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From smile to tears

"Grissom , you know you can't tell this to Greg , right ? " Nick whispered "he's happy now , I don't want him to worry , please !"

"He will find out someday , Nick"

The Texan just looked full of hope into his boss' eyes , pleading him not to tell Greg; obviously he knew that Grissom will listen to him . He won .

"But , Griss , if we'll catch the bastard , he doesn't have to know ."

"You know he let a letter at the scene ?"

"Somehow you are going to read this , CSIs , so I just wanted to let you know you must protect that little bastard , because I'm out to get him"

"Oh hell … I didn't know 'bout this . Think he'll comply the promise ?"

"I really wish not , but after what we seen … I'm more than sure he'll do it . Anyway , we have to protect Greg with all that we have , because I don't want him to get hurt again by the psycho …"

"Do the girls know about this ?"

"No , I'll call them and tell them . But you stay here and take care Greg finds out nothing ."

Greg and Gail entered the lab , holding hands . They've been dating for three days and Greg wanted to ask her marry him , because he was truly in love . In love with the most amazing girl in the world , in love with an angel . Gail was his world , his universe ; he couldn't imagine life without her and neither could she . They made a wonderful couple , because the love was making their relationship strong , stronger day by day . Greg even bought a diamond ring . He wanted to propose her the next day ,in front of all lab .

Gail loved him very much too and she was showing him this in the most beautiful ways possible . She knew about everything that happened to him and was helping him to get over it ; he was having some nightmares and she was there to calm him , to listen to him . She considered Greg a hero because he never told her when he was feeling bad , he was going through everything without exteriorizing , which was amazing .

So they were entering the lab ; he opened the door for her and they stepped in , laughing at something . When the techs and CSIs saw Greg laughing like the old times , they felt like smiling too . Everybody changed since the incident .

"Hey guys , watcha doin' here ?" he asked the boys who were in the break room "another break ?" he laughed .

"Baby , I'm going to change and start to work , okay ?" Gail kissed him and then left .

"Well , how is it going , Casanova ? see you got the girl when are we hearing the bells ?" Warrick asked with his usual humor .

"Dunno … I'll probably propose to her tomorrow … and the wedding in one week … why ?"

"For nothing … she's hot man , but you know this , don't you ?"

"Oh yeah , but she's my girl , so back off "he joked .

"Hey Cath , Sara" Gail greeted smiling all the time "how are you doing ?"

"We are fine , but I see you're far more better than me " Catherine looked at her "so , when is the wedding ?"

"We are dating for THREE weeks !"

"So ? you like each other for months !"

"Well .. he haven't proposed me yet …"

"Okay , I give up !"

"Of course you do ."

"Anyway , here is my guns and bullets , can you … ?"

"Course , Sara. Anything for you . "


Greg was in his break after solving the case . He entered the lab and saw his girlfriend still working on a gun , probably a 45 .

"Hey , Gail , can you take a break , you don' look so good ."

"I think I'm a little tired . That's all "

She rose to her feet and saw black before her eyes and felt the need to sit back .Greg worries increased watching her .

"You really don't look good , you should rest "

"Nah , I'm feeling fine . Probably I'm tired I'll pass . "

Her face was white like the coat she was wearing , she was shaking terribly and sweating . clearly she wasn't okay . She was trying to get up again and this time succeeded .

"I'm fine . "

"You sure ? you don't look that fine to me …"

"I feel okay , look Grissom wants to see you . He's with the guys in the break room"

"K , but I'll return in a sec . "

"What , Grissom ? Something wrong ?"

"You solved the case ?"

"Yeah, here's the file "

Greg saw Gail stepping out of the lab , obviously coming in their direction . He was still worried about her , and watched her closely . At the middle of the corridor , he saw she starting trembling . She closed her eyes and then he realized she was going to pass out . He jumped over the table and ran to catch her before she'd hit her head on the floor .

He caught her and took her in his arms . What was wrong with his girlfriend ?


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