Written by Shaun Garin

Yuuko looked at the newest visitor to the shop, a tall, strikingly handsome man with his hair done up in many dreadlocks. His grin was infectious, a striking ivory and gold and he was dressed in clothing befitting a pirate of the 17th century. "So, Jack Sparrow," purred Yuuko, leaning on her couch, her long cigarette holder dangling lazily in her fingers, "What brings you to my store?"

"To be perfectly honest, a fine woman such as yourself should know why I'm here," drawled Sparrow. The man swaggered towards a rum bottle that was set aside for him, and he in turn drew out a bottle of his own. "This… store of yours, I've visited in the past and I've always found myself somewhat blessed and cursed to return." Taking a lazy drink straight from the bottle, he handed it off to Maru who then handed it off to Mokona who devoured the rest in a single gulp.

"You haven't visited since you took up with the sorceress Tia Dalma," said Yuuko, a little hurt tone in her voice. "You never call, you never write…"

"A difficult thing to do when ones self is marooned on a desert island," replied Jack flippantly. "But I did catch you that fine bottle of rum in exchange for your services."

"And what services might that be?" inquired Yuuko steadily, her gaze infinite. To Jack, it was like staring into the eyes of Tia Dalma, though the woman was a little more unsteady would be the word Jack would use.

"Well… I've been missing something, something that I lost on the swim back. Sea Turtles make OUTSTANDING ships but they lack finesse, savvy? Rather than seeing it being dragged to Davy Jones' locker, I'd rather suspect it wound up with you. Catch my drift?"

"Aaaah," said Yuuko, leaning back once more. "You mean the compass. The compass bestowed upon you by Dalma… is that what you seek?"

"You are a WONDERFUL and PERCEPTIVE woman," said Jack, flatteringly. "If you don't mind, I'll take it, drop you a bottle of rum and be on my way, savvy?"

"Hold," said Yuuko, and her eyes were clear from the effects of alcohol. "A price must be paid. That is a powerful artefact, Jack Sparrow, not one to trifle with."

"Aaah, but without it, I won't be able to find the Pearl, and get it back from that swine Barbossa," urged Jack.

"You know what I must do; return it for a price."

Jack clutched his hat. "Not my hat."

Yuuko giggled which turned into full blown laughter. "Not your hat, Jack, it'd look bad on me. No, what I want is a year."

"A year," repeated Jack.

"A year… two years you have left to reclaim the Pearl before Davy Jones comes to collect. I want a year of your time."

Jack blanched a little but relented. "All right, you do your business and hokey magical voodoo, and I'll get the Pearl back with the help of the compass."

"Then it is done," said Yuuko. Jack patted himself down a little, hoping that he didn't feel any different. When Yuuko handed over the compass, he made a flourishing bow and left, depositing another bottle of rum to the side.

When Jack stepped out into the sunshine of Tortuga, he decided he needed a boat. Didn't Anamaria have one he could "borrow" in lieu of getting to Port Royale?