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It was midnight.

Kyouyama Anna stared at the stars from her window, she could not sleep. Tomorrow, her fiancé, Asakura Yoh, will go to America for the second round of the Shaman Fight. She could not explain why she had a bad feeling in her stomach every time she thought about him leaving Funbari, leaving their inn, leaving her.

She rose to her feet and grabbed Yoh's battle costume. She walked all the way to his room and slid the door open. Yoh was on his bed but she knew that he was awake, she could sense it.

"You're very bold" She said with a frown on her face "Once you got home, you went to bed without saying good bye to me"

He did not respond to her.

"You act like nothing is happening, tomorrow is a special day" She continued. She then tossed his battle costume on his blanket before saying "Hey! This is the senbei your grandfather sent you; and I also re sewed your battle outfit. Don't forget to bring it tomorrow. Good night!"

She turned around and walked out of his room. She stood there for a moment.

"The one who doesn't want you to go is me" Anna whispered. Yoh smiled and got up. He walked to Anna and hugged her, much to her surprise. "I-I'll m-miss you, Yoh" She stammered.

"I'll miss you too, Anna" Yoh replied.

"Can I sleep with you, just for tonight?" Anna asked him.


He took her to his bed and they both crawled in. Yoh wrapped his arms around her waist; she was surprised at first but then relaxed in his arms.


"Yes Yoh?"


"You what?" She asked.

"I love you" He finally said.

Anna was shocked at his words. He loved her and he just said it. She could feel tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"I-I love you too, Yoh" She said. Yoh smiled and brought her face closer to his until they were only centimeters apart. She knew what he wanted and kissed him on the lips.

"You know what I want to do, right. Anna?" Yoh said.

Anna blushed madly before nodding "Yes, Yoh". Yoh kissed her more passionately this time, taking her clothes off at the same time. Anna was now completely naked; Yoh was still in his night clothes.

"You're so beautiful" Yoh said as he looked at the beauty next to him before grabbing her breasts with his hands and bending low to press his lips onto her breasts; he heard her gasp at the contact.

"WH-When…did...You get…so brave?" Anna breathed as he suckled softly on her left and massaged gently on the right. Small moans and whimpers of encouragement were coming from her mouth; her hands were cradling his head to her chest.

After a while he stopped what he was doing and went to kiss her lower. She moaned. He paused just near her sacred place, asking for approval. She nodded and he started to lick her entrance; she gasped at the contact. She never felt like this before since it was her first time. "Y-Yoh!" Anna moaned as he started inserting his fingers into her. She gripped the top of his head as her orgasm got closer.

"Say my name, Anna" He said as he licked her furiously.

She gasped out loud. "YOH!" She moaned as her legs clenched together against Yoh's head as she came for the first time in her life. She looked at Yoh, who smiled at her before giving her another kiss on the lips. It was Yoh's turn.

Anna undressed Yoh, leaving them both naked on the bed together. She blushed before saying "You have a great body, Yoh".

"Not as good as yours" Yoh said, earning another blush from her. Anna kissed the top of his hard member before putting it all in her mouth; he groaned. Her tongue licked his member gently and her hands were stroking it at the same time. Yoh moaned loudly at her actions. "I'm going to come, Anna" He warned her. She sucked his member fully as he came, swallowing his semen as he shot it in her mouth.

She got up and smiled at him before she hugged him and said "I love you, Yoh"

"I love you too"

He positioned himself on top of her. "Are you sure about this, Anna"

"Yes" She said; she always wanted to lose her virginity to Yoh "Do it, Yoh"

"Okay" He said before he penetrated her, earning a loud, pleasurable moan from her. Her virgin walls clenched around his member, signaling him to move. He pulled out of her before thrusting into her again. Both of them moaned in pleasure as sweat covered both of their bodies. He slowly increased the speed and strength of his thrusts; she was moaning loudly and uncontrollably as he impaled her again and again.

"Yoh…go. Faster!" Anna gasped and Yoh increased his speed. Anna placed her hands on his shoulders for support. Both of them were very close…

"I love you, Anna" He said.

"I love you too, Yoh" She breathed before she came, screaming as she experienced the most god like orgasm in her life. Her moaning turned Yoh on as he stopped thrusting into her and shot his load inside of her, giving her a warm feeling that was filling her from the inside. Anna groaned as he pulled out of her and hugged her close to him.

"You know what, Anna?" Yoh said "If I come out of the Shaman Fight alive, we should do this again".

She looked at him and smiled. "We'll see" She said with a smirk before giving him a kiss on the lips. His breath slowly lulled her to sleep, her heart satisfied with the love she received.

That night, Anna lost her virginity but she gained something else from Yoh. Little did both of them know that a person by the name of Hana Asakura will be entering their lives soon.


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