Pikachu woke up early one morning to go outside she was enjoying the fresh morning breeze.

Morning, Pikachu. Ash said as he walked up to his friend.

Pikachu! Pikachu replied happily

Ash had an idea but he never known exactly whether Pikachu was female or male and he was not one to look up a pokemon's skirt.

Ash and Pikachu just sat there enjoying the morning breeze. Then something caught her eye.

Pikachu immediately used agility to push her trainer out of the way of the incoming pin missile attack.

Thanks buddy. Ash replied. Then he saw it and blushed. Pikachu's small clit was right in front of his face.

Pikachu noticed what ash was staring at and her first thought was to thunderbolt him but she had more pressing matters to attend to.

That pin missile attack didn't come from nowhere.

Instead as she got off him to whacked his nose with her tail.

She looked around trying to figure out where exactly it came from.

Then the attack come not from the front but the back.

Pikachu heard ash scream out and turned to run to her trainers' side…but he was gone!

Pikachu franticly looked around for her trainer.

He could not have disappeared into thin air! Pikachu! Pikachu called out hoping her trainer would respond.

However, he did not. Pikachu ran around franticly searching until she came into a clearing.

Pikachu looked around only to see a meowth in the clearing. Wondering where Ash is huh?

Pikachu knew at once it was team rocket's meowth and her cheeks began to emit large sparks.

Jessy and James sent me out here to let you know that if you come quietly that he would not be hurt.

Fuck off meowth! Where is Ash! Pikachu demanded angrily. Follow me and I will show you.Meowth replied.

Pikachu didn't trust meowth at all and knew this was a trap but her concern for ash was too great to worry about that right now.

Pikachu cautiously followed meowth looking for traps along the way.

So how long have you had a crush on ash? Meowth asked smiling.

I don't! Pikachu replied at once.

It's written all over your face! Meowth replied as he stopped and turned around.

Jessy has known I've liked her for a while now. She even let me fuck her just the other day!

You fucked a human. Pikachu asked shocked. Ya you'd be surprised how many pokemon fuck there trainer's when no ones looking.

Almost immediately, Pikachu pictured ash's naked body and it tuned her on. A feeling for ash that she never felt before overpowered her.

What this feeling was she could not describe.

Have you ever had sex before? Meowth asked snapping Pikachu out of her thoughts.

Why would you ask me a thing like that?! It's just a question.meowth replied smiling even more broadly. No…Pikachu replied shifting her feet.

You haven't? Meowth replied with an even bigger grin. It seemed that meowth's grin could not get any bigger.

Then you're a virgin? Meowth asked looking very aroused.

Why are you looking at me like that? Pikachu asked slightly scared.

Well I figured that I could give you a little hands on advice on how to please a man.

Really, how? Pikachu asked almost assuming the answer. Well if you want, I could show you how to fuck the right way.

Meowth then advanced on Pikachu and placed his paw on her clit. Pikachu jumped at first but did not resist.

Meowth then slid his finger into her and pleasure over took her. Meowth moved down on her and began to lick her pussy while playing with her clit. Pikachu screamed in pleasure as she neared her climax.

Meowth continued to play with her clit and began to lick her pussy even faster causing her to cum all over his face. Now it's your turn. meowth said. Meowth lay on his back revealing his hard cock.

I've never done this before. Pikachu said awkwardly. Just start and I'll tell you what to do. Pikachu began to suck on meowth's cock moving her mouth up and down.

Ok what you want to do is suck on tip and move your way down and put as much of it as possible into your mouth. If it helps picture it as ash's cock.

Pikachu did as she was told and engulfed meowth entire cock into her mouth almost causing her to gag.

Yes! That's the way to do it! Meowth said as he arched up in pleasure.

Meowth busted his load into Pikachu's mouth causing her to gag as she spit his cum out of her mouth.

Why did you do that?! Pikachu said still gagging. Sorry I figured you wouldn't mind. Meowth said smiling. Can I please see ash now? Pikachu asked giving a look that said: DON'T FUCK WITH ME!

Ok fine but it is fair to warn you it is a trap.

I figured. Pikachu said as she followed him. As they neared another clearing, she saw ash laying on the ground out cold.

Pikachu ran over to her trainer's side but was caught off guard by the trap springing under her. Ha! We caught Pikachu! Pikachu hung in a net.

Ash began to wake up. Pikachu! Ash yelled and began to get up but stopped when he felt serge of pain in his leg.

Thanks to my cacnea, you will not be walking out of this one twerp! Pikachu hang on!

Ash called to his pokemon and groaned in pain again as held his throbbing leg.

Pikachu had known team rocket to be mean and underhanded but to see ash in this condition because of them really pissed her off.

Pikachu let out a furious thunderbolt but it did not make it past the electricity absorbing wires. Team rocket just laughed.

Use all your energy you little rat! Jessy laughed. Don't call Pikachu a rat! Ash yelled out angrily.

Did you say something twerp? James asked and singled cacnea.

Cacnea then shot another pin missile attack injuring ash even more.

Pikachu felt like she could not take anymore. In one final attempt, she put all her energy into a single thunder attack. Team rocket let out a shriek of pure terror as Pikachu broke free of the trap and looked like she was willing to kill.

Sparks shooting out like mad out of each of her cheeks,

Pikachu walked up to team rocket. Tell them what I'm saying. Pikachu said to meowth with a pure look of hatred.Meowth then repeated Pikachu word for word.

She says that if we don't get our asses out here in the next 10 seconds she will give us a thunder attack that we will not live to see another day…10, 9, 8, uhh let's scram!!! Meowth blurted out and team rocket ran like bats out of hell.

Pikachu then ran to her trainer's side. Pikachu had felt worried before about ash in times like this but this was a different kind of worry she was feeling.

A feeling as if she could not live in peace until he was feeling better. Pikachu wished she could do something, ANYTHING to make ash feel better. However, all she could do was comfort him.