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Fall of the Dead

Phase 0: Chaos

Stage: -Change-

Introduction: Chaos and Control

It was the highest point of the history of the Elemental Nations. It was an age where the Kami controlled the world, where the ruling powers of the land were peace and stability. It was an age where magic was real, where nature and man were one . . .

But it was a forgotten age, one that was not recorded and whose memory was being extinguished.

The Kami, who once ruled were now myths…memories. The rulers reduced to nothing and their legacies reduced to ashes by the fires of war.

The land changed, wars broke out and deaths multiplied. Hatred among tribes, villages and nations began to brew. Leaders were needed, and tyrants arose, each lusting for power.

Years passed slowly, and as time passed on the Kami grew angry.

Time passed and they grey restless.

Time passed and they grew hateful.

Time passed and they began to seek vengeance.

Order had been lost. Chaos had spread among the once peaceful and prosperous lands.

Order was to be established once more. Their kingdom needed to be rebuilt, their temples reconstructed, their mikos retrained and their power needed to be known and feared once more.

And so demons, youkai, were created. Among the strongest were the Generals of Kamis' army. One of them, the Demon Lord Kyuubi.

"General Kyuubi, you are needed in the throne room."

Cold red eyes glanced at the open door; kneeling pitifully on the floor was a human servant. Standing up swiftly, the Kyuubi passed the servant and growled, "Leave ningen-quickly, lest your foul stench accumulate in my quarters."

"Yes my lord." The human wench stood up, bowed lowly and scurried off in fear.

Walking towards the throne room he glared at the servants, humans always smelt of death and salt. It was a disgusting mixture that lay underneath layers of dirt and sweat.

Standing outside the throne room door, he closed his eyes and waited to be announced.

"General Kyuubi, Lord of the Northern Nations!"

Opening his eyes, he swiftly walked inside. Dropping to one knee, and bowing his head in respect, he whispered in reverence, "Inari-sama, your General has arrived. Your wish is my command."

A deep voiced seemed to resonate in the dark and empty room. "Bring me the fear I now covet. Return to me what is rightfully mine." There was a pause, "General Kyuubi, bring destruction to the Fire Nations most powerful village. Instill fear in their hearts once more."

"Hai, Inari-sama. Konohagakure will be yours."


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