Title: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Adventures

Author: Rokudaime Kunoichi

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: AU. Harry gets sorted into Slytherin, befriends people from all the houses, and is on his way to becoming the most powerful wizard in the world.

Warnings: spoilers for the first book, mention of child abuse, OOC-ness, Slytherin!Harry, AU, fluff, Nice!Slytherins, cursing, etc.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling. I do not make a profit from this; I just borrow the characters to put into my take on a clichéd plot. Copyright infringement is not intended, and some of the details can be found in a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers/Philosophers Stone.

A/N: To Draeconin: Yes, it'll turn into a bottom!Harry fic. I wanted it that way, not because of Harry's abuse, but because I generally do bottom!Harry stories. He just seems like the uke in a relationship. Maybe when I get comfortable enough, I might do a story with Harry topping, just not now. Sorry. And about his staff being shorter than him in the future… well, I'll think of something. Harry's gifts will come in handy with his staff. That's all I'm saying. One last thing, this chapter is dedicated to MyLittleFerret who has been waiting patiently for it. Sorry. Enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 10

Harry wasn't going to make up his mind. He was going down the trap door and that was final! The small boy just discovered that Professor Dumbledore was called out of the school for some Ministry business. That left the stone vulnerable.

"Harry, are you sure about this?" Draco asked. They were at a dark corner in the library with Hermione, Pansy, and Blaise.

"Yes. I can't let Voldemort come back to life."

"Can't you just tell Professor Snape or somebody?" Hermione asked, worry etched onto her face.

"Will they actually believe a couple of students like us? No, I have to go."

"Then I'm coming with you." Draco said firmly. Hermione nodded, showing she was coming too.

"But, then you'd be in danger!"

"Harry, we're already in danger. Hermione because she's a muggleborn and me because of my family. There's nothing you can do to change our minds." The blonde said.

"Pansy and I will stay here. If you're not back in half an hour, we're telling somebody." Blaise said. He wasn't going to go down some trapdoor and face somebody he knew was way more powerful than him. While he would love to help his friends, his self-preservation was kicking him. At least they were done with exams.

Harry and Draco walked towards the door Fluffy was behind. Hermione was waiting in front of it with her hands on her hips.

"Finally! I was almost caught by Filch." She whispered, before opening the door. They entered and saw Fluffy asleep. Draco noticed a harp playing.

"Let's move its paw." Harry whispered. The three managed to move it, although Harry slipped and the paw ended up on top of him. Hermione giggled as she watched the boy squirm his way out from under the paw. Largo already slithered out and was laughing at him too.

"Shut up." Harry whispered, his cheeks red. Draco opened the trap door and peered inside. It was dark so he couldn't really see anything. The blonde gulped slightly.

"Ready?" he asked. The others nodded and one by one they went down. The first thing Harry noticed was that he was sitting on something squishy. He had landed on some plant, a plant that was now moving and wrapping itself around him. Harry absentmindedly noticed Hermione and Draco in the same position.

"Harry, Draco, you have to relax. This is Devil's Snare!" Hermione informed the boys. Harry nodded. He remembered about Devil's Snare. Draco, however, did not. He kept on struggling against the plant.

"Draco, stop! If you just relax, it'll let you go." Harry said, as he and Hermione were set free. The blonde stopped struggling, but the Devil's Snare tightened its hold. Draco was slowly turning blue and Harry slammed his staff on the ground. Immediately, Draco was set free. Harry helped him up. They were going to leave down the corridor when the small boy stopped.

"Largo, where are you?" he called out as he noticed his snake was not on his neck.

"Right here." The Slynder slithered to Harry from his spot in a dark corner. The trio continued their walk down the corridor and heard something that sounded like wings. Like birds or something. They walked into a chamber and saw some type of birds. At least they looked like birds. In the middle of the chamber, there was a broom.

"Are those birds?" Hermione asked.

"No, they're keys." Harry answered.

"I think we can assume that we need to find the right key to open that door." Draco said, motioning towards the wooden door across the chamber. Harry looked at the key hole at the door. It would be old fashioned. Looking at the selections, he noticed one with a broken wing.

"That one looks just about right." He said.

Draco pushed him toward the broom, and he mounted it. The keys started to buzz around maniacally, and Harry waved a couple from his face. The Seeker saw his prey and launched an attack. He chased after the key, dodging random ones, and finally caught it. Harry threw it to Hermione and kept the keys distracted while she opened the door. They entered the room and Harry put the broom aside.

"We got by Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick's stage. What's next?" Hermione murmured. Draco's eyes lit up as he saw the giant chessboard.

"I think we have to make our way across the board," Draco murmured. "OK. Hermione, you be the queen's side castle. Harry, you be the bishop. I'll be a knight."

They got into their places, and the white pieces moved first. Draco ordered pieces to move and they obeyed. Hermione shrieked in surprise as a knight was taken right in front of her. A bit of the smashed piece hit her in the eye, but she was OK. Draco played hard, sacrificing the necessary pieces. His grey-blue eyes glanced around the board, ready to make the next move. His face showed some sort of realization and he muttered, "Yes, I've got to be taken."

"WHAT!? Y-you can't Draco!" Harry yelled.

"Don't you get it, Harry? In order for us to win the game, I must be taken. Besides, I promised I'd protect you." Draco smiled at Harry. Inside, he was an absolute wreck. Where was his self-preservation? He was a Slytherin for Christ sake! He shouldn't be acting like some pathetic Gryffindor. Harry's head drooped. He knew the blonde was right, but Draco already got hurt because of him.

Draco shakily commanded his next move and the white queen took him. Moments before the stone arm hit him over the head, a light blue shield was conjured around it. Even though he was now out of the game, he was in no pain what-so-ever. As a matter of fact, he was still conscious and waiting for the game to be over. Harry checked the king and they won the game. Running off the board, he gave Draco a ferocious hug.

"Don't you ever do something so stupidly Gryffindor, do you understand me?" Harry growled in an uncharacteristic manner. Draco looked shocked before hugging him back.

"I promise." They hugged, Harry tucked under the blonde's chin, before remembering where they were. Harry pulled away, looking at the ground and blushing. Hermione watched them in slight amusement.

"Harry, I'm going to go back." Draco said. "Not only to let Pansy and Blaise know that we're OK, but to owl Dumbledore so he can come." Harry nodded in an understanding manner. Best let their other friends know what was happening before they freaked out. Draco gave Harry a last hug before leaving in the opposite direction.

"OK, so we just beat Professor McGonagall's stage. Next should be Professor Quirrel and Professor Snape," Hermione mumbled.

As the duo reached a door, they cautiously opened it. Who knew what was inside? A horrid odor reached their noses and Harry nearly gagged. It was so gross. Looking around, he noticed a troll knocked out. The troll was bigger than the one he saw on Halloween, and he noted the rather large bump on his head.

'Poor thing.' He thought. Hermione opened the next door. There was a table with seven bottles on it. As soon as they fully entered the room, purple fire shot up in the door they just came from while black fire shot up through the door in front of them. Harry picked up the paper that was next to the bottles, and read aloud:

Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind,

Two of us will help you, whichever you would find,

One among us seven will let you move ahead,

Another will transport the drinker back instead,

Two among our number hold only nettle wine,

Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line.

Choose, unless you wish to stay here forevermore,

To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four:

First, however slyly the poison tries to hide

You will always find some on nettle wine's left side;

Second, different are those who stand at either end,

But if you would move onward, neither is your friend;

Third, as you see clearly, all are different size,

Neither dwarf nor giant holds death in their insides;

Fourth, the second left and the second on the right

Are twins once you taste them, though different at first sight.

Hermione grinned as she began to solve the logic puzzle. Harry let her, feeling a little exhausted.

"I love logic puzzles!" the girl gushed. "Seven bottles: three poison, two wine, one for the black fire, and one for the purple fire. Hmmm. Got it!" She handed him the smallest bottle.

"Black fire?" he questioned. Hermione nodded enthusiastically. "There's only enough for one. You should go back with Draco."

Hermione's jaw dropped. "You've got to be kidding me! Harry, You-Know-W… alright, Voldemort, could be through that fire! Even though you're pretty powerful, are you sure you can take him on?"

"Of course not. Power isn't everything, I have no experience. However, this is my destiny and I have to do this alone." Harry stated firmly. His jaw was set and Hermione knew instantly that she wouldn't be able to change his mind.

"Fine," she sighed, "I'll go back. Just promise me you'll be careful?" Harry nodded and the Gryffindor threw her arms around his neck. The small Slytherin jumped in surprise. "What, Draco's the only one that gets hugs?" she teased.

"Shut up!" Harry blushed. He gave Hermione a proper hug before downing the contents of the bottle. He shivered at the icy feeling before going through the fire, not looking back. If he looked back, he would've hesitated in his decision. Largo firmly wrapped around his torso and staff firmly in hand, Harry walked into the last chamber. He looked at the person that had been trying to kill him all year: Professor Quirrel.

"Good evening, Mr. Potter," the man grinned evilly.

"Hello, Professor. I see you're looking as crazy as ever." Harry responded quietly. Quirrel glared at him before snapping his fingers. Ropes wrapped around Harry's body, his staff pressing tightly against his side.

"This mirror has something to do with the stone," Quirrel mumbled. "Of course that miserable old coot would think of something like this. Always was a bit barmy."

"You mean you're after the stone and you don't even know how to get it?" Harry asked incredulously.

"I wish for the stone, I see myself in the mirror with the stone, but I do not have it. What did the old man do?" Quirrel ignored Harry— for the time being. "Master, what do I do?" the man whimpered.

"Is Voldemort with you?" Harry asked. Quirrel glared at him.

"You just don't know when to be quiet, do you? Yes, my Lord is with me. Now shut up so I can figure out how to get the stone!" the man glared at him again, before paying attention to the mirror again. "Is the stone inside? How do I get it out?"

"Use the boy." A voice answered.

Harry gulped as Quirrel released the ropes binding him and tossed away his staff. Harry slowly walked toward the Mirror of Erised. Quirrel had enough of that, and roughly grabbed his arm before nearly throwing him to the mirror. Largo hissed angrily and bit the man. He quickly grew in size and squeezed Quirrel. The pitiful DADA teacher whimpered before he grunted out a spell. Largo hissed in pain, releasing Quirrel and receding in size. The Slynder curled up and didn't move. Harry watched with wide eyes.

"What did you do to him?" he shrieked, running to his companion. Quirrel, although severely weakened from the snake bite, backhanded the small boy. Harry bit his lip to prevent himself from crying out. The Professor grabbed Harry's hair and forced him to look in the mirror.

"What… do… you… see?" he slurred out. The man was getting weaker. Harry looked in the mirror and saw himself with the stone. His mirror self winked before placing the stone in his pocket. Quirrel gave a sharp tug at his hair. "Well?"

"I see my family." The Slytherin responded quietly.

"He lies." The voice said. "Let me speak to him… face-to-face…"

"Master, are you sure you're—"

"Do not question my orders, fool! Do as I ask!" the voice snarled.

"Of course, right away." Quirrel started to untie his turban. When the purple garment was off, Harry's eyes widened in surprise. There, at the back of Quirrel's bald head, was another face. Not just any face, but Voldemort's face!

"Harry Potter, we meet again. Do you see what I've become? What I must do to survive? While unicorn blood can strengthen me, it cannot give me a body of my own. So why don't you hand over the Stone we seek that is currently in your pocket?"

"NEVER!" Harry yelled, trying to keep his brave façade up when all he wanted to do right now was to hide from that face.

"There's that foolish bravery! Your parents had it too, you know. Even the brave have a breaking point. Did you know what your mother's final words were? Do you know how much she begged for me to spare your life? She was a foolish woman indeed." Harry was furious at how this stupid face-without-a-body insulted his mother. Glancing around, he noticed his staff lying across the floor. Mentally counting to three, Harry made a lunge for it. "STOP HIM!!"

Quirrel jumped atop of Harry and the two rolled on the floor. The man's hand found its way around Harry's throat and the Slytherin struggled to breathe. Memories of when Vernon did this were slowly suffocating him, causing him to go in a raw panic. He thrashed his arms, trying desperately to get free. When the grip only tightened, he grabbed at the hand. Quirrel suddenly screeched in pain and leapt off him.

"What did you do, boy!?" he roared. Harry flinched but looked at Quirrel's hand. It was now dust. Getting an idea, Harry ran up to the man and touched his face. Quirrel shrieked as his body started to crumble. With Quirrel gone and the stone in his pocket, Harry felt woozy.

"HARRY!" The boy turned around to see two people.

"Professor Snape? Draco?" Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed.

White. That was what Harry awoke to: a blinding white. And the scent of sterilized utensils. His hand reaching for the glasses at its customary spot at the right on a bedside table, Harry opened his eyes. The emerald pools widened in surprise. At the foot of the bed were 'Get Well' cards and candies and flowers and stuff of that nonsense. The only thing that really brought a smile to his lips was the fact that Draco was in a chair right next to him, sleeping. He watched the boy sleep and his stomach got weird butterflies in it. What was happening to him? The blonde stirred awake and rubbed his eyes. When he noticed Harry awake, he gave a happy shriek and launched himself at him.

"Oh my god, Harry! I was so scared that you wouldn't make it and that you would leave me and Mum and Dad are here and we've all been so— GAH! How could you tell me to not be Gryffindor one moment and then the next pull a stupid Gryffindor-ish stunt!?" Draco continued to rant and Harry smiled. At least he knew that Draco cared. Lucius and Narcissa walked in the hospital wing. Narcissa took one look at Harry and went mother hen mode.

"Are you okay? Are you feeling better? How could you pull something like this? I though you said you wouldn't get into trouble! Are you sure you're not feeling any discomfort? Would you like something to eat?" Lucius smirked as Harry was bombarded by questions from Narcissa and Draco.

"Where's Largo?" Harry asked as soon as the interrogation was over.

"He's fine. Apparently, the spell he was under would cause him to feel the effects of his poison. Very painful," Lucius commented absentmindedly.

"What about Hermione? Was she OK?"

"Fine and filling Pansy and Blaise in on all the details," Draco supplied. Harry looked at Lucius.

"Er… can I speak to you for a moment alone?" He asked. Lucius looked surprised but nodded. Narcissa and Draco left the room, although Draco protested the whole way.

"What is it that you need to speak to me with?"

"Are you mad at me?" Harry blurted out. The blonde blinked.

"Why would I be upset, Harry?"

"Well, I just remember you telling me over the summer that you used to work for Voldemort and now I just killed him! Aren't you a little upset?" Lucius sighed before sitting on the edge of Harry's bed.

"Harry, you have to understand, I didn't have a choice when I was serving under the Dark Lord. I know I only told you that I used to be his right hand man, but I might as well tell you the whole truth. My father forced me to become a Death Eater. If I didn't, then he would've killed my mother. They were in an arranged marriage, so there wasn't any love between them. However, I loved my mother deeply. So, to ensure her safety, I became one.

"I did a lot of things I regret Harry, a lot of things. My father set up an arranged marriage between myself and Narcissa. We were very fortunate to develop feelings for each other. She was forced to become a Death Eater as well. A friend of mine, one of the people in the Dark Lord's inner circle turned into a spy, so Narcissa and I followed this person's example. When you killed the Dark Lord that night, I was very grateful. And when you prevented the Dark Lord from returning three days ago, I feel even more grateful.

"I have a feeling, though, that I may soon have to 'reassure' other Death Eaters that I'm 'faithful' to the Dark Lord. I might say or do some things that I don't mean. I hope you understand, but I cannot blow my cover. Neither can Narcissa." Harry looked thoughtful before hugging Lucius around the neck.

"I understand…" he whispered.

It was the end of the year feast. Harry sat next to Draco, Pansy, and Blaise as usual. Unfortunately, Hermione had to stay with her housemates for the feast. Everybody ate to their heart's content.

"Another extraordinary year has gone!" Dumbledore said. "I do believe the House Cup needs to be awarded. Now, let's see. Gryffindor is in fourth place with 312 points; Hufflepuff is in third place with 352 points; Ravenclaw is in first place with 472 points." The Slytherin table burst into cheers. "Well done, Slytherin. However, we must award points for recent events. First off, to Miss Hermione Granger, for the use of cool logic in times of distress, I award Gryffindor house 50 points." The Gryffindor table burst into cheers and clapped the girl on the back, smiling. Ronald Weasley just sneered and rolled his eyes.

"Know-it-all." He mumbled.

"Second, to Mr. Draco Malfoy, for a well played game of chess and for defeating Professor McGonagall, I award Slytherin house 50 points." Harry clapped his hands happily and Draco blushed, feeling butterflies in his stomach for seeing Harry so happy. "And last, to Mr. Harry Potter, for pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Slytherin house 60 points." The table roared again, clapping so loudly that they barely heard Dumbledore scream, "Slytherin wins the House cup!"

Draco hugged Harry tightly and spun him around. He noticed many Slytherins losing control and doing the same. They hadn't won the house cup in nearly ten years! Looking at the head table, he saw Severus give them a small smile. Pride and joy swelled in their hearts. Harry tapped his staff on the ground. Instantly, words appeared in green spidery script.


Harry hugged all of his friends' good-bye as he and Draco got off the train. Pansy and Hermione had been emotional and squeezed them to death.

"We're coming back next year." The two boys assured them. And, of course, they were going to be able to communicate over the summer. Harry was going to get an owl so that he could talk to his friends. Plus, he was staying at Malfoy Manor— permanently. Lucius and Narcissa were now his legal guardians. He couldn't be happier.

"Come on Harry, Mum and Dad are over there!" Draco said, pointing in a direction.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!" The duo walked towards the elder Malfoys, their hands occasionally brushing. This summer should be interesting.

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