Title: Play Time
Author: Starrylizard
Rating : Gen, Mature
Fandom: Supernatural
Written for Spn het love challenge: Write a drabble (300 words or less) about your favorite thing about one of the boys. You need to do it from a female character's point of view.

"Dude, you like full-on had a girl inside you for like a whole week. That's pretty naughty!" - Dean, Born Under a Bad Sign

He was good-looking; there was no doubt of that. All the Winchester men were very nice to look at and, standing in front of the mirror, Meg wasn't past doing a little twirl, turning this way and that to take in Sam's body. Now her body. Ripped abs, tight buns and perfect skin. Yeah, this had to be one of the nicest bodies she'd picked up over the years.

Though the 'meat-suit' was definitely attractive, it wasn't what was turning her on. Inside, when he managed to push his consciousness to the forefront, he was screaming in his own skull. He was scared, hurt and angry, but it was more than that. He honestly thought that he'd somehow brought this upon himself - that he was meant to do evil – meant to kill and to die.

And one thought repeated over and over in his mind. Like a twisted mantra.

Dean will finish it. Dean will do the right thing. No one else has to die. Dean will save me, because he promised.

He thought he should have been able to stop her through will alone. It was laughable, misguided… sexy.

She shivered, reveling in the feeling of power it brought. And set off to play.