He was walking down the dark alley to his lonely apartment. He had adjusted to divorced life and was happy that he saw his children on the weekends. He was looking forward to going to his apartment with a beer in his hand and dreaming of Olivia all night.

A shuffling in the dumpster startled him.

He should have turned around to return to the precinct for the night. He could have turned around to return to the precinct that night. He would have turned around to return to the precinct that night if he saw his life with a different set of eyes.

He saw the light to his apartment. His temporary residence. The shattering sound of a beer bottle moved him to grab his gun. He turned around, taking aim at anything that moved. "Is anyone there?" he called out into the shady alley.

Nothing moved.

Nothing sounded.

Nothing alerted the man.

He lowered his gun and moved to turn around. When his back faced the alley, he groaned when he felt a sharp pair of punctures in the side of his neck. He felt his limbs begin to grow cold. Images of a life he could of had flashed before his eyes. A pair of familiar brown eyes came into focus and he felt a tear escape his eyes. "Liv," he whispered as he lost consciousness.

The man's body began to shake in shock which startled the creature. He released him and his superior appeared in the shadow of the fog. "You fool!" he removed the creature from the breathing body and moved him to the fog. "We must go, now! Hope that the sun fries his flesh form!" The two creatures disappeared into the night.

The Next Morning

Olivia walked into the precinct, resting her cup of tea upon her cluttered desk and removed her zipper jacket. She sighed and stared at her partner's desk, smiling remembering the song she heard on the way to work that screamed of her partner.

Wherever you go, Ill be with you.
Whatever you want, Ill give it to you.
Whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon.
Remember: after the fire, after all the rain,
I will be the flame.
I will be the flame.

She was helpless to his blue stare. Something about it set her soul up in flames. She shook her head, removing herself from her thought and was surprised to find Elliot's presence suddenly behind her.

"El," she whispered turning around and gasping at his appearance. He was pale and appeared to be cold. He shielded his eyes with a black pair of sunglasses and his chest moved slow and deep. "El, are you okay?" Olivia asked regaining her voice.

Before he could reply, Cragen stepped out of his office and spoke, "Benson, Stabler, an attack victim has been found at Bellevue. Check it out."

They nodded and made their way to the parking garage.

As Olivia drove, she noticed Elliot's weakened state. Though he still remained beautiful in her eyes, he seemed ill. She came to the conclusion that he wasn't handling his separation and divorce well and that led to this physical setback. "El, maybe you need a few days off."

"Im fine, Olivia," he whispered in reply.

"You are so cold," she spoke as they reached the stoplight and gripping his cold hand.

"I said Im fine," he seethed and he gripped her hand, shocked by his new strength in this weakened state.

"Elliot, you are hurting me," Olivia said staring into his eyes through his glasses. She was shocked to find a glazed layer upon his hypnotizing gaze.

He immediately released her and stared out the window. "Im sorry, Liv," he whispered sadly at the thought of hurting the woman he longed for.

The partners remained in silence as they arrived at Bellevue.

Elliot's body began to feel weaker as they arrived at the hospital. Being surrounded by the sick and dying, he thirsted for their life force. He needed blood and he wanted it now. "Liv," he whispered before entering the victim's hospital room.

Olivia turned and saw her partner grow whiter with each passing second. "Elliot?"

"Im going to wash up real fast. Can you get the main facts for me?"

"Sure," she whispered as she watched him make his way down the hall.

Olivia turned around to enter Owen Lukeman's room and was stopped when a doctor exited the room, removing his gloves and shaking his head in disappointment. "Doctor?" she asked showing her badge for approval.

"Detective," he replied.

"What happened?"

"We couldn't save Owen Lukeman. This has to be the most unusual case I have ever encountered."

"How so?" Olivia asked, turning her head in interest.

"It seems that this man was killed by being punctured at two points at his neck. The body proves that he bled out, but there is no trace of blood on any other areas of his body."

"Is that unusual?" Olivia asked.

"Certainly because there only seems to be a pint of blood within the remaining corpse."

"Im sorry, but how does Mr. Lukeman qualify as a SVU case?" Olivia crossed her arms over her chest as she felt the doctor study her body.

"Apparently," the doctor started, clearing his throat, "Mr. Lukeman ejaculated before his sudden demise. He was erect when he was brought in."

Olivia nodded, taking notes of the body in terms of relating it to previous cases. "Thank you, Doctor," she said stepping away in search for Elliot.

Olivia walked past the bathroom and was ready to knock on the door when she heard groaning from the blood bank. She was startled and heard the familiar moans of the man she loved. "Elliot?" Worried for his safety, she released her gun and held it away from her as she stood beside the wall. She counted to three silently and kicked open the door when she heard Elliot groan again.

When she opened the door, she was stunned to see him surrounded by several empty pouches of blood and him on his knees surrendering to a dark power. His color had returned and his tongue found comfort in the remaining blood on the sides of his mouth. He groaned and moved his hand to his growing member through his pants to calm a new satisfaction.

Astonished by his behavior, Olivia gasped when she saw two puncture wounds on this side of her partner's neck. "Elliot?" she asked, surprised to look into crystal blue eyes and blood tainted fangs.

The song is The Flame by Cheap Trick. Please tell me if you loved it or hated it!