The Emperor and The King's Little Moments

By ryuusei

This is a series of oneshots involving a child Keigo and a child Genichirou. Tango Pair drabbles and fluffs...

Main Disclaimer: PoT does not belong to me.

A/n: This follows the continuity of "Pure and Innocent." (my other fic)

---Chapter 01: Spell My N-a-m-e---


One morning, Genichirou and Keigo were huddled together on a table. They were sitting on the floor with comfy cushions as their chairs. They seemed to be busy writing something.

"Do you know how to write your name in English alphabet, Genichirou?"

"No. I only study how to write in Japanese writing."

Keigo presented him a clean sheet of paper.

"This is how to write 'Genichirou'." Keigo spelled the name.


Sanada-kun watched his friend write his name. He found the English alphabet very different from the Japanese characters that he always use.

Atobe-kun proceeded to write "Sanada" on the next line, but Sanada-kun interrupted him.

"How do you write 'Keigo'?"

K-e-i-g-o. Atobe-kun spelled his name on the third line.

"Hmm…" Genichirou compared how their names looked like.

As the two boys busied themselves in spelling, a large, beastly shadow lingered behind them. Keigo and Genichirou were so in to their activity that they didn't notice it creep behind them.

"…And this is how to write 'Sanada'"


"Ah!!" Both of them exclaimed. They looked at the sound's source.

"Beat, don't do that! You've ruined Ore-sama's writing," A reprimand by its master.

The furry pet whined.

Keigo was about to write "Sanada" on the second line, but the loud bark disrupted him.

Beat wanted to play but the two boys paid no notice of him. And so, he tried to get their attention. But his bark was met by a scold from Keigo. Poor Beat.

But then, something caught Beat's eye. It was the silver lining on Sanada's navy blue cap.

He grabbed it by its rim and took a run for it. Good thing, at least for Beat only, the door was open.

"Hey! My cap! Give it back." Genichirou hastily stood up and chased after the dog.

"Beat! You're getting naughty!" Keigo immediately followed Genichirou.

And they ran off to save what would be left of Genichirou's cap.


In case you were wondering, this was the writing left on the paper:


A heart-shaped scribble (this was supposed to be an S)



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