Disclaimers: I own nothing, Numb3rs is own by a lot of very famous/rich/lucky people who had better make this whole Janus List thing go far far away!

This is a sequel for The Prophet's Destiny. My AU story based on 9 Wives. You will really want to read it (M rating for some adult situations in one chapter) so that everything will make sense to you.

I also want to let you know that I'll never believe that Colby is a spy, there has to be a deeper plot. I refuse to believe that everything we knew about him would be a lie! I was one of those people who watched the finale and felt like we had been betrayed as well.

So, I will always keep "MY COLBY" as the all-American guy we've come to know and love. Hopefully the writers for the show will do the same.

Numb3rs Numb3rs Numb3rs

Colby stalked across the office, his face stony. Once he reached his desk he sat down heavily. The clock on the far wall showed that the morning was only half over. Flipping open a file, he started reading furiously.

"Damn it Colby! What the hell is wrong with you?" David had walked over to Colby's desk. When Colby didn't look up, David grabbed the file and slammed it down on the desk.

"Wrong with me? If you would have been backing my play we could have brought Jackson in. You know he's our man." Colby was seething.

David shook his head. It was like talking to a petulant child. "He would have lawyered up and when he got out he would have gone underground. We would never see him again." David's own anger and frustration was running over. "In fact, now that you've jumped him, he's probably at home packing."

Having heard the raised voices, Don walked over to his agents. "What's going on guys?" Concern darkening his eyes.

Colby stood abruptly and shot a glare at David. "Ask my 'partner'". His tone was tight. He brushed by the two men and walked into the breakroom.

"What in the hell was that all about?" Don turned questioningly towards David.

Shaking his head, David looked at his retreating partner. "We were watching Darnell Jackson and Colby approached him and started questioning him. He wanted to bring him in, but we don't have anything to hold him.

Don leveled a look at the agent. "Get a couple of teams on Jackson. I don't want him getting away from us." He turned and gave a nod towards the break room, "I'll go see if Colby is in the mood to talk."

"He's been getting progressively worse the last couple of weeks Don. I've tried to talk with him, but he says it's nothing and will be better for a couple of days. I can't keep walking around on eggshells all the time waiting for him to explode."

"Why haven't you said anything to me?" Don hated being the last to know about what was going on with his team.

Looking a little chagrined, David replied. "I though I could help him with it. But if he won't let me into his head I can't help him much."

"Alright. Get someone on Jackson and I'll catch up with you in a few minutes." Don turned and followed the path of the other man.

Picking up the phone David sighed lightly. He certainly wouldn't want to be in Colby Granger's shoes right now.

Numb3rs Numb3rs Numb3rs

Colby stood with his back to the door, the coffee he had poured was still sitting on the counter. The tension was evident in his shoulders and posture. Don approached him warily.

"Colby." Don kept his tone level. "What's the problem?"

Turning around Colby looked at Don, "Problem? The problem is when my partner isn't backing me up."

"It sounds more like David was trying to keep this case together." Don waited for Colby to answer. With none coming, he continued on. "You are a good agent Colby, but I'm worried about you." Pulling out his wallet he removed a card form it, handing it to Colby. "This is a therapist"

He got no further as Colby snorted, "Therapist? Don, I cleared the mandatory counseling. Besides, having you suggest going to a shrink is like the pot calling the kettle black." He turned back to the coffee machine.

"I would have said the same thing four months ago, but I've been going to see him and it's really helped me out."

"Great for you Don. You're a real fucking poster child for therapy." Colby put his cup down forcefully, hot coffee sloshing out onto his fingers. Not even reacting, Colby moved towards the door.

"Colby, you've got some comp time coming. I expect you to take it and get your head back on straight.

Hesitating at Don's words, Colby left the break room, the door shutting with a muffled bang. Returning to his desk, he reached into the side drawer and removed his keys. He straightened up and without a word walked out of the office.

Don watched the younger man leave the room and mentally kicked himself. This was not how he wanted this conversation to go. With a deep sigh, he walked out and headed towards his office.

Megan and David had watched Colby leave and once Don had exited the break room they both approached him.

Knowing that they were worried about their friend and co-worker, Don ushered them into his office.

Megan was the first to speak and cut right to the chase. "What's going to happen to Colby?"

Don shook his head, "It's up to him Megan. He still is part of this team and I'm prepared to give him a chance to get himself together."

"I don't know where all of his anger is coming from." David tried to make sense of his friend's behavior. "After we got him back he seemed fine. He was cleared for duty and the last few months were fine, but now." David trailed off, the incident this morning speaking volumes.

Megan spoke up, "It could be post traumatic stress syndrome. He buried it then and now it's popping back up."

"I don't know, but right now he seems to be unapproachable." Don spoke quietly. They all stood there for a few minutes; all of them were lost in their own thoughts.

Numb3rs Numb3rs Numb3rs

Alan pushed the kitchen door open with his backside as he carried the hot casserole dish to the table. Setting it onto the table, he picked up a corkscrew and began to open a bottle of wine as Charlie exited the kitchen carrying a tossed green salad. Both men looked up as the front door opened.

"Hello Don. Charlie grab a plate for your brother." Alan had moved to the head of the table and poured a glass of wine. "You're just in time for Chicken Kiev and a wine that Tracy at the Vine House said would knock our socks off." Alan smiled at his eldest son as he moved to the other place setting to pour another glass.

Charlie had nodded a greeting to his brother and had returned to the kitchen to grab a place setting for his brother. He brought it out and set it down as Don crossed to a side chair and sat down heavily. His discomfort was evident by his demeanor.

Handing him a glass of wine, Alan waited for Don to disclose what was bothering him.

Don lifted his eyes and could see his father gazing intently at him. He shifted his eyes towards Charlie and he could see a similar look on his younger brother's face. "What?" Don looked at his family.

"I'm your father Don. If I didn't know when something is bothering you I would loose my parenting license." He smiled at his own levity and then became serious again. He took a drink of his wine and pulled the salad bowl over towards his plate.

Charlie pulled out his chair and sat down. He cast a quick look at his brother and then accepted the salad from his father. Using the tongs he put a serving onto his own plate and then sat the bowl near the empty plate.

Knowing when he was outnumbered, Don pulled himself out of the chair and crossed over to the table and sat down. "It's useless to resist you two. You're worse than a couple of old ladies."

"Who are you calling old?" Alan looked up sharply.

"No one." Don put some salad on his plate and then accepted the chicken from his brother. "Trouble at work." Hoping that would be enough to appease them, but knowing in his heart that these two wouldn't rest until they knew the whole story, Don concentrated on the chicken.

"If you need me to come into the office tomorrow I can be in after my 9:00 am class." Charlie took a drink of the wine. "This is good." He told his father. "You should pick up a couple more of this to have around."

"Charlie, wine doesn't just hang around here if you've noticed. We get a bottle, we drink a bottle." Alan joked.

"It seems like ever since Millie started coming over the wine consumption started going up." Charlie looked over his glass at his father. "So, do you want me in Don?"

"Umm, no." Seeing Charlie's stricken look, Don knew he needed to divulge more information. "It's a personnel problem. Colby hasn't been himself lately."

"What's wrong?" Alan thought of Don's team as surrogate children. "Is this something to do with the Prophet?"

"I'm not sure Dad. He's being argumentative and reckless."

"I don't have any answers for you Don, but knowing Colby like we do I would guess that it's something more than meets the eye." Looking pointedly at his eldest Alan continued, "I hope you can give him the support he needs."

"I just hope that he's willing to take the support." Don stabbed at his salad, hoping that Colby would accept the help of those who cared for him.