Title: Musings of a Blue Box

Author: Illman aka hexicode

Fandom/pairing: Doctor Who, no pairing

Summary: The TARDIS and her Doctor.

Rating: all ages

Warnings: none

Spoilers: everything up to and including The Runaway Bride

Disclaimer: The characters and settings aren't mine. No profit is being made, this is for entertainment only.

A/N: Beta-read by the lovely DianeM who amazes me every time. Thanks!


The TARDIS always took care of her passengers--of some more reluctantly than others, but she knew they all mattered to the Time Lord who had freed her from an eternity of solitude. She'd been with the Doctor longer than any of them. She'd changed as he had changed and she'd become his home.

The first time she'd met the Doctor, he been nothing more than an intruder, a thief even who had forced his way through her doors without permission. But as soon as she had touched on his mind, then still inexperienced and open, she had realised he wanted the same thing she did. Escape from the confines of Gallifrey where she'd been placed in permanent storage, deemed outdated and obsolete by the Time Lords.

The Doctor was different from all the other Time Lords she'd come to know. He relied on her and she could rely on him to always return for her. The Doctor had kept her close, even when the Time Lords had stranded him on Earth.

The Doctor liked Earth. She didn't quite understand his fascination with the humans, but over the centuries she'd seen many of them come and go. They had all mattered to the Doctor. Although they had all left the Doctor behind again, some by choice, others not, in a way, they were more like the Doctor than the rigid Time Lords.

She had shared the Doctor's loss every time. After the connection to parallel Earth had been severed, she'd hovered in the time vortex for days, waiting for the Doctor to pull himself up. But when a week had elapsed and the Doctor had still been working at an impossible scanner upgrade, she'd taken the initiative. She'd sensed that he wasn't ready to go to Earth again, but there were countless worlds in the universe to choose from, all waiting to be seen. She had chosen a quiet planet where the climate was pleasant and life was still in its primal stages.

The Doctor had sulked for a while, but then he'd come back, ready to go on travelling. It hadn't been long before they'd been back on Earth, but for the first time, the Doctor had seemed jaded, as if tired of the universe and its wonders. The TARDIS had never sensed anything but boundless curiosity from the Doctor, even when it regularly put him and his companions in danger. No matter what or who he'd just escape from, the Doctor was already thinking of the next place to visit. He'd livened up during the brief interlude with Donna, the bride, but had gone back to his solitary existence when she'd declined his offer. The TARDIS knew Donna had been right – the Doctor sometimes needed someone to stop him. It hadn't always been this way. The Time War had changed them both. The Doctor had become less forgiving; she'd become more determined to keep him safe, even from himself if necessary.