Alright, well this is inspired by another one of my dreams, well more like day dream. I was in socials when I was thinking hmmm… what if Bella fell for James, or even Laurent? What if she had a little obsession with bad/evil people? This picks up when Bella is in the dance studio, looking into James' eyes, just so you know.


I looked into the eyes of the hunter, he slowly walked forward to brush his snow-cold fingers down my cheek. I tried to suppress, a shiver that threatened to run down my spine.

"I'm not sure why some vampires form some sort of…obsession with humans" He emphasized, the word "human" I'm not sure why though. Again his cold fingers brushed my cheek, this time I wasn't quick enough to suppress the shiver. He noticed. He slowly moved his face towards my neck, and did absolutely nothing. Wait a minute.. What? Why don't a feel anything? Hmm.. Maybe I'm already dead… No, no way I didn't feel anything so no. I felt a cool sensation on my neck suddenly, but as soon as I felt it, it was gone…

Was it his lips? I couldn't be sure but I think it was his cold perfect, luscious- wait what am I thinking? This man, handsome, gorgeous, beauti - Shut up Bella!!! You Can't keep doing this! You hate him. He is going to kill you! Gosh you idiot! Oh perfect now I'm talking to voice in my head, and better yet I'm having arguments with them!

I love Edward- sweet, kind, beautiful James. Wait did I just start thinking about Edward and end up thinking about James..?

"So, Bella is it?" He said pulling me out of my reverie. I simply nodded in response.

"Well aren't we a talkative one?" He asked sarcastically, yet I couldn't help but notice how soft and alluring his voice was. I involuntarily took a step forward. His simply smirked at my response. He slowly bent his face down, to make our eyes level. His a beautiful crimson colour, mine a warm, curious brown, slowly met. He looked as if he was confused, and I think I saw a small flash of love? I wasn't exactly sure if I saw it, for once I saw it, it was gone. Oh why does this always happen to me. I felt a strange pull compelling me to lean closer to James. I've always had a strange liking to all the bad characters in books, I remember reading a book called Gothic, with many different stories, each one had a bad guy or girl and I always took a liking to that particular person. My friend Haley had called me something, what was it.. Hmm anarchcular? Nope hmm what was it?? Anarch-something? Anarchist! Yes that's what it was Anarchist! That's what I was an anarchist, I liked bad people, and dangerous people, I loved the adrenaline, it was like a drug to me.

Suddenly I felt something cold and hard on my cheek, I opened my eyes, I hadn't even realized I'd closed them, his lips were on my cheek! I smiled, wait why am I happy he's kissing me..?


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