Ok, thank you"

"Mommy's fine, Amy. Her arm is going to be a little sore for a few days, but she is fine. She still needs to stay in the hospital for a little longer though."

"Really?!?!?" Amy exclaimed as she hugged her father. "Is she coming back today?"

"I don't know that hon. we'll know that later"

"Daddy, do you know who did it? Did they catch him?"

"I don't know. But I'm sure they will"

"Why did they want to kill mommy?" Amy asked sadly

"I don't know honey" as he stroked her hair "I don't know"

Just then Becca and Horace walked in. They both ran to their father and they all hugged, not really wanting to let go. They had heard what happened, and were really scared.

"Your mom is fine. She got hit on her left arm, but the bullet didn't hit the bone or any vessel. She will be fine. She is safe at the hospital now. We still don't know when she will be back or how long will she stay in the hospital."

"Did you talk to her?"

"No, not yet"

"Are you sure she's fine dad?" Horace asked

"Yes Horace. Anthony Prado and SS both assured me she was fine. Hopefully we'll be able to talk to her later."

"Do they know who did it?"

"I don't think so"

They all sat there, trying to ignore the fact that they were all still anxious. Trying to relieve some of this anxiousness, Horace put some DVD's on. None of them felt like watching the news, but standing there in absolute silence was getting very uncomfortable. Nobody was really watching the show, but somehow, the silence became more bearable.

Not really aware of how much time has passed, the phone rang. It was Anthony Prado "The president will stay for the night in San Diego. Doctor's didn't want her flying tonight. A hotel is being vetted by the service, and she will be transferred shortly. Once she gets there, you will be able to talk to her"

"How long?" Rod asked, not really the hearing the answer he had hoped.

"It depends. They are still securing the hotel and the area"

"Tony, do you know who did it?"

Anthony closed his eyes, sighed and answered "Unfortunately, the person who did it shot himself. We are still trying to identify him. And we will Rod."

"Ok. Thank you". He swallowed hard. He felt a lump in his throat. "Will you let me know when I can talk to her?"


Partially relieved to hear she was ok, and partially annoyed he couldn't see Mac, he tried to maintain his composure, enough to give strength to his family. He told the kids what was going on, who were happy to hear that their mom was going to be ok. They ate something and eventually all dozed off in the room. Rod was still anxious, and kept switching the channels. Just then, the phone rang.

"Mac!!!" Thank God! How are you? Are you hurt? Are you at a hospital? I want to see you!" was Rod's agitated response.

"Hi Rod! It is great to hear your voice. I am fine; a bullet harmed my left arm, but didn't touch the bone or any major artery. I am not to move it for a few days, I have it immobilized. Besides the fact that it hurts like hell, I am fine. How are the kids?"

"Well, you know. Amy is distraught; I calmed her down a bit. Rebecca and Horace came back from school, and they are here right now. They got so scared Mac, we all did. I've talked to them and they are better. They are all asleep in the living room now. Do you know when will you be back?"

"I don't know Rod. I wish I was there right now, you have no idea how much I miss all of you. I cannot fly tonight, and the service doesn't think it is prudent to fly you guys over here. The area isn't safe they say. And I really don't want to fight it. I don't think I could handle another scare like this, and I could never live with myself if something happened to you. I'll be there tomorrow." Mac said, holding her tears back, with every ounce of energy.

Rod sighed. He knew this wasn't easy for her, but it wasn't easy for him either. He was stuck with three scared kids. He was scared himself. "Ok. I love you honey. I really really love you."

"I do too. And I missed you very much. Talk to you tomorrow ok? Have a good sleep ok?"

"I'll try"

"I love you, Rod. Thank you, for…for being my partner"

Rod's eyes filled with tears, "Always" he said. They hung up.

Rod couldn't help but shed a few tears. An overwhelming sentiment overtook him. He walked out to his room and cried, he sat down on his bed, and cried. He felt like a little boy, but couldn't help himself. He was angry that someone had tried to kill his wife; terrified that he almost lost her; happy and thankful that she was fine; worried about his children, and the list continued. He sat there for a while, trying to regain some composure. He finally went back to the living room, and found Amy up.

"Hey honey!! I talked to mom, she sends a big hug and lots of kisses"

"You did!! Is she ok? I want to talk to her!"

"You're mom is probably resting now. But we'll get to see her tomorrow"

"Ok" Amy said disappointed.

The twins woke up then, and all of them went outside to play basketball for a while. Apparently, all of them needed to blow off some steam.

They spent the rest of the evening not thinking about the situation, and ignoring the news and phone calls coming in. Rod hadn't realized how much he missed spending time with them, and with the twins away for college, it was harder.

That night, while he was putting Amy to bed she asked

"Daddy, was mom scared when the bullet hit her?"

Rod stumbled. He had no idea what to answer, and really hadn't thought about it.

"I'm sure she was honey, but mom is strong, and she's fine now. Go to bed, and tomorrow we'll be able to see mom ok?"

"Ok. Good night dad"

"Good night honey"

Rod walked out and thought about what Amy had just said. He tried to think back to the conversation he had with Mac earlier. He had been so scared, and anxious to talk to her, to see her, that he didn't stop to think how emotionally affected she was. She must've been terrified. Really, he thought, terrified. After all, she had just been shot. He wanted to call her back. He looked at the time. It was too late to call her now, she probably was asleep and she needed the rest, he thought.

He tossed and turned all night, not able to get any decent sleep. He kept thinking how she must be feeling, after all she had been shot. Someone had tried to cut her life short, someone had tried to take her life away. He doesn't know how he would feel, but definitely not good, he thought.

Early next morning they were transported to Camp David. They all were anxious to see Mac.

"The president will be here in a couple of minutes" SS agent informed them.

"Thank you" He turned to the kids "Once she gets here, let me have a minute with her, make sure she's fine"

"But I thought you said she was fine" Becca protested.

"She is, she is honey. It's just that…" He didn't know how to explain it to them, or to anyone for that matter. He needed to hug her and let her know that he was her support and was going to stand with her. She is strong, but no one could get over being shot that easily.

"Mr. Calloway, she's here" a SS agent said "Follow me please"

"Ok. Wait for me here ok guys? I'll be right back with your mom."

He walked outside, and waited for a while. He then saw Mac walking towards him, smiling. She ran those last steps, and before he knew it, she threw herself in his arms and started shaking and crying. He could feel the tears through his shirt, her back and arms were shaking. He tightens her, and gently rubbed her back. "It's ok, Mac. You're ok" he said "It's ok, it's ok" he continued trying to give her some comfort. He looked around, and could see the look of her staff. She probably had never shown any signs of emotion or any kind of feeling. No wonder they were all looking pretty shocked. He dragged her to the house, not letting go.

After a while, she let go. He could still feel the shaking, the vulnerability, her terrified look. She seemed to regain some composure though. "Welcome home" he said smiling

"Feeling better?" he continued.

"Somewhat" she said as she smiled." Not exactly the welcome I imagined. I am glad to be here, though. Are the kids inside?"

"They are waiting for you. Are you ready?"

"I don't know. It is overwhelming. But I really want to see them."

They walked in, and Amy ran to hug her. Mac managed to pick her up with her good arm and hugged her youngest daughter, as she was bombarded with questions about the incident. Did it hurt? Was she ok? Could she move the arm? Was she scared? Did she saw who did it? Did anyone else get shot? Anyone was dead? Why was she shot? Why did the Secret Service allowed it to happen? And it continued. When Amy was ready to let go, she allowed her siblings to hug their mom. Rod was standing behind her, providing all the emotional support she needed. It was amazing how an experience like this, could bring the most basic feelings come back. He just felt so unbelievable in love with her. After the hugging ceased, they ate and watched "Friends".

Mac was tired, Rod knew that. She lay down on the couch, resting her head on Rod's legs. He stroked her hair, and rubbed her back. He could feel she was relaxing, and a lot calmer. He could feel it. A while later he looked down, and she was completely out. He stayed there for hours, not wanting to move an inch. Everyone else went to bed, and he stayed there. He had never seen her shaking or crying as she did today, it really broke his heart. He looked down, and watched her sleep, and couldn't help smiling. He was glad to have helped.

He carried her to the bedroom, and kissed her goodnight.

The rest of the week was spent vacationing. It was great to spend some quality time together, as a couple and as a family.