A New World

Atarashii Sekai

This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the anime series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Most of you have probably never heard of Tsubasa but that is alright. Give this story a chance and let me know what you think. I think these two will crossover quite well.

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own either Buffy or Tsubasa. If I did Syaoran and Spike would be all mine.

Summary: Syaoran and the gang are in search of Princess Sakura's feathers which contain her memories and are her soul and heart. They travel through many different worlds or dimensions in search of these feathers. Their next stop happens to be Sunnydale, California. Both the Scoobies and the Tsubasa gang are in for many surprises along the way.

Pairings: Of course their will be spuffy. I love Buffy and Spike as a couple. They have a good relationship in here because I am making it that Spike got his soul earlier in the 6th season and never tried to rape Buffy. He also doesn't have the chip anymore. Also their will be Sakura/Syaoran. However there won't be much since I have plans. I am unsure about the other couples. I think Kurogane and Fai are right for each other but I am still unsure if they will end up as a couple in this.

Now that all that is out of the way please read and review.

"Everyone, wake up!" exclaimed Mokona. "We have arrived in a new world."

Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, and Fai had just been transported to a new world by Mokona. They had fallen asleep which is nothing unusual for them. Syaoran gripped on tightly to Sakura while Kurogane hit Mokona for being too loud. Fai just sat there with a goofy smile on his face.

"Oh be nice Kuro-puu" said Fai in his cutesy voice.

"My name is Kurogane not Kuro-puu. Get that right Mage!" yelled Kurogane

"Wah! Kuro daddy is mad at his Fai mommy! Fai falsely cried.

"That's it I am out of here. I am going to go explore this new world instead of sitting in the middle of a road in the dark" explained Kurogane.

During this banter Syaoran kept his grip on Sakura until she woke up moments after the small fight had ended. Even though Syaoran had known Sakura for most of their lives it was awkward now that Sakura did not remember Syaoran and could never remember what they had together.

But this they every have anything more than just friendship? Syaoran thought. Of course they did. He was sure that they day that Sakura lost her memories she was going to tell him that she loved him. Then again she was the princess of the kingdom of Clow and he was just a poor archaeologist.

Everyone, excluding Kurogane who had already left stared at Syaoran who seemed to be spacing out. Upon noticing the stares Syaoran shook his head vigorously and got up off of the cement.

"Well we shall be going now." said Syaoran sounding very business like. "Mokona do you sense any of Princess Sakura's feathers in this world?

"I do…"replied Mokona hesitantly "but it is very faint and I have the feeling that this will be one of our more difficult ones to obtain"

Meanwhile Kurogane is off wandering around Sunnydale and comes across a vampire. Kurogane being from another world is much taller than your average human and he also happens to be very strong. Kurogane has his sword out and waiting to attack. This vampire only rose tonight and was very sure of himself. He had to be otherwise he would know that there was no way he could win in a fight against Kurogane. However, before Kurogane could even swing his sword the vampire exploded in a cloud of dust. Once the dust cleared Kurogane could make out the figure of a young, small, blond woman.

"Who are you?" they both asked at the same time.



This was mainly just a prologue. I am leaving it off with Buffy and Kurogane meeting. Everyone will meet each other in the next chapter. One change I think I am going to make is having thoughts in italics and just doing the name and then having the dialogue. I love to write but I can never think of good ways to say how someone said something. I hope this doesn't bother anyone. So please read and review and I will get the first official chapter up soon. If someone wants to know more about Tsubasa just send me a message. I tried to set it up so it would not be too confusing.