A New World

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Ch.4 Message from Yuuko

Once everyone had arrived at Buffy's house Sakura was already asleep in Syaoran's arms. This left everyone else to discuss the currant situation.

"Well I see that Sakura is already asleep. Syaoran you can set her down on the couch. The rest of you can make yourself comfortable on the floor. I'm sorry we don't have much room."

"Oh this will be just fine but we cannot go to sleep just yet," said Syaoran.

"Oh why is that?" questioned Buffy.

"I think that we should call up the dimensional witch and see what she knows about this world."

"Hello I am from this world. I think I can answer your questions better than the dimensional witch."

"Well yes but she seems to know everything in general. There could be a reason for us being in this world."

"So this person is all knowing and just tells you whatever you want to know?"

"She will give us something or tell us what we need to know as long as we have the equivalent payment."

"Fine all her up"

"Mokona can you please contact Yuuko?"

"Mokona can do that."

"Syaoran what is the nature of your call this time?" asked Yuuko.

"Well we have landed in a very strange world this time. I believe the place we are in is called Sunnydale, California."

"I have heard of Sunnydale before. Sometimes there will be repeats of countries in different dimensions. It is not unusual at all for this to happen. In other dimensions there are many repeats of California. However, up until a few years ago there were never any repeats of Sunnydale. A vengeance demon named Anyanka granted a wish that created an alternate version of Sunnydale. This never should have happened. Those areas which are placed upon the mouths of Hell are never to have repeats."

"Wait wait wait!" exclaimed Buffy. "How is it that you know all of this? How do you know about the Hellmouth?"

"That is very simple to answer. I am Yuuko. I am older than you can imagine and I grant wishes if the price can be paid. There are many ways that people may contact me. I have heard from others in Sunnydale and big events are too happen in Sunnydale that was foretold long ago.

"Another prophesy? I am pretty sick of all these prophesies. First one I had to deal with killed me for a few minutes."

"Yes I know of your struggles. You do have a part to play in all of this. Your destiny is linked to that of these travelers. I am afraid that is all I can tell you for now. As for the issue of payment, all I request is a book that describes the Hellmouth."

"Oh I have one of those upstairs," yelled Willow. Will ran up the steps and returned five minutes later with the book. She returned to find everyone in the room silent. She figured it was because Yuuko would not say anything more and the others were waiting until she had been paid to start discussing everything. "Here you go Mokona. Please get this to Yuuko."

"Your payment has been accepted. I will leave you with a few words. If anything strange begins to happen then contact me again."

After that Yuuko was gone and the room was still in silence. No one knew how to respond to this strange news. Buffy, especially had an uneasy feeling knowing that someone in another dimension seemed to know all about Sunnydale. Buffy knew that other dimensions existed but she had figured that is was mostly different Hell dimensions. Even when these strange travelers arrived she had a hard time believing they were humans. There was something off with most of them. The only one who felt somewhat normal was Kurogane. Buffy was startled out of her thoughts by Fai using a cute voice to talk to Kurogane."

"Oh Kuro-puu you didn't yell at the dimensional witch once this time. I am so proud of you."

"Yeah well I wasn't the one who had to pay anything this time. We should talk over what that witch said."

Buffy agreed right away but the rest of her group seemed reluctant and tired. They had all been through so much during the years that this hardly seemed like something the Scoobies needed to stay up for. By the time the room had cleared of those longing for sleep all that were left were Buffy, Spike, Willow, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai.

Syaoran decided to begin the discussion since no one else seemed to want to start.

"Alright here is what we know so far. Sunnydale seems to be the place we need to be in right now. We know that our two groups have connected destinies. Yuuko has always told us there are no coincidences so this was meant to happen. Buffy, you are a slayer who has a vampire and a witch on your side among others. We have Kurogane who is a strong fighter, Fai who can use magic, Mokona, and myself. Sakura is a dream-seer but not since she has lost her memories.

"Well that seems to be a good outline of the situation and abilities. Now if Yuuko wanted a book on the Hellmouth I am assuming that this could be tied into the Hellmouth as everything usually is. It is not super late yet so I think we should split up and take different areas to check out. I am going to split us up into group and assign different areas of town."

"That sounds like a good start," replied Syaoran.

"Great. So Syaoran you will come with me and we will go to the cemeteries. I think Spike and Kurogane should go and ask around demon bars. Since Willow and Fai both use magic I think they should try some spells to locate maybe some new source of power that could possibly be Sakura's feather."

"But Mokona is able to sense the feathers and Mokona's eyes will go Mekkyo when one is near."

"Yes but there can be interference from the Hellmouth that blocks that power."

"Buffy I do not use magic anymore so I would not be of too much help," said Fai.

"Well stay here with Willow and see what you can do. Everyone meet back here in a few hours. Mokona you go to the middle of town. If you stay there it should be close enough that we can still understand one another. Everyone do your best and find out what you can."

Kurogane and Spike arrived at their destination. It was the nicest demon bar in town. That was not saying much about it. The place was dark and reeked. Spike was used to this type of place but it was clear that his partner on this mission was not.

"What the hell died in here?" Kurogane loudly asked to no one in particular.

"Would you mind shutting up? We are in a demon bar not a 4 star restaurant."

"Ahh Spike what brings you in here? You know we don't like seeing you in here on account of you dating the Slayer. The only reason we didn't stake you the moment you walked in is because of the rules," said some random demon in a friendly voice.

"Not well liked in these places are you Spike?" whispered Kurogane to Spike.

"I don't care about that lot. We are here to see the owner Willy."

"Spike nice to see you again," said Willy. Willy then looked up and saw just how tall and scary looking the guy with Spike was. "So who is your friend here? I don't recognize what kind of demon he is and he is not pale enough to be a vampire. The red eyes are not helping at all."

"That is not important. Now Willy we need some information from you."

"I really am trying to not play both sides anymore. If you really want some information from me then hit me."

"Now Willy you know I can't hurt humans. My friend here can though. Kurogane if you would please."

"Sure thing."

Willy was not even hit that hard by Kurogane but he still flew back. Willy definitely didn't want to piss this guy off in the future.

"Alright so what do you want to know?"

"Have you heard anything about a new power in town? It may be something unusual that seems like it doesn't fit in here."

"Some have been feeling a strange power coming from near the slayer. Some demons were following the Slayer earlier and felt a strange power coming from this small girl. They said she felt exactly like the Hellmouth does. I am human so it is not like I know what they are talking about. I don't see how some little girl can feel like the Hellmouth."

Kurogane was starting to feel a little uneasy at this point. He knew they were talking about Sakura. Sakura was asleep at the Slayer's house with everyone who could protect her gone.

"What else did these demons say?" Kurogane asked.

"From what they said it seems like they think this girl could be some destined leader they have been waiting for. Either that or she is a demon who climbed out of the Hellmouth. There are all different rumors flying around right now."

Without even thanking Willy for the information they were running top speed out of the bar. They both knew that Sakura was in trouble right now. There could be a lot of demons after her at this very moment. They knew they needed to get back to the house as quick as possible.

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