A/N: Sorry about the delay. My laptop is the devil. This is Sam's POV in this chapter. Oh, and it has also occurred to me that I have not specified the exact setting for this fic. This occurs somewhere between The Usual Suspects and Crossroad Blues in the 2nd Season. If anything else is not clear, please let me know.


22 ml (3/4 oz) amaretto

22 ml (3/4 oz) Kahlua

22 ml (3/4 oz) Bailey's Irish Cream

ice cubes

Shake the ingredients with ice and strain into a shot glass.

I don't know where Lindy found this girl, but she is nuts! I mean, I thought Lindy was kind of crazy when I first met her what with the driving stunts and everything, but compared to Brennan, Lindy is about as stable as they come. I've known this feisty brunette for about five minutes and already she's made about three innuendos, checked me out twice, checked out my brother once, and ordered enough alcohol in one go to ensure that none of us will be driving home from this bar. She's worse than Dean!

The bartender arranges the last few drinks Brennan has ordered onto a tray and slides it down the bar to me. I carefully pick the tray up and follow Brennan over to the table where Lindy and Dean are sitting. Before I can even set the tray down on the table, Lindy snatches a shot and downs it. I raise an eyebrow and wonder what they've been talking about to cause that response. My eyes shift to Dean who just laughs and reaches for a drink also.

Lindy coughs as the alcohol sears down her throat. She reaches for a glass of something else and takes a sip before looking over at Brennan, "Brennan, what the hell was that?"

Brennan shrugs and drops into the chair next to Lindy, "Orgasm."

Dean smirks around his glass, "I think you're supposed to work up to that."

Brennan tilts her head to the side and grins wickedly, "That's what she said."

For the second time tonight, Brennan makes me choke. This time it's on my first swallow of beer, which is now reeking havoc on the insides of my nasal passages. Dean slaps me on the back a couple of times, as if that might help, until I wave him away. The last thing I need is damaged sinuses and a bruised back. Brennan's still smirking at me as she slides a glass of water my way. I take a slow sip and gradually the burning in my nose fades away.

"Thanks." I tell her.

"You're welcome." she replies, nodding her head. She turns to include everyone at the table, "Alright, now that Sam's not dying, I want to know everything. Lindy has this nasty habit of not wanting to share the juicy details unless it's for the story. I want the behind the scenes."

I think back on that hunt with the fear demon and a shudder runs down my spine. I've tried not to think about what happened on that hunt. I haven't even talked to Dean about it. With Dad gone and Dean barely handling it, I haven't had a chance to deal with my own issues. No, I'll deal with that after this hunt is finally over. Maybe after I avenge Mom and Jess I can stop worrying that it's my fault to begin with.

A silence has fallen over the table at Brennan's question. She glances around at all of us and then sighs dramatically, "Okay...or not."

"Brennan, I told you to just leave it alone." Lindy says quietly to her friend.

Brennan just crosses her arms grumpily over her chest, unhappy at being denied the inside scoop. I can only imagine how it must feel to be the outsider at this table. Lindy's only been on that one hunt with Dean and I, but that's really all it takes to form this weird bond. We narrowly escaped death together. There's just no changing that. Still, I feel bad that Brennan's being angled out of the group and decide to throw her bone.

"What about you, Brennan? What's your story?" I ask.

Brennan's eyes light up at that as if she's been waiting this whole time for someone to ask. She takes a beer off the tray and downs a little before she answers.

"Well, since you asked...I'm a native Londoner, as you may have guessed."

"Why'd you come to the states?" Dean queries.

Brennan smiles, "I was in an airport, I closed my eyes and pointed at a flight. Ended up in Albuquerque. Let me tell you, you do not want to go to Albuquerque."

"Then what?" Sam asks, "How'd you meet Lindy?"

Lindy rolls her eyes and mutters, "She loves this story."

Brennan ignores her, "Well, once I got the hell out of bloody Albuquerque I started picking up odd jobs. I have a bit of an attention problem. Hard for me to stay in a job for more than a few months before I get bored. So, after I got tired of the clubs in Vegas, I decided to move to San Diego and got a job posing as the Black Cat at a comic book convention. I ran into some editors for Paranormal Monthly. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and those boys were just nice enough to offer me a job working with Lindy. Turns out she needed a photographer crazy enough to follow her around the country. Sounded like fun."

While she's talking, Brennan's foot has been sliding up my leg. I fidget in my seat and casually try to pull away. Brennan raises her eyebrows at me as she finishes her story and lets her foot fall back to the floor.

"Wow, so Brennan," Dean says in that tone he likes to use to pick up chicks that half the time damn near gets him smacked instead, "do you still have that Black Cat outfit?"

Brennan turns her raised eyebrows on my brother, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Dean nods solemnly, "Yes. Yes, I would."

Brennan laughs, rolls her eyes and does another shot. Lindy has been fairly quiet this whole time. I transfer my gaze to her and notice that she's staring resolutely into her glass, a frown tugging at her lips. I don't know what's eating at her, but apparently it's something. I know it would just upset her if I asked her in front of my brother, so I don't say anything. I'll talk to her later when Dean and Brennan aren't within earshot. It strikes me as I'm looking at Lindy that in this group, she and I are a lot alike whereas Dean and Brennan are practically peas in a pod. Lindy and I are more withdrawn, introspective, while Dean and Brennan are outgoing almost to a fault, they say whatever they think without hesitation, regardless of what other people might think of them. It's something I love and hate about my brother and I wonder if Lindy might not feel the same way about Brennan. Then again, Lindy and Brennan have only been working together for a short time, maybe Lindy's still not completely comfortable with this newcomer in the ranks. Who knows? I push it to the back of my mind to deal with later. Dean has coaxed Brennan into talking about her exploits as a dancer in Vegas and despite myself, I can't help but listen intently as my mind creates all kinds of mental pictures about what that might have looked like. I am male, after all.

"...So, I was thinking to myself, where does a person get a pair of backless chaps? Apparently, in Vegas, every other store on the strip has a pair." Brennan says with a slight chuckle.

Dean and I are both lost in own thoughts a good thirty seconds after Brennan has finished talking. Lindy snaps us out of it by quietly saying, "Be right back" and slipping away from the table. I look after her as she wanders away from the table and towards the jukebox, then transfer my gaze to Dean. Dean raises an eyebrow at me questioningly, so I jerk my head towards Lindy, trying to wordlessly tell the idiot that he should go talk to her. Dean's brow furrows as if he has no idea what I'm trying to say. I sigh in exasperation. We can not speak a word and he'll know when I want him to circle around behind a creature we're hunting to get the drop on it, but try and tell the moron that he should go see what's bothering the girl he likes and he's completely clueless.

"He wants you to go talk to her." Brennan says, startling me a little.

Well, apparently even Brennan got what I was trying to say. Nice job, Dean.

"Wh...?" Dean begins to ask.

"Dean." I cut him off, "Go."

"Fine." Dean grumbles, grabbing another shot and downing it before he heads towards Lindy across the room.

No doubt he's afraid he'll get pulled into a chick-flick moment. Dean's like that.

Brennan pulls my eyes back to her by leaning across the table towards me.

"Finally, just you and me, Sam." she says with a feral smile.

I swallow hard past the lump in my throat. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.