Weyr Life: The Drabbles

posted 1st June 2008

#100 - "Eternity" (Writer's Choice)

For the first and only time, I guide us into the coldness and the darkness, all my senses slipping away. I am alone for only a moment before you rejoin me, and we stay there, motionless, for an unknown while.

I have no more heartbeats to count. But I still have you, and, with that knowledge, my senses return. The darkness fades, and I feel your warmth beneath me. We have no thoughts but each other as we move beyond,

...beyond life, and into eternity together...

recapturing forever that perfect moment of joy when our eyes and souls first met.

Well, that's the last of them! Before I go, I want to thank everyone who's been reviewing, and also those of you who've just been reading along as I post. I know I'm one of the slowest updaters around, but you have motivated me greatly along the way!

I've tried to make sure that each of these drabbles hangs together properly as an individual ficlet rather than just being a boring writing exercise - if I've failed, the fault is of course all mine. Some of you may also have noticed a fairly dark and depressing theme running through many of the drabbles - I have to admit that I've used them for catharsis throughout the last year. It's been good for me, and I hope it's been good for some of the stories themselves. Well, they do say 'write what you know', and last year I got to know grief very well indeed. If it has all seemed a little bit too depressing at times, think of it as a contrast. Life has never been so bright.