Miley, Lilly, and... Hannah, chapter 9

''Hey Hannah,'' Lola said.

Hannah turned around and faced... a purple hair girl. Who is she ?

''Hi, err, do I know you ?'' Hannah asked, confused. The girl didn't answer. She just looked at Hannah. Hannah was growing uncomfortable. Who let a fan in? She looked around, hoping to spot someone who could help her if... but the girl laughed. That laugh...

''Oh my god,'' Hannah whispered, stunned. ''Lilly ?''

Lilly nodded. ''Here, it's Lola...''

''Lola... '' Hannah giggled, but was still in shock. ''what, but we, wawa,.wewa..'' she babbled

''Okay, I didn't quite get everything you just said, but if you're wondering why, let's just say I needed a way in Hannah's world because I'm desperatly and completely in love with her.''

Hannah smiledShe couldn't believe what she's just heard. It couldn't be real. It was an hallucination.

''I need to talk to you'' Lola said. She took Hannah's hand, and led her outside.

The air was warm for a night. A small breeze was blowing, slightly moving Hannah's long blond hair. They walked for a while, in silence. They finally reached a small park, nobody was there. They stopped. Lola looked up at the sky. She had never seen so much stars.

Hannah was staring at Lola, uncomfortable. So she had told her she loved her, but what now? She was stamping. She couldn't wait anymore. Her heart was beating fast, her knees were weak.

Lola finally looked down, and turned to face Hannah. She took a deep breath. She was shaking because she was nervous. She was scared of Hannah's reaction. However, when their looks joined, all the stress disappeared. How could she have doubts about them? Hannah's eyes showed even more love than possible. Lola felt safe.

''Listen Hannah...''Lola started. ''I've made the biggest of my life by letting you go...'' her eyes dived in Hannah's with an endless intensity. ''I got scared when I saw you drifting away, when I saw that I couldn't be with you all the time...'' Lola stayed silent for a few seconds. She finally said ''I love you so much''. Hannah could feel that she meant it with all her heart.

''I love you too Lil... Lola.'' Hannah smiled. She felt warm in her heart, things she hadn't felt for too long.

''so what do you say? Do you wanna jump of the edge with me?''

'' without knowing if we'll have a solid ground below ?''

''Yes... but you'll have my hand...'' Lola said, seductively.

And Lola could see Hannah smiled, no, Miley smiled. For the first time, Lilly could finally see Miley under Hannah's wig. The girls kissed like never before. They were shaking in each other's arms. They held on to each other, scared to let go. It was like they had turned the light back on. The sparks came back, the world started turning again, and they finally embraced their joined destiny.

This was how Lilly became Lola. This was how Lola started to date Hannah. This was how Lilly found her place in Hannah's world and an even bigger role in Miley's life.

Author's note : here's another chapter of Liley's story. So, now Hannah has Lola, and Miley has Lilly. What will happen to them next ? What will happen at school ? Will they finally take their relationship one step further ? Check the new stories to find out ! Reviews are still welcomed ! Thanks for reading

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