Only the beginning

The pain was unbearable … Gail was feeling too weak to even try to yell to her sisters . She was in the door frame and was putting pressure on the wound . The blood was so cold and the wind was making the tree branches move so fast . She was thinking at Greg . Where was Greg when she needed him so much ? Smile . She was doing and the only thing in her mind was Greg .

Gia was going to the fridge and saw her staying in the door and ran to her sister . Seeing the stain on her sister's dress and the grimace on her face , the young girl freaked out . She started yelling for help . Carly and Amelia jumped from their beds to see why was she crying and saw Gail . While Carly ran with a towel to put pressure on the bleeding wound , Amelia took the phone to dial 911 . Right in that moment , the police cars that were supposed to stay there and protect Mrs. Sanders and her sisters arrived . They were too late , it was no need for them to be there .

The ambulance was there in a couple of minutes and took her at the hospital . Carly asked the doctors if she could ride with her sister and she was allowed . Amelia stayed behind to take care of Gia . The poor girl was still in shock after seeing Gail like that .


Carly was sitting on a chair while Gail was in surgery and he heard someone saying her name . She looked up and saw Greg who was crying .

"Car , is she okay ? Is she dead ? How is she Car , how is she ?"

"Surgery , bro . I don't know a thing … she was bleeding and …" then she saw Greg was looking at her clothes in horror . They were soaked with blood .

"Yeah I need to change my clothes . I know . I'll go home if you don't mind Greg … can you stay here for an hour alone ? An hour will take me to change those clothes and taking a shower ? You'll be okay ?"

"Yeah , I'll be fine . I'll be fine ."

She left after hugging her brother in law and Greg just sat there , on his hand was some blood that transferred from Carly's shirt . He looked at that blood and could feel pain … her pain , Gail's pain . And it was killing him . How could this happen to his girl ? To his sweet Gail ? How ?

He knew this was Hodges's work . A doctor approached him and handed to him a letter covered in blood .

"Mr Sanders ?" he nodded "we found this letter in your wife's clothes . It has your name on it . "

He took it with his shaking hands and ripped the envelope . He pulled out a piece of paper he was afraid of opening . Greg thought it was from David and he was right . He finally read it and it wrote .

So , Greg , you know this letter is something that I sent for all the team . It came with your wife because she was the first victim . You know how much I hate you all . And you know I said I'll have my revenge , my sweet revenge on every one of you , I'm gonna torture you until you'll beg for me to stop . Why ? Because I hate you . You sent me to prison for life . Big mistake , you should've asked for death penalty . Because Mr. Sanders and CSI team I will not stop until I will see every one of you the way I felt . So powerless . I want to see you hate each other , blame each other for everything that happens . I will take my sweet time on driving you crazy , slowly and painfully . I will savor the taste , this wonderful flavor of your madness , the madness I will induce . Do you believe me now ? That girl was my first , you know . But next I will have someone else . Watch your back CSI , watch your back . you do not know who will be the next victim . Someone's lover , friend , son , daughter , wife , husband , you'll never find out before I'm done . So take care of you and the ones you care for . Maybe your girl , Catherine ? Your brother , Sara ? Your wife , Warrick ? Your sisters , Nick ? Or one of your guys Grissom ? Or maybe your darling again , Greg ?

Take care …this is only the beginning .

Because there will be another victim soon . Maybe this time he or she is not going to be as lucky as Mrs. Sanders was .

Your friend ,

D. Hodges .

"Oh my God ! " Greg yelled on the hallway . "No , not again ! "

Sara and Nick were approaching the waiting room Greg was in and ran to see what was wrong when they heard the scream . They saw Greg on his unsteady feet looking at them with widened eyes . He handed them the paper and Sara read it out loud , so the other team members could hear it as well .

After she finished , the look of unbelieving was on their faces . Everyone was thinking at the dear ones , how Hodges called them . Were they okay ? After making lots of calls and making sure their families were safe , they all sat on the chairs waiting for news on Gail .

Time was passing with the lowest speed ever and they were wondering how much they'll have to wait until anyone will come and tell them her condition . Carly also joined the group after she returned from home .

The doctor stepped out of the operating room , pulled his suit and went to see the person's waiting to know for Gail's conditions . He took he gloves off his hands and entered the waiting room .

"For Mrs. Gail Sanders ?"

"Yeah all of us . I'm her husband . How is she , how's my wife ?" he rose to his feet and came closer to the doctor .

"Be happy , son , she's going to be okay . The knife didn't touch anything vital , it just cut some muscles and nerves . She's going to be just fine . " Greg lowered his body on the ground because his feet weren't able to hold his weight any longer .

"When can I see her ?" he looked up to the medic .

"Anytime . Just wait for her to be brought in her room . And she needs rest , a lot . Is okay ?"

"Yeah is fine . Thanks you thank you so much doc !"

And then they sat there ands looked at each other , the good news still didn't replace the horror that was in their eyes remembering the letter . There was still a question unanswered : Who was going to be the next victim . Looking at each other , they just hoped , in a selfish way that it would not be someone each one of them cared for .


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