Be careful, this story contains homosexual content. If you're not comfortable with it, don't read it... just to let you know...

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Miley, Lilly and... Hannah, Chapter 1

Everything happened when Lilly won a weekend in New York with Hannah Montana. She had a crush on the star, since, well, forever, and the weekend was the opportunity for her to see how things could evolve. At that time, she didn't know her bestfriend Miley was Hannah. She found out on her own during this weekend. There were too much similarities between the two. Although, Lilly was mad at first because, for one, she had confide in Hannah about her feelings for Miley, and second, because Miley had lied to her during all this time.

Then the girls didn't talk to each other for a while. Lilly was avoiding a sorry Miley. She didn't know that Miley was also in love with her. She was dating Jake Ryan. For her, it's wasn't even imaginable to see her bestfriend breaking up with the star of Zombie High... for her. But she did...

And, one night, Miley took Lilly's hand and they took a walk together on the beach. They kissed for the first time and since then, their lips never grew apart for more than a few hours, and only because they had to.

Now, it's been three days since Miley and Lilly were together, as a couple.

It was Friday night, and they were snuggling on Miley's couch. Her dad and Jackson had left for the weekend, to do a father/son thingy somewhere in Utah. Miley's head was on Lilly's chest, one of her arm around her waist and the other on her thigh. Lilly's arm was on Miley's back, holding her, while she was holding her girlfriend's hand with the other. No Tv, no music, just them, alone.

''So, what should I wear for your concert tomorow ?'' Lilly asked, rubbing Miley's back.

''Well I was thinking... what about...Nothing... '' Miley said, teasing.

''If I do do that, you won't be the star of the show anymore...'' Lilly replied with a smile.

''Yeah, I guess not... '' Miley is suddenly serious. She sat up to face Lilly.

''Are you still mad that I didn't tell you about Hannah ?'' She asked nervously. Lilly sighed. She was at first, yes, and it's been less than a week since she knew. However, she kinda understood Miley's motives. Lilly leaned to slightle kiss her on the lips, and whispered

''No, not anymore... Besides... Now, I have two for the same price,'' she said teasing. Miley giggled and grabbed a pillow on the couch to punch Lilly.

They started to messing around. Lilly was stronger, so she quickly dominated Miley who was pushed against the couch. Now, Lilly was sitting on top of Miley, holding back her wrists.

''So, what you're gonna do now ?'' she asked, provocative.

Miley didn't answer. She stared at her beautiful Lilly.

''I can't believe how lucky I am to have you.''

Lilly's provocative face disappeared, as she heard Miley. She set Miley's arms free who seized the occasion to straighten out slightly so that she could hold Lilly's waist.

''I love you so much.'' she added.

''I love you too,'' Lilly replied and kissed her on the lips. She rested her foreheads on Miley's, looking in her eyes. ''Promise to never leave me.''

Miley whispered. Lilly had an intense look. So intense that she felt like she could see through her.

''If you promise to never leave me...'' she said shaking softly through the emotion.

''Never...'' Lilly whispered and she reached Miley's lips for another kiss. Lilly toppled over the couch, so that it was now Miley who was on top. The kiss deepened. It's only been three day they were together, but it's been many other days since they've been in love. And all this secret desire, all this attraction they had to repress for so long, were starting to overwhelm the girls. And what better way to express them than this ?

Things were heating up. Miley started to open up Lilly's shirt, as Lilly's hand explored Miley's back and ass. Miley kissed Lilly in the neck, then collarbone. She started to knew all Lilly's most sensible spots. She went down and down, following the zipper of the shirt. Lilly's chest, lilly's stomach, Lilly's belly button, Lilly's belly. Lilly moaned. God Miley was getting better and better. Her body arched under the pleasure. My god, if she keeps going,Ii'm...

The phone rang. Miley, sitting straight on Lilly, looked up at the phone, then at Lilly. Lilly groaned as she set Miley free from her grip and laid back on the couch. Both girls were looking disappointed. They knew Miley had to answer. It was probably her dad to check on her. However, she didn't leave her comfortable spot on Lilly. She just leaned over her, to grab the phone on the table next to the couch.

''Hello ?''

''Hey bud''

''Hey dad ! Are you arrived in Utah ?''

''Yes, we're there. It's amazing. I wish you could be there to see that !''

''Yeah, I wish I could be there too...'' she said, while she was grinnind at Lilly to show she was better here with her, than there with her dad and... Jackson...

''So, is everything okay ?'' her dad asked.

''Yeah, everything's fine.''

''Oh, can you do me a favor ?''

''What... ?''

''Roxy's coming tonight, and...''

''Roxy's coming ?!'' Miley exclamed.

Lilly put her hands on her eyes, and groaned. She imitated like she was stabbed by a knife in her heart. Miley smiled but she was as tortured as Lilly.

''Yes Bud. I'm not gonna leave you spend the night alone...''

''I'm not alone ! I'm with Lilly !''

''still, two girls in a house... who knows what could happen.'' Believe me dad, you have no idea.

''When is she coming ? Did she say ?''

''Well she had a gig with another star, so after that...This leads me to what I was going to ask you. I told her I left a spare key under the flower pot, in case you weren't up when she was done. But I forgot to put it there. So can you do it for me ?''

''Sure...'' Although, forgetting could mean Roxy couldn't get in, and thus, Lilly and she could be alone. Well, Roxy like a puma could probably come in anyway...

''Thanks bud. Listen I gotta go now, Jackson has found a box of tampons in our arrival gift, don't ask, it's unisex. And now, he's putting them in his nose to pretend he's a walrus...'' Miley grinned. Her brother is soooo gross !

''Bye Honey ! Have fun tomorrow !''

''Thanks bye ! Love you''

She hang up. Lilly looked at her, questioning.

''So what do we do now ?'' she asked.

Miley lays down onto Lilly who wrapped her arms around her. Her shirt was still opened, tickling Miley. ''Lilly, you should close this down, you're torturing me.''

Lilly looked at her shirt and smiled. ''Another day...'' Miley nodded, and sighed. Another day...

So, they didn't make love... but the connection they shared during that evening was even deeper.