Here it is... the sequel to Hold me close. If you havn't read hold me close before I suggest you read that first.

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But just to be a nice person, the first two chapters are happy ones ;) so enjoy reading.

Goodbye to you

Chapter 1

3 years after the end of Hold me close

There were two little girls sitting at the counter of Luke's Diner eating their Pancakes.

The first one had shoulder long, really curly black hair and blue eyes. The other one had a bit longer dark brown hair which weren't as curly as her sisters but her eyes were much bluer. Both were totally busy with their pancakes.

"Daddy?" The girls with the black curls looked at the man behind the counter.

"Yes Leyla?" The man answered and turned around to his daughter.

"Where is Mommy?" she asked.

"She is picking up your brother from his baseball training, you know that." Leyla seemed to be okay with this answer to he turned back around to the coffee maker.

"Daddy?" She asked again after a few moments. This time Luke just turned around and looked at her.

"When does Mommy come back?"

"She should be back any minute, sweety." Hoping that every question was answered now Luke got back to his work again.

"Daddy?" Luke rolled his eyes. He really, really loved his kids but sometimes they really annoyed him. Especially Leyla. She was too much like Lorelai.

"Yes Leyla?"

"Can I have coffee?" the little girl asked and her eyes started to shine. When the other girl heard her sister's question she also looked up from her pancakes.

"Forget it. You two are not going to be as coffee addicted as your mom and elder sister."

With these words he turned around again, knowing that both would start pouting know and look at him with their puppy eyes. He still wouldn't give them coffee because of that but he probably would allow them something else. Luke was so deep in thoughts that he didn't hear the bells over the diner door ring.

"Daddy!" This time it wasn't Leyla who talked to him. He turned around and saw how a little black haired boy ran over to him.

"Hey big boy." He said to the boy and picked him up. „How was your day?"

"We won a game, Daddy." He told his dad totally proud. While they both talked a little and Leo told his dad how he did an important move for his team to win the game the bells over the door ringed again and Lorelai entered the Diner.

"Mommy!" Both girls yelled at the same time, hopped down their stools and ran over to Lorelai. Happily they jumped into their mothers arms who hugged them for a moment and then carried them back over to their stools.

"Hey my little princesses" she greeted her girls and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. Luke gave the girls a serious look.

"How often have I said to you not to jump on your mommy the next few months?" Both girls looked at the floor with a sad expression on their faces. They knew that daddy wasn't mad at them. He was just worried about mommy.

"Sorry Daddy" Linnea said shy and Leyla apologized too. When he saw his little girls like that Luke just walked around the counter and took them in his arms.

"Hey, I'm not mad at you two. I'm just worried about your mom."

"I know, Daddy." Linnea answered. Luke picked them both up from their stools and put hem down on the ground.

"Good, then go and sit with your brother at the table." And so they both ran over to the table where their brother sat. Luke got up and was now directly in front of Lorelai. He looked at her for a moment and then kissed her passionately for a few seconds.

"Hey" he said after breaking the kiss. He still wasn't so good with showing affection in public.

"Hey back." Lorelai answered and kissed him on the cheek.

"Babe, it's really sweet when you're so worried but I'm just pregnant and not seriously ill." Lorelai sat down on one of the stools at the counter, still looking at Luke.

"I know, Lorelai. But you went into premature labor three weeks ago and I'm just worried." Luke gently put his hands on Lorelais six month pregnant belly. She put her hands on his and let their fingers intertwine. For a moment they remained like that until Lorelai looked into his eyes again.

"Don't worry. I take care of us." With these words she squeezed Luke's hands for a second.

"Okay" Luke answered, stoke over her belly and went back to work.


In the evening they all sat together in the living room on the couch and Lorelai just finished the bedtime story for the triplets.

"and they all lived happily ever after." She closed the book and looked at their children.

"Mommy?" Leo looked at his mother.

"Yes angel?"

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" at this question even both girls looked up who were previously busy frolicking around with their dad.

"Yeah mommy, what are we going to do?" Since Lorelai went into premature labor three weeks ago she wasn't allowed to work anymore and so she spent almost all her time with her kids. They went to the movies or to the zoo.

"I don't know. What do you want to do? Any special whishes?"

"Can we go to the new big playground in Hartford, Mommy?" Leo asked.

"Oh yeah, Mommy. Let's go to the playground" Leyla and Linnea pleaded excitedly.

"Okay, we're going to the playground then. But now bed time."

Luke and Lorelai put the kids to bed and they fell unusually fast asleep. Especially Leo was extremely fast asleep because the baseball game made him tired.

A little later Luke and Lorelai were lying in bed together. Lorelai was lying on her side, with her back against Luke's chest and he had his arm draped around her and was stroking her belly.

"Are you sure you wanna go to the playground tomorrow? To watch over all three of them alone is really exhausting. Don't you wanna wait until I have time to come with you?" He asked her. You could hear the concern in his voice.

"Babe, I'll sit on a bench and watch over them. I won't overwork myself with that." Lorelai was slowly getting tired of that topic. But somehow it was cute how worried he was about her and the baby. He has been so scared during her last pregnancy and the kidnapping that all of this came back now.

"If you think so." was the only thing Luke said and Lorelai turned around to that she could look him in the eye.

"Yeah, I think so!" she gave him a soft kiss. „And now let's go to sleep, okay?" Luke made himself comfortable behind her without taking his hand from her belly.

"Okay, good night."

"Night babe."

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