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Refresher: Fifteen minutes later we were driving down a gravel driveway I'm guessing. About two minutes later we pulled up to a magnificent, white mansion, 4 times the size of the Cullen's…

Anarchy Bella

Chapter Five.

The mansion, was very Victorian, it looked to be very old, or was the perfect restoration of a house from way back when. It had beautiful bay windows, and had a wrap around porch, two glass doors were open, and I could see beautiful silk curtains that I'm sure no family with children would have, for the fear of having them ruined by sticky little fingers. ( A/n I don't hate children just so you know)

I looked over at James, with a questioning look.

"Yes, this is the right place, magnificent…" His voice sounded slightly awed.

"Yes, it's absolutely stunning…" I was surprised by my voice, it sounded so distant like I was deep in thought, and I guess I was just in awe. I reached for the door handle to open my door, but all I felt was a cool hand inside my own. I looked up a bit startled, to see James holding my door open.

"Why thank you kind sir." I said with a little bit of a mock accent.

"My pleasure milady." He said with the same accent only his sounded authentic.

"Ah, I see you brought us a snack" Said a cold, voice that was coming closer with each word. I looked up to see the wild orange hair, of Victoria. Is that what I was? My heart slowly started to shatter.

"Bella is no snack!" Came James' furious voice.

"Then what the hell is she!?!" Victoria asked with the same tone.

"She will soon be my mate!" I wanted to jump up and down screaming "haha in your face!!" to Victoria.

"What the fuck are you talking about, I'm you mate!"

"Correction, I was your mate at one time, you were simply an infatuation, nothing more your dirty piece of scum!" James bellowed in a disgusted manner.

"You're picking a filthy human over me?" She sounded like she thought she was god greatest gift to man kind, yea right!

"As I matter of fact I am, I would rather drink from animals than be with you!"

Suddenly I felt something as hard and cold as stone, knock me to the ground, and I heard a sickening snap just before everything went black…


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