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Fall Of the Dead

Phase 1: Child & Demon

Stage:-Rebirth & Regrowth-

Chapter 2: Oracle of the Mirror

The storm had receded slowly the night before and by morning; the only evidence of it ever occurring were the mud and puddles left on the ground. Yet in one area of the great village of Konoha, it was as if the storm had never occurred.

The Akira District.

Only a few hours before, it had been home to one of Fire Country's most influential and powerful clans. Known for their abilities to manipulate lightning, the Akira clan had been considered one of the most prestigious clans in the eyes of many. However a raging fire the night before had destroyed both the district and those who called it home. The fire had erased any and every evidence of the clan's existence, leaving only ashes.

The Sandaime frowned as he touched the ashes of the property, confusion gleaming in his dark brown eyes. 'All this destruction in one night, how can this be?'Looking at his ashen stained fingers, his eyes narrowed. 'This is not natural . . . It can't be.'

Standing up, he looked at the area, untouched by the rain.'It's as if the storm did not happen, not even the slight fog has reached this place.'Placing his hands behind his back, he walked around the district, ever so slowly. 'But how?'

A sudden puff of smoke brought him out of his musings. When the smoke cleared it revealed a brown haired jounin, down on one knee, head down in respect. "Hokage-sama."

The Sandaime turned to the nin, awaiting whatever news he brought.

"Hokage-sama, your . . ." The nin paused, "your wife has been found dead."

The Sandaime froze, 'Airi . . .' The Sandaime closed his eyes, tears threatening to fall, as sorrow seeped in. His hands clenched into fists, pain attacking his heart mercilessly.

"Forgive me, Hokage-sama," The nin said quietly, before continuing. "Along with Airi-sama, the monste- . . . the childshe was guarding has gone missing. Also . . . Koujaku Hitomi, has been found dead- it was a suicide."

The Sandaime resisted the urge to grind his teeth and simply said, "Dismissed."

The jounin bowed before once again disappearing in a cloud of smoke, leaving the mourning Hokage to grieve.

The Sandaime did not cry, he did not let out the scream that his heart held, he did not even blink. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity, staring at the ashes that represented much more than the destruction of the Akira clan.

It was not till much later that the old man moved, returning to his empty home. His mind weary and his soul even older than before.

Up, behind white clouds, stood three heavenly beings, surrounding the dead body of a blond child.

A blond woman gracefully step forward, a non-existent wind blowing her blond hair back. Slowly she knelt down, her hand softly caressing the child's pale whiskered cheek, "Haruka, why have you brought this child to us? Let him rest."

Haruka looked at the blond woman, a small smile gracing her pale pink lips, "This child, will be our messenger. The winds have spoken to me. I am sure he will not fail." The woman's green eyes shone with hope, as she warmly stared at the baby's body.

"How do you plan to bring him back? You know we do not have that kind of gift. Only mother does." The blond stood, giving the child one last look, she turned and began to walk away. "And we know she won't help," she sighed, "we are not to meddle in the affairs of mortals."

"Izumi! Please wait, his soul has not been lost to the lands of Yomi!" Haruka's soft voice pleaded, as she stepped forward.

Izumi paused, before turning to her brunette companion. Raising an eyebrow, she silently bade her to continue.

Haruka opened her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted.

"This child's soul no longer belongs to the mortal realm, nor does it follow it's rules." Both Haruka and Izumi turned to the voice, only to see the speaker kneeling by the child's dead body and gently picking it up.

Silver hair was swayed by a non-existent breeze, as white silk clothes followed the woman's every movement. "The soul that once belonged to this body is no longer human. It has merged with Inari-sama's messenger. Kyuubi."

"Ren, you were there with me weren't you?" Haruka asked, staring at the pale woman.

Ren seemed to smile, and as she turned she ignored the question and simply said, "I will talk to Inari-sama."

Haruka and Izumi stared at Ren, watching as small lotus petals began to swirl around her, and she disappeared.

Izumi turned to look at Haruka, "What did you mean?" Her blue eyes twinkling with curiosity.

Haruka simply smiled, "I felt her presence there with me. Watching over the child."

In a swirl of lotus petals, Ren appeared on the floor in a low bow; her head bent down, and her hands in front of her- forming a triangle. Beside her, in a white basket was the body of a small blond baby.

"Inari-sama," She said, still bowing.

"Ren." It was simple, it was cold, but it was as close to a 'hello' as the Fox-kami was going to get.

Not moving from her position, and not daring to look up at her kami's radiant form, she simply stayed quiet, knowing the kami before her would recognize the child.

"So this is the child in which the mortal's imprisoned my General." Soft footsteps could be heard in the empty room as Inari approached the dead baby's basket. "He had great potential, too bad he is dead."

Ren flinched from her spot, biting her lip, she wisely kept silent.

"My General has returned to me, his soul mixed with that of this child's." There was a pause. "I know what you plan to do, Lotus Mistress. I need amusement. I will aid you." There was a mischievous tone in his voice.

Ren closed her golden amber eyes, as she heard the kami walk away. Suddenly a cold breeze swept the room, passed over her and into the basket. Knowing the kami had left, she looked at the basket, only to hear a yip and finally . . . a baby's cry.

Ren smiled and opened her eyes looking up at the empty throne, "Arigato, Inari-sama."

The next day was a dark one in the eyes of Konoha's reinstated Hokage, who stared at the papers he was signing. The paperwork for his wife's funeral.

It was ironic, how the weather seemed to just match the emotional atmosphere that covered the village. Today was the day of many funerals; the Akira clan's, the Yondaime's, Koujaku Hitomi's, and of every one of the village's heroes . . . who gave their lives to protect their village.

Allowing only one sole tear to escape him, the Sandaime signed the papers and stood, preparing himself for the funeral.

The walk to the area where the funerals were to take place was a long one. Sarutobi's mind, occupied with memories of his late wife, did not take notice of the time.


"You may kiss the bride."

Sarutobi Airi smiled, as her husband kissed her. Against his lips she whispered, "I love you, Sarutobi Sasuke."

He smiled back at her and enveloped her in a tight loving hug. Closing his eyes, he whispered softly into her ear, "I love you too, my wife. Forever. For always."

-End Flashback-

Without him ever noticing, he finally reached the funeral site; where hundred's of caskets laid. Each, having a picture of whoever it held inside. It was an unusual funeral, but it was also on short notice. The first three caskets held; Namikaze Minato , the late Yondaime Hokage, beside him lay the casket of Uzumaki Kushina. Who, although not publicly known, was the Yondaime's wife. The last casket held Sarutobi Airi. His wife.

Slowly walking toward his wife's casket he felt his son, Asuma grab his shoulder and squeeze it to offer him comfort as he passed by.

Placing a hand on Airi's casket he allowed one last tear to escape him, watching as it hit the casket. As soon as it hit, it began to rain- a small drizzle. Perfect to cover the tears of nins, who were too proud to let them fall.

A shinobi must prioritize his mission first and not show any tears.

Returning to his place, the funeral began. The Sandaime blocked out everything, the words, the cries of children now left orphaned, the sobs of women now left widowed, every word, every sound . . . passed by him. And he was left unaffected by it.

A shinobi mustn't show his emotions in any situation.

Slowly people dispersed, each going to the casket of their husband, of their wife, of their son, of their daughter, of their grandchild, of their friend, of their lover. Each leaving there a tear and a white rose; leaving there a piece of their broken heart . . . and returning home only with their sorrow and their memories, now bittersweet.

Sarutobi stared at the white rose in his hand, remembering something his late wife used to say to him, as he stayed up late to finish work, and sat there with him, bringing him tea and keeping him company. He used to ask her to go to sleep, and when she refused to, he would ask her why. She would smile, move a stray black hair from her face, and say, 'Love is the spirit of devoting yourself to someone important and close to you . . . It is expressed by caring for and protecting that person.' She would then laugh softly, kiss his cheek and say, 'I'm devoted to you, so stop trying to get me to go to sleep. Hokage or not, I will not listen.'

Walking to Airi's casket, he whispered, "I'm devoted to you Airi, I love you . . ." He traced her picture with the rose, then brought it to his lips and kissed it softly. Staring at her picture once more, he placed the rose on her casket and he walked away.

'I love you now, and I'll love you always. Airi. My Airi.'

Ren walked into a large open room, its roof held up only by four spiraling pillars of marble and gold. Vines of lotus flowers twisting around them.

In her hands, she held the body of a sleeping baby boy.

Haruka looked up and gasped as she saw Ren enter the room. "Did you accomplish the task?"

Turning to the side, so the other two could see the face of the bundle in her arms she asked, "What do you think?"

Izumi's blue eyes widened a fraction as she looked at the once human looking child. "What happened?"

"Inari-sama has granted him a gift. The immortality of his beloved General."

Approaching the small sleeping bundle, Haruka smiled. "The wounds on his cheeks are gone. No scars."

Izumi laughed as she softly touched the red fox ears, "He will definitely grow to be a handsome one. I believe he gets these red streaks of hair from both his mother and from the Kyuubi."

Ren smiled and nodded, before turning serious. "It seems that this child already holds the Kyuubi's knowledge. It is locked deep inside of him. I will enter his mind tomorrow and unlock the secrets it holds. While I do this, you Haruka will speed up his physical aging process. I'm afraid that this child will have no childhood. His training will begin tomorrow. For now, we will let him rest."

Haruka looked down at the baby, "How old do wish to make him Ren?"

"Make him seven, which is enough. It will allow him to begin his physical training."

Izumi frowned, "And who will teach him? We do not know the ways mortal battle."

"But the Kyuubi does." Ren grinned, a bit maliciously. "All we will do is give him our elemental powers and teach him to use them. Our 'son' will not be weak."

Haruka smiled at that, "Son . . . I've always wanted one of those." As small laugh escaped her. "We will prepare him in the ways of the kami. He will know everything."

Izumi leaned on one of the pillars, her hands producing a small water dragon. "He will be perfect."

Ren smiled, looking down at the child in her hands, she whispered, "And he will be ours."

The Next Day

Silver strands of magic softly caressed soft skin and light hearted giggles filled the air. The innocent happiness of a soul, that had yet to be perverted by the world. Gentle winds turned harsh, roaring in warning of what ever was to come. Tremors shook the land, and rumbles resonated through the air. Flashes of lightning filled the dark world with light, as dark clouds hid the sun away.

The winds began to twist around a grassy valley where three heavenly maidens stood. Their soft pink lips forming words that none could hear, caressing whispers of things that only they knew of. The women held hands as they stood in a circle, around the giggling body of a blond child.

The winds circled them, their hair and silk clothes whipping wildly around them. Their whispers were no longer whispers, their eyes no longer closed. Silver strands of magic became long ribbons, moving gracefully in the air, unaffected by the harsh winds. They slowly merged and became silver water, still twisting gracefully in the air.

The water slowly surrounded the baby, and encased it in a bubble of water . . . the magic of the water causing the child to drift off into sleep as his body slowly began to grow. Chakra came from the ball, as it expelled magic throughout the valley in the form of fog.

An explosion of chakra occurred inside the bubble of water, as it began to glow a deathly crimson color.

Ren's eyes narrowed, as she braced herself. 'The Lord Kyuubi has awoken inside him.' Closing her eyes, she gathered her powers as she built them up for her last spell. "Sands of time, hear my plea. Cease your shift!"

Slowly, the wind ceased to howl, it became a gentle breeze caressing their forms softly as rays of sun light came from behind the clouds- gifting them with its warm presence.

The three women fell to their knees in a low bow, "Amaterasu-sama" They whispered in awe. They knew she had given them her blessing, from beyond the heavenly planes. As the ray of golden light hit the ball of water, the crimson glow it had darkened.

A soft voice, filled with both power and serenity filled the air. "May you never walk in darkness young one; the future will be opened for you. May you see each outcome, know what path you are to walk . . . and understand the ones you have left behind. May the suns golden rays guide you through."

In an empty land of nothingness, blue eyes opened slowly; dull and unseeing . . . Slowly a tanned hand lifted and reached out, touching a mirror of silver water stood before it. Ripples spread across its surface and slowly the hand was sucked in . . . and with it the boy.

On the other side, a tall woman awaited him. Her eyes were a sharp amber color, her lips plump and red, and her long hair, the colour of blood.

Fogged blue eyes stared up at her, but she was unaffected by their emptiness. Instead she stepped forward, slowly morphing into a large fox, and gracefully leaping at the boy.

As soon as the fox touched the boy, she glowed red and fused with him. The boys blue eyes widened as they understood, thousands of years of vast knowledge absorbed. A wise twinkle appeared in his eyes, as they slowly closed, sleep fogging his mind.

Falling forward, he was suddenly caught in a pair of arms.

"Only the knowledge of what could have been will drive you forward." The Kyuubi smirked, she swiftly walked forward through the mirror and to the child's outer mind.

Laying the small body on the cold floor, smoothing his blond and red hair back, she kissed his forehead. Standing up, she took a step backwards through the mirror. And as she disappeared she whispered. "Awaken. And live the lives you've lost . . . deep within your dreams. Learn from experience. And come out worthy of me."

Fog encased his body, much like questions did. He was, once again, surrounded by sea of nothingness. No floor, no ceiling, no end and no beginning.

'Who am I?'

A finger twitched.

'What is my purpose?'

A hand clenched.

'Why am here? '

Rationality awakened.

'Where am I?'

He stepped forward.

This knowledge . . . so vast inside of him, yet it was not his. It did not belong there. He didn't belong here, yet he was. Why?

'How did I get here?'

"What is my purpose?" He finally whispered.

A large mirror formed before him, images of people he did not know flashed inside the silver surface.

Narrowing his eyes, he approached the large silver mirror cautiously. He studied it, taking in its simple design, the strange yet peaceful aura that surrounded it.

"Will you look into the mirror young one?"

Blue eyes searched the area, for the source of the soft voice.

"Look, child. And you will see what you lost, what you gained, what could have been . . . What you will be. What you were saved from. "

Soft waves of velvet appeared inside the mirror, entrancing him.

"Understand your past, be thankful for the present. Serve the kami, in your future."

The waves began to slowly disappear as images took their place. The blond took a step forward, unsure and wary of what he would see.

October 10 - The Night of Kyuubi Attack

A strict looking woman appeared in the mirror, her dark black hair pulled up in a tight bun, streaks of grey blemishing the dark colour. A beautiful yet slightly wrinkled face was home to a pair of hazel eyes that softly stared at a crying baby boy. "Such a small angel you are, Uzumaki Naruto."

"I'd step away from that monster, Airi." A mocking voice came from the doorway.

"And if I don't?" Airi said turning to the voice, there leaning against the wall was Hagane Toyo, sneering as usual.

Dark laughter filled the room, and Airi fought the urge to shudder. She had never like the black haired council member, he reminded her a little too much of a snake. The man was handsome, very much so. But he was cruel, cold and completely insane.

"If you don't," He paused for a second, as if thinking of what will happen. "You won't exactly live to regret it."

"You dare to threaten me?"Airi yelled, trying to bide herself some time to think on how to get away with Naruto safely. "You . . . are filthy and pathetic! You would stoop so low as to hurt a child?"

"Now, now, Airi. You wouldn't want to make me mad would you? Just give me the demon and I will go."

"Never! Stay away from him, you bastard!" She spat at him backing away.

"Beauty . . . you may possess, however Airi, it seems like you would have lived longer if you possessed brains instead." In a flash he was before her. Grabbing her neck roughly he pushed her against the wall.

She clawed at his hand, gasping for air she writhed and kicked and fought. But the dark-haired council member only laughed. His other hand came up to her soft cheek and caressed it lightly. "What a fine specimen you are Sarutobi Airi."

He pushed himself against her, his face nuzzling her neck. Breathing in her scent he smiled maliciously. "Jasmine indeed, you live up to your name. Airi, but let's see if you taste like pears." (1)

Airi's eyes widened as she interpreted the meaning to his words and she began to struggle more.

Toyo's dark laughter filled the room once more, like silk, it caressed her neck. The short warm puffs of air warming her skin. Airi closed her eyes, praying to whatever it was that she believed in to help her.

A soft but cold voice filled the room, "You mortals are all the same. Selfish."

Airi opened her eyes and looked around the room, hoping for help.

Terror filled her as she noticed that Toyo hadn't heard the voice he had proceeded to grinding his hips against hers. She kicked and tried to scream.

"We will not help you mortal, ungrateful wench. Give and you shall receive. You have given us nothing, and you shall receive the same in turn."

Toyo laughed once more. "Really Airi-sama!" He said mockingly, "As if I'd take this withering body of yours. No . . . I'd never touch some thing so defiled!" He spat out the word.

"But ," he continued, as his finger traced her lips. "I do so wish to see how you taste." His lips ghosted over hers, "like pears, maybe?" He whispered against he lips before smashing against them in a forceful kiss.

Airi shut her eyes, tears softly falling down her cheeks.

Her eyes suddenly snapped open, and gasping she looked down. Her eyes dimmed as she slowly began to fall forward, Toyo stepped out the way and she fell to the floor, the impact only pushed the kunai in her stomach further in.

Toyo kneeled beside her as she slowly died. "You don't taste like pears, pity." Tipping his head to the side, he looked at Airi's pale and dead features. "If you did, who knows, I might have let you live . . ."

Standing up swiftly he strode the crib and stared at the blond baby, whose innocent eyes stared at the dead body of his caretaker.

"Filthy animal watched. Monster indeed." Grabbing the child by the shirt, Toyo walked back to Airi's dead body. Kicking it, so that she rolled onto her back, he grabbed the kunai from her stomach, wiped it on her clothes and strode out the door, kicking the dead guards and ANBU on the way.

And taking the, now crying, blond with him.

"Uzumaki Naruto." The word was foreign on his lips, and even more so to hear. "That is me." It was a question, phrased as a statement. A statement not accepted, and even less understood.

"No child, that is who you were. Uzumaki Naruto is dead to the world. He is your past, look once more. . . into the mirror."

The blond sighed, and looked back into the mirror, one thought in his mind.'If I was Uzumaki Naruto, then who am I now, that he is dead?'

Mirror swirled once more and in its silver surface, Hagane Toyo appeared once more . . . holding the blond child.

Toyo discreetly walked from shadow to shadow, his dark black eyes glinting maliciously.

In his hands he held a sleeping baby boy, the blond had been subjected to a small sleeping jutsu. Toyo sneered, "Damned demon, should have just used a Katon jutsu and burned him to a crisp."

Looking around, so that not one so saw him, Toyo entered the old council room. It was located in the south part of the village, which had been destroyed in a fire caused by a small tiff between the Uchihas and Inuzukas, a few years before when the Inuzukas had insulted the Uchiha's honour. The old Hokage tower had been replaced with the new one on the north end, and no one came here anymore.

"My, my, look what the neko dragged in! Hagane Toyo and a wittle baby fox!" Hitomi laughed, from her seat.

"Koujaku, a cat brings in small mice and such. Toyo however is more of a piece of shit, aren't you?"

Toyo, looked at Hitomi, wondering just how insane she had become because of the Yondaime's refusal. Pushing that thought away, Toyo sneered an turned to the voice, "Akira Ishi, the only piece of shit here happens to be you as a direct result of being your mother's offspring."

"What is that supposed to mean, you bastard!" Ishi yelled getting up.

"Well your mother was an Akira, was she not?" Came the cool reply.

"Are you insulting my clan Hag-"

Hitomi interrupted, "I believe we have other," she paused, stared at the blond demon child and sneered in disgust. "Issues to discuss."

They all simultaneously turned to the baby boy, "The demon."

"To think, that such a monster is expected to stay in our village . . . it's absurd!" Hitomi screeched.

The memories continued, until the death of Akira Ishi.

The blond looked at the mirror, unaffected as he watched the scared man being dragged into the dark abyss. "Who am I now?"

"You are servant to the kami, you are son of nature, restorer of balance. Incarnation of nightfall and the physical manifestation of divine justice."

"Do I have a name?"

"Takeshi; warrior. Our warrior."

Takeshi nodded, feeling the world around his disappear he asked, "Will I come here again?"

"Every night, until you have seen and understood every possible outcome."

If he did not understand, he did not show it . . . He merely nodded and closed his eyes, allowing himself to fall away. His last thoughts resonated in the back of his mind, but he did not know. 'Before I die, before I am forgotten. I will see to you Hagane Toyo. I will die, only after having stood over your dead corpse.'

"My lord, Wind Country has sent a messenger. "

"Bring him, and kill the others with him." The cold voice responded, from the shadows of the room.

"Yes my lord." The man bowed and left the room, and behind him the Lord of Fire Country grinned. 'Slowly, but surely, all of the elemental countries will fall under the power of the Fire Nation. These islands will be mine.'

"They are mine to conquer." He whispered to himself as the emissary was brought in.

"L-lord Noburu, my lord Ryuunosuke has sent me to ask you to move your soldiers away from the western border. He says would proclaim war should you not agree to do so."

"Really?" The word was dripping with sarcasm.

"My lord, what is it you want?"

"Bold words for a messenger." Noburu paused, "I want what every man wants. More."

Lord Noburu grinned, standing up from his throne, and walking out of the shadows. In the soft light of the fires that lit up the dark room, one could see his cold black eyes, and the soft scars that marred his face. "I wish you a safe return, yet how safe will you be without an escort?"

"L-lord Noburu, I have come with-"

Noburu cut him off, "I am afraid, that the companions you have come with have met a terrible and regrettable fate." Signaling for his guards to bring in the other five men, he grinned once more as he watched the emissary weep in sorrow over the body of his fallen comrades.

"You are uninvited here, grab your horse and leave."

"Lord Noburu, I have come too far and I will not reach Wind without an escort."

Noburu ignored the man's plea, and instead posed a question. "Tell me, messenger. Answer truthfully to what I will ask you. Will Wind look upon my army and tremble? Will they bow down to me?"

"No man, woman or child of Wind will bow down to another ruler, Lord Noburu."

Noburu looked at the messenger, sensing only honesty in his words. He sneered and hissed, "then every man, woman and child of Wind will die."

"Send him away, make sure he reaches the border of Wind Country." He said, watching as the guards roughly led the grieving man away. "May the Kami, keep you. May they see your way through. And may they see to it that wolves feast upon your body."

Walking towards the dead bodies, he softly touched the cheek of one of them with his foot, moving it to face him.

"How many of you will die, before bowing down to me?" He whispered to the dead soldier.

Walking to the window and staring out into the land, he whispered to himself. "Not enough, and not very soon."

"I have fought many wars. I have won them all, for glory, for power, for land. And this will be another, for dominance. Empires are forged by wars, mine will be forged by only one." Gripping the windowsill tightly he called for his advisers, "Call for the Hokage. Bring to me every able bodied shinobi. Begin the preparations for war."

Looking back out the window, he frowned. "This could take years to even begin. But this will be the greatest war ever to be seen. And I will need the greatest warrior, one that was born only to end lives. At my signal, we will unleash hell."

His dark eyes darkened even more as he watched his advisors scramble away to complete their tasks. "This nation will be mine. I will make it easy for Ryuunosuke. I will walk up to him, when I have defeated him. And I will say that Wind is mine."

"We shall see, mortal."


(1) Look at the name meaning for Airi.

Name meanings:

Ren: From Japanese "lotus" or "romance, love".

Haruka: From Japanese "far off, distant". It can also come from (haru) "spring" or (haru) "clear up" combined with (ka) "flower" or (ka) "smell, perfume".

Izumi: Means "fountain, spring" in Japanese.

Airi: From Japanese (ai) "love, affection" combined with (ri) "jasmine" or (ri) "pear"

History Cookie: Sarutobi Sasuke was a famous ninja featured in many Japanese children's stories from 1911 to 1925. He is generally believed to be a fictional creation of the Meiji era based on the historical ninja Kozuki Sasuke, though some argue for his actual existence

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