Okay, Im sorry I have been so horrible. I have been incredibly busy. So i have decided to reread my unfinished stuff in an attempt to post updates. Hope that pleases some. :D Here is an update...

Moaning... its getting louder... his hunger needs to be quenched... Liv... Liv...

Olivia... You see what I see? Yes? Well you know what I need you to do tonight. Feed him. Give him your soul...

Her eyes shot open as her coffee fell to the ground.

"Shit, Benson! This is a new shirt. Damn it!" Lake said turning to his partner in disgust.

Olivia looked around the squadroom disoriented and out of place. She hadn't heard from Elliot in a few days and the thought of him gone from her filled her every thought. She remembered the first time she had encountered his supernatural form. He seemed calm, but in complete control. He was returning to Freudian principles of quenching his id desires. And they succeed.

She felt her stomach fill with sensations of passion and lust. Thoughts of Elliot dominating her body left her victim to the orgastic sensations. She bit her lip hard attempting to control her urges.


She turned to her co-workers' gazes and apologized, "Im sorry guys. What did you say?"

"We asked where the hell your partner was." Fin said taking a gulp of his coffee.

"Why, do you miss his beautiful face?" Olivia teased smirking at his mortified reaction.

Lake began to laugh when he felt a strike against his arm. "Shut it fool."

"What time is it?" Olivia asked.

"Time for you to go. You came in at 3 in the morning. May I ask why?"

"Needed to complete some paperwork." She got up and put on her wool coat, shielding her from the snow outside, but warming her already heated flesh. "See you two tomorrow."

Night fell and Elliot found himself looking out on the Hudson. Alone, he was able to capture the reality of his new supernatural state. He would no longer be mortal. He was beyond that. He would live a terribly isolated fate of feeding and existing.


His senses heightened. In a swift motion, he turned and captured his approachers neck instantly, lifting him up. He revealed his fangs and felt his carnivorous nature dominate.

The approacher smirked and said, "Put me down, Elliot."

This was a new voice. Not the one that haunted his unconscious.

"Come on, Detective. Im here to help you."

Pulling his gun, he dropped the stranger and interrogated immediately. "Who are you? What are you doing here tonight?"

"I could ask you the same, but that would be rather rude."

"Answer the question."

"I am a friend. Im trying to protect you before Lestat eliminates you."

"Lestat? Who is he?"

"And you no longer want to know about me?" he asked smirking.

"Name, now!" Elliot growled.

"My name is Mick. Mick St. John. Im a private investigator. You can trust me."

"Why? Why should I trust you?"

"Because we have a common enemy. For both of us to try and return to human, we need to take down Lestat."

"Im sorry, you aren't human?" Elliot said lowering his gun slowly.

Mick flashed his fangs, proving his supernatural personality. "You see, Elliot. We are one in the same. Don't you want to be human? With Olivia?"

Elliot immediately tensed and he ran, pushing Mick into the closest wall in a choke hold. "Mention Olivia again and I will turn just to see you gone. You understand me?"

Mick smirked, nodded and coughed as he allowed air to fill his lungs. He coughed and said, "I have someone who I can't have either. I know what you feel."

Elliot turned and felt his adrenaline leaving him. "Who is she?"

"Beth. I saved her when she was seven and have never been able to let her go from my heart again. Now the true irony is that she is one of the instrumental figures in my life, both in this vampire prison and as a man."

"How do you do both?" Elliot asked the vampire with much more experience than he.

"You learned to love them at an arms distance. You don't let your urges control you. You don't let them want this darkness. And you certainly don't let Lestat get a hold of them."

Elliot grabbed a bird to his right and bit into its nervous form, taking in its small sustenance for the time being. "What can Lestat do for us?"

Silence continued as both vampires stared out into the water. Without words, the men spoke their thoughts.

He can release us from this prison.

He can give us our mortally back. Our futures.

Then we can vanquish him.