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Chapter 13

The best time is the time you spend with your family. You can just be yourself, you can relax, you can laugh.

It's even better when kids are involved. Can there be anything better than playing or laughing kids? A laughing kid makes you always happy even if your heart is filled with bitterness.

And exactly that happy were Luke and Lorelai right now while they were watching their kids playing and laughing on the grass.

Luke had surprised them with a picnic today. He got up extra early today and had cooked and prepared everything they'd need for a picnic.

Then he had woken up Lorelai and the kids, ate breakfast with them and helped them get dressed. Even Lorelai needed help to get dressed because her belly was so huge now that she couldn't see anymore what was happening around the lower half of her body.

The hardest part came when the kids and everything else was packed into the car: Getting Lorelai in the car. Because even walking was almost impossible for Lorelai with that belly and most of all the stairs in the house were her problems. And Luke couldn't carry her anymore either and so it took a little longer to get her out to the car.

The drive wasn't really long and so they stopped at a beautiful, big, isolated meadow somewhere between Stars Hollow and Litchfield.

The sun was shining the whole day and sitting there on the grass was just wonderful. At first Luke was fooling around with the Kids, playing hide and seek with them and he and Leo tried to teach Linnea baseball but they failed. After that they were all sitting together eating the food Luke prepare and now Luke and Lorelai were sitting in the shadow of a tree and were watching Leo and Linnea play together. Luke sat with his back against the tree Lorelai between his legs and his hand on her nine month pregnant belly. In moments like this they really missed Leyla.

"Hey Luke?" Lorelai interrupted the silence.


"What's going to happen now?" she asked and started to play with his fingers on her belly.

"What do you mean?" Her question confused him.

"With us. With our family" Luke didn't know what exactly she meant and where that thought was coming from now but he answered.

"Well, at first Lil will get born" with these words he stroke her belly "and she'll be just as amazing as her elder siblings. We'll have nice moments together. They'll start school. The first boyfriend or girlfriend will appear where I'll have to talk to them about that first and where you'll have to help me realize that they're not kids anymore. Someday they'll be adults with their own family and we'll be grandparents. And in the end when we are really old we'll be sitting in our rocking chairs and think about what a beautiful life we had" Lorelai had to smile while listening to his words. He was such a softie sometimes. But he was right. Lorelai could see it happening and she knew that it would be great.


"Mhm?" he just mumbled because he face was currently hiding in her hair.

"Thank you!" That made him look up.

"For everything" And that made him smile.

"You're very welcome but in this case I also have to thank you" Lorelai smiled even more and she turned around a little and looked into Lukes eyes. Even after eight years of friendship, two years relationship and four years of marriage he still had the same glow in his eyes when he looked at her or the kids. That specific glow that told her that he would rather be here with his family than anything else in the world. Without thinking any further she captured his lips with hers. She closed her eyes and felt his lips with hers. When you'd look at Luke you'd never guess that he had so soft lips. She started to feel warm inside and the butterflies were flying around in her stomach even if it felt a little different than usually. Even the feeling she got when she was kissing Luke didn't change in all these years.

Before the two could deepen the kiss even more they got interrupted.

"Mommy?" Linnea asked while she looked at her parents with a weird look on her face. Lorelai broke the kiss and looked at her daughter.

"These are for you, Mommy" Linnea said and handed her a bundle of flowers she had culled from the grass.

"Oh honey, they're beautiful, thank you" Lorelai took the flowers from her and hugged ger daughter.

"Ouch" Lorelai suddenly exclaimed. Linnea sprang back and looked at Luke and Lorelai in panic.

"Is everything ok, Lorelai?"

"Yeah, everything's ok. Lil just kicked a little too hard form my taste" She smiled at Luke and his face relaxed again.

"I think we should start packing the things together and head home. It's getting late and it's almost their bedtime" Luke said and got up. Lorelai pouted a little because her comfortable backrest was gone.

"Linnea, go get your brother and bring your toys over to the blanket. I'm going to help your mother in the car" Linnea nodded and ran away to get Leo. Luke leaned down and pulled Lorelai up.

„Ouch!" she exclaimed again.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't want to hurt you" Luke kissed her on the forehead to apologize but Lorelai only nodded absently and stroke her belly over and over again.

When Luke had helped Lorelai in the car he got the kids and packed the things together. On their way home Lorelai was unusually quiet. She was looking out of her window the whole ride and didn't stop stroking her belly.

When they got home the kids had fallen asleep on the backseat und Luke carried her inside. After that he helped Lorelai up to the bedroom. Together they lay down and watched a bit tv. Lorelai with her head on Lukes shoulder and he had one arm around her. But Lorelai still didn't stop stroking her belly and Luke felt how her whole body knotted every now and then. Something was wrong but Luke didn't wanna ask. If something would be really wrong she'd tell him. Sometime he felt her breathing getting regular and he saw that she'd fallen asleep. A short time later he turned off the tv and fell asleep as well.


Lorelai woke up jerkily. There was this pain in her stomach. She knew that feeling. She was having contractions. They weren't that bad yet but bad enough to hurt and make her nervous. Why now? She wasn't ready. She was scared.

Lorelai sat up and leaned against the headboard. She clutched her stomach with both arms and quietly started to whisper. She whispered to Leyla. To the baby and a little to herself.

When the next contraction hit her she tried really hard to not let any sound come out her mouth but when she felt her water break she couldn't stop herself from yelling in shock.

This woke up Luke. He needed a moment to fully wake up but when he saw Lorelai and the wet sheets he knew immediately what was going on.

"God, Lorelai, why didn't you wake me?" Lorelai started to cry.

„I don't want to, Luke"

"What?" Luke was confused.

"I'm scared. Three kids are many, Luke. Look what happened last time. I wasn't able to look out for all three of them. I don't want it to happen again" Luke took her hands in his.

"Lorelai, it was an accident. It won't happen again. Think about what I told you earlier. About our future. You saw it in front of you just like me, didn't you?" Lorelai nodded and smiled at him.

"good and now come on" Luke helped Lorelai out of bed and took the to call Babette who almost immediately picked up.

"Hey Babette, its Luke. Could you please come over here really fast and look after the kids? Lorelai is having the baby" After Babette told him that she'd be right over he hung up. He grabbed the bag with some of Lorelai's and Lil's clothes they'd packed for the hospital and left the house with Lorelai. Outside Babette walked over to them.

„Babette, could you do me another favor?" Lorelai asked breathing hard.

„Everything for you, sugar"

"Please call Rory and Sookie for me and tell them to come to the hospital immediately" While she was saying that Luke was helping her into the car.

"Of course, sugar. Good luck" and with that Luke got in the car and drove away.


At the hospital Lorelai was immediately brought into the delivery room because her contractions came pretty regularly now. Luke never left her side and Lorelai squeezed his hand. But it still took them about an hour until the real giving birth part started.

"Ok, Lorelai. When you feel the next contraction coming then I want you to push. With all your strength. Luke, you can help her by supporting her back" Luke nodded and continued to wipe the sweat from Lorelais face with a tissue. Lorelai's body suddenly knotted again and Luke new that it was time for the next contraction. Lorelai screamed, squeezed his hands and pushed with all her strength.

"You're doing that so good, Lorelai. Push!" Luke tried to encourage her.

"Shut up, Luke" Was the only thing he got as an answer.

Two contractions, some „I hate you, Luke"and „This is your entire fault, Luke" later you could already see the baby's head.

"You have to push once again, Lorelai. With all your strength and then we're done" But Lorelai was completely exhausted.

"I can't do this anymore. Get it out of me. I want it to stop" she started to cry and clung to Luke who stroke some sweaty hair strands of hair out of her face, kissed her forehead and tried to encourage he a little more.

"You can do this, Lorelai. Only one more time and it's over" When Lorelai felt the next contraction coming she took a deep breath and pushed with all her strength. A loud "Oh goooooooood…!" sounded through the delivery room and was soon mixed with the cries of a newborn baby. Lorelai fell back into the pillows totally exhausted and a few minutes later she had her youngest daughter in her arms. She looked like a mix of Leyla and Linnea. She had the dark, curly hair that Leyla was born but her face looked like Linnea's. Luke looked down at his newborn daughter and couldn't stop himself from saying "she's perfect". Lorelai nodded and answered "Yeah she is. I love you, Luke" Luke looked into his wife's eyes and kissed her.

Lorelai couldn't stop herself from starring at Lil. She wasn't a replacement for Leyla and never would be but she'd love her all the same. No one could give her Leyla back but they gave her Lil. The big hole that was in her whole package because of Leyla's death was now closed a little more again. It would never be completely closed again but Lorelai would to anything to stop it from getting bigger again. She would give each over her kids as much love, safety and comfort as she could. No one would ever destroy her whole package. No one. And if someone should try it she would fight like a wild lioness. And when she looked over at Luke and saw how he was looking at his daughter she knew that he'd do the same.

The End

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