---Chapter 13: The First Fight---

…If there's something likely that would happen between the Tango pair, it would be a lovers' quarrel, or in this case, a children's fight…


Keigo was looking at his reflection on the mirror hanged on the wall of his bedroom. He studied his handsome features while flipping his hair. Then, out of the blue, he aired a question to Sanada.

"Genichirou, do I seem like a girl to you?"

Sanada was sitting on the carpeted bedroom floor while petting Beat. He thought about the question.

"Sometimes. Why do you ask?" he said.

Atobe abruptly turned to face his friend.

"'Sometimes'?" Keigo said with a raised brow.

"Well…there are times that you act like one. For example, you tend to be too dramatic over a petty thing. You also complain a lot. I was almost convinced that you became a girl when we switched costumes for our role-play," Genichirou explained. "You were really beautiful, like a true princess." (A/n: implied in chap.9)

Keigo slightly blushed. He was about to smile, but then he realized a "flaw" in Sanada's statement.

"I'm not sure if I should be flattered. But, are you implying that you don't see me as a boy all the time?"

Sanada considered about it, before simply saying, "Yes."

"What?! You don't take Ore-sama as an equal, if not better? Am I not 'male enough' for you?" Keigo said, slightly outraged.

"That's not what I meant. I know you're a boy but—" Genichirou stood up to explain himself, but Atobe cut him.

"You dare doubt Ore-sama's gender!?" Keigo looked indignantly at Sanada.

"No! I don't doubt your gender. It's just that—"

"—How can you belittle Ore-sama this way! I pride in myself that I'm a boy and I'll grow up as a dignified man. But you…" Atobe's anger was increasing. "You have insulted Ore-sama!"

"I didn't intend to insult you—"

"Oh yes, you have. You said it yourself," his voice getting dangerous. "Your affirmation is a direct insult to me."

"Okay. So I said it. But I didn't mean to hurt your male pride. Besides, even if I did mean it, it's because you're giving me reasons to do so."

Atobe gave him a very indignant expression.

"What?! When did Ore-sama gave you reasons to doubt my masculinity?"

"Wait. Let me think," Sanada said sarcastically. "I know one. How about yesterday at the pet shop? You hugged me when you saw the hamster. Isn't that quite girlish?"

Atobe balled his shaking fists. Sanada made a low blow. Atobe would never reason out that he's scared of the hamster. It would make him lose their argument. So, he tackled it in another way.

"But you did enjoy it."

"Huh? What kind of nonsense is that, Atobe Keigo?"

"I briefly saw your face reddening. Doesn't that mean you liked it?"

"You're changing the subject. We're talking about you, not me."

"Heh. Ore-sama is sure of himself that he is perfectly male. But you, Sanada Genichirou, are attracted to other boys, especially to someone as magnificent as Ore-sama. Doesn't that make you girly?"

A knot was forming on Sanada's forehead. Atobe's statement hit his pride. Genichirou could not deny to himself that he did not like Keigo. But for him, it did not make him "girly."

"You spoiled brat. You don't know what you're saying."

"I'm not spoiled. I know what I'm saying. You're just stupid enough not to accept it."

"Arrogant idiot."

"Foolish dork!"

Beat cowered under the bed. The two boys' voices were getting louder.

"Swollen head!!"


Their name-calling continued until tears slowly formed on each of their eyes.

"Genichirou, you're so THICK-HEADED that I'm surprised you understood Ore-sama at all!!"

"Oh, SHUT UP!!" Suddenly, he slapped Atobe's cheek. "Stop with the insults!"


Sanada was shocked by his own actions.

Atobe placed his hands on his stinging cheek. He was already at the verge of tears.

"YOU IDIOT!! I ha–…I don't like you! Get away from me!"

"My pleasure!" Sanada stomped his feet and quickly walked out of the room.

He walked aimlessly along the corridors of the mansion with the events hanging heavily in his mind. He was so angry at Atobe. He didn't care if he had slapped his friend on the face. It felt like a counterpunch for all the insults he received. Genichirou decided to sit by the sakura tree, so he can somehow calm his mind. He made sure he was out of sight from Atobe's window.

Stupid Keigo. Who does he think he is? Nobody insults Sanada Genichirou that way! He thought with gritted teeth while staring at the grass.

Suddenly, a water droplet fell at the back of Genichirou's hand.

Huh? Is it raining? He thought. He looked up the sky to confirm it, but there were no rain clouds. Then, he felt another water droplet, but this time it was trickling down his cheek. It was also the same time he realized something.

Boys don't cry! Crying is only for girls! Genichirou adamantly tried to convince himself.

But no matter how many times he said that to himself, the tears wouldn't stop falling.



Back in Keigo's room, the young "king" could be found sitting on the floor while hugging Beat. Keigo was hiding his face on his dog's fluffy fur, which was partly wet. Keigo was trying to muffle his sobs.

"Genichirou's so insensitive, Beat. He offended me without thinking."

The big, white dog looked sympathetic at his little crying master.

"But you know, there's something I don't understand."

Beat tilted his head, as if comprehending what Keigo said.

"I'm angry at Genichirou, but why can't I say I hate him? I cannot muster myself to say 'I hate you, Genichirou.' Tell me, Beat."



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